Chandra Wilson, Daniel Dae Kim, Nina Dobrev Chandra Wilson, Daniel Dae Kim, Nina Dobrev

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I'm so excited about Ben and Bailey's wedding on Grey's Anatomy! Do you have any details? — Nora
Let's just say getting Bailey actually down the aisle will be a miracle! "It's almost like pulling a tugboat to get her to cooperate, but the thing is happening with or without her, and she's got to get on board with the program at some point," Chandra Wilson says. "Bailey can be distracted very easily, and she's already been married and done it in what she thought was the right way and it failed, so there's a lot of fear going into it again." Look for her to get a kick in the butt from both Cristina and Callie.

Scoop on Hawaii Five-0, please! —Lee, via Twitter
It seems our friend Chin Ho might be ready to move on after Malia's death. Sources tell me that former Beverly Hills, 90210 and Lipstick Jungle star Lindsay Price has been cast as a possible new love interest for Chin. Price will play Leilani, a nurse at a Hawaii prison. As for their first "date," look for Chin to be taken hostage and dumped in a high-security prison by a criminal mastermind. As the inmates rise up to take out the cop in their midst, Chin will fight to protect Leilani's life as well as his own. Whatever happened to dinner and a movie?

Vampire Diaries' Miss Mystic Falls pageant is coming up! Any scoop? — Hailee
NATALIE: Remember this dance scene from Season 1? Get ready to relive it. "[The episode] gets us back to a little bit of romance and good Mystic Falls events at their finest and it evokes a memory of Season 1, very deliberately, of what was going on in the triangle back then," executive producer Julie Plec says. We hear you should take that scene and multiply it by 1,000 and that's the type of moment certain fans will get by the end of the hour.  

What's the deal with this season-long unsub on Criminal Minds? Are we ever going to see his face? — Heath
Yes, you will — but not until Episode 16. That's when everything comes to a head, showrunner Erica Messer tells us. "[The BAU will] figure out there is a duplicator before then because we'll be sprinkling in more clues, but 16 is truly when it's like, 'It is on!'" she says. So who is this guy? Well, not unlike super-unsubs of Minds past (see: Foyet, Doyle), he will have a "personal connection" to a member (or members) of the team. Hit the comments with your guesses!

I'm dying for some Dexter scoop! — Jack
Interesting choice of words considering there is yet another death coming this week. But while we've been so focused on Dexter's secrets unraveling this season, it will be someone else's admission that's been years in the making that will shock and surprise you.

Please! Any Bones scoop on Booth and Brennan? — Katia, via Twitter
You might have heard that Booth reveals a big secret in the upcoming ballroom dance episode. (Apparently Twinkle Toes Seeley used to teach dance!) But that's not the only tidbit he's been hiding from Brennan and the rest of the gang. "He has a very big secret, which reveals a lot about who Booth is," creator Hart Hanson teases. Athough Hanson chose his words carefully, he did admit that, despite the show's plans to introduce Booth's mom later this year, the secret isn't related to that aspect of his personal life. "This is something between him and God," Hanson says. "And everyone gets worried about him." What's your theory?

I'm so excited about Ben and Leslie's wedding! What's coming up on Parks and Recreation? — Ralle
NATALIE: Get ready for an amazing bachelorette party. "Leslie cares about two things in her life: her job and her friends," executive producer Mike Schur says. "There are moments where it's hard to separate those two parts of her life, and the bachelorette party would count as one of those times." Still, that's not to say it won't be a real bachelorette party. "In order to try to make it Leslie-specific, they do hire a Leslie-specific male stripper," Schur says. No, it's not Joe Biden, but it is presidential.

NCIS claimed Season 10 to be year of Tiva and yet we've had no progress. When will we see proof of romance? — Deb, via Twitter
Allow executive producer Gary Glasberg to clarify. "We're definitely tackling moments where Tony and Ziva open up to each other in ways that we're not necessarily used to," he says. (Look for another one of those moments in next week's episode when Ziva reminisces to Tony about her sister.) But for viewers seeking concrete "proof," Glasberg would suggest patience. "I'm not going to argue; it's definitely baby steps," he says. "It's better to spoon it out little by little and let people savor it."

My favorite shows are Arrow, The Big Bang Theory and New Girl. Can you offer up any scoop? — Mark
Here are three scooplets, but it's up to you to figure out which spoiler goes with which show. Have fun! 1) Someone's father comes back into the picture; 2) Someone reveals their true feelings with disastrous results; and 3) Someone's sacred place is defiled. Hit the comments with your guesses!

Any other hints about Castle's upcoming Christmas episode? — Melissa
The episode, titled "Secret Santa," once again plays on the hush-hush relationship that Castle and Beckett have (pretty much unsuccessfully) tried to keep from their colleagues. But creator Andrew W. Marlowe confirms that the secret will officially be out soon. "We're going to move beyond it. There's only so much storytelling we can sustain," he says. "Capt. Gates is certainly the big issue. How is she going to react? Is that going to threaten the partnership?" So will that reveal be a Christmas gift to viewers or a big lump of coal? "[We] will be dealing with the good of the holiday season — and the bad," Marlowe teases.

Got any Private Practice scoop on Char/Coop? — Sarah
In the upcoming Cooper-centric episode, we find out the sex of the triplets! While we can't reveal the joyous news, we can say that Cooper is so excited, he actually shrieks.

Got any dirt about the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy? — Brad
Now that Jax knows that Juice was the rat (and has him digging for dirt on Clay), he seems to be in an even worse situation than when he was giving info to the feds. Does he betray Clay? Can he trust Jax not to kill him? Rock, meet hard place. "He doesn't want to die, and he doesn't want to be thrown out of the club," Theo Rossi tells us. "At this point, it's about survival. He's going to go with whatever side makes surviving more appealing." But Rossi also suggests that Juice may not remain a passive pawn in Jax and Clay's chess match. "Anger is only born from fear, and Juice has been and is extremely fearful," he says. "We'll see whether anger comes out of that."

Natalie's Mega Rave: Finally! We've been waiting for Elena to be the full-on vamp we know she can be — all it took was a hunter nearly staking her to tap into her dark side and swiftly snap his neck. More of this Elena on The Vampire Diaries, please!

Adam's Mini Rant: So now Deb wants Dexter to be a killer? You've come so far, Dexter. Please don't go back to the status quo now!

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