Adam Baldwin (<I>Chuck</i>), Melina Kanakaredes (<I>CSI: NY</i>) and Anna Torv (<I>Fringe</i>) Adam Baldwin (Chuck), Melina Kanakaredes (CSI: NY) and Anna Torv (Fringe)

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Please, oh please, bring Chuck back next season. Make it happen. With all the craziness in the world, this show was so refreshing. — Stephanie
As you have since read, Chuck will be back, though not until midseason and perhaps for only 13 episodes. On the bright side, talk that the action-comedy would shave overhead by culling down the cast appears to be inaccurate. "We're not looking to lower the cost in any way," says NBC boss Ben Silverman. "We want [executive producers] Josh Schwartz, McG and Zach [Levi] to perform at their highest level." In other words, Silverman says, "The show you love is the show you'll get." Oh, and there's this from the cover of Duh! Magazine: Subway will be back as a major promotional partner. How fast can Sarah assemble a foot-long BMT?

Will CSI: NY add to its cast given the death of Emmanuelle Vaugier's Det. Angell? — Ted
TIM: Don't... make... Angell-gone-to-the-angels joke. Must... attempt... real answer. And it is probably no. When we asked Melina Kanakaredes if the show will run out and replace Vaugier, she said, "I doubt it, especially since there's that possibility that somebody else may go" as a result of the season finale cliffhanger. "I think we're going to stick with what we've got."

So what was your take on the parting shot of the Fringe finale? — Kathleen
MICKEY: This New Yorker was not offended or upset by the use of the image of the World Trade Center. In fact, I think it was an appropriate way to convey the general feeling of unease for which Fringe aims. The sight of the towers made me feel simultaneously hopeful and confused — especially in light of the show's turn toward alternate realities. That said, I understand that that image can be a painful reminder to some. I'm guessing the producers intended all of the abovementioned reactions to be possible.

How did the Grey's finale end on a "high note" for Mark and Lexie (as teased in Chyler Leigh's Q&A)? There was no moving in together or saying "I love you." They are in limbo, just like George and Izzie. — Kelly
I think/happen to know that you interpreted their final moment incorrectly. These two are on the same page — they both want to be together — yet they are mired in a miscommunication about the ideal timetable. Mark's declaration that's he's buying a house wasn't his way of waving off his lady; he was just taking advice from the girl George saved and moving forward with his life. Hopefully Lexie will continue to be in it.

What's the difference between the "upfronts" and "press tour"?  I thought that the upfronts were when existing series were either canceled or renewed, and press tour was when the fall schedules were unveiled with all of the information about the new series. — Andrea
MICKEY: Technically, you're right. At the May upfronts, taking place this week, the networks present their fall lineups to advertisers. They take place in New York, and usually include face time with the networks' stars and lots of free food and drink. So obviously at some point journalists figured out a way to snake invitations as well. It's also a chance to get a glimpse at the networks' plans a full two months before they officially present them to TV critics over the summer, at what they call the press tour. The food is generally better in L.A; the New York events have more booze; both are ripe with scoop!

What the hell was that? What happened to the Clois goodies we were promised in the Smallville season finale? Epic fail, man. — Jill
MATT: A lesser man would not run a question singling out a bad piece of intel, but I happen to be a super... guy. So yeah, I guess one source's idea of "Ooh, isn't it angsty and romantic?" is another person's "Time-jumping Lois sucks." (Still, Ms. Lane's offer to help the Blur decompress after his hard day must be filed under "Offers Impossible to Refuse.") To make amends, there is this: Lest you fear the worst — that Lois will conveniently stay "missing" for, like, the first third of Season 9 — I can tell you that is not the case. In fact, she... actually, no, I don't want to step out onto that limb just yet. But in a nutshell, Season 9 should be more than fine for Lois fans.

As a fan of Tyler Labine, I have to ask: What the frak is Sons of Tucson? — Adam
TIM: Not to be confused in any way with Sons of Anarchy, Tucson is described by Fox as a family show in the tradition of Malcolm in the Middle and Bernie Mac. Reaper's Labine plays Ron Snuffkin, a schemer hired by three boys to pretend to be their father while their real pop is in prison. Cue Labine swinging into full Jack Black mode. Fox is looking at Sundays in midseason for Tucson.

At the end of the Bones season finale, during the credits, the narrator said new episodes would return in the fall. — Tom
MATT: My, isn't Mr. Voice of Fox well-connected! But did he tell you this?: We have not seen the last of Booth's brother, Jared. "They're just starting to write next season now, but I would imagine he'll pop up," says Emily Deschanel. Noting that Jared's affinity for Temperance was "not exactly resolved" by season's end - and progressed not at all during the surreal finale - she believes "it would make sense for him to come back."  

What happened to Merlin airing here in the USA on NBC? — Bryan
MICKEY: I once dated a girl in college who had somewhat of a flair for the Medieval. Velvet gowns, Renaissance fairs, lutes. When I planned a date, we ate fettuccini alfredo at some Italian joint and then split a bottle of MadDog down by the lake. When she planned dates, we ate mutton and drank "mead" (also MadDog, but from pewter goblets) under the moonlight in a cemetery. Mutton is really greasy. (Merlin airs on NBC Sunday, June 21 at 8 pm/ET.)

You previously answered a question about Darrell Hammond, one of the best cast members on Saturday Night Live. After the May 16th episode it seemed during the closing credits that Hammond was getting special recognition and possibly leaving.  What's his status now? — Matt
TIM: It was confusing, but I interpreted the "Goodnight Saigon" sketch to mean Darrell Hammond is going to Vietnam, for real. I agree, the whole episode felt like a goodbye, from Hammond adding to his record-breaking string of saying "Live from New York" to revisiting some of his best impersonations to getting the last line in the final sketch. Still, SNL reps say they aren't making any official announcement about Hammond's future. The show tends to make casting decisions at the last possible second.

Now that Amy Acker's Happy Town pilot has been picked up by ABC, what does that mean for Dollhouse's Dr. Saunders? Lynn
MATT: I ran your question by Eliza Dushku when I chatted her up at Fox's upfront party, and while the Dollhouse lead/producer is unsure just yet Acker's Happy news will impact Dr. Saunders'/Whiskey's presence in Season 2, she said that at the very least, "I hope Amy will pop in and grace us now and then." Beyond that situation, sources assure me that snipped Season 2 budget or not, the Dollhouse staff will suffer no casualties.

The Cleaner was one of our favorite shows.  Will it be renewed? — Grant
TIM: The Benjamin Bratt rehab drama isn't just renewed for a 13-episode second season — it's returning to the airwaves June 23, with a season premiere that guest stars Whoopi Goldberg. The episode also finds Bratt's William Banks moving back in with his family, but not for the reason you might expect. And it features the wonderful Gary Cole, Office Space's Lumbergh, playing a news anchor tempted to relapse.

Tim's Mega Rave: I'm thrilled about the return of V and really, really hope ABC doesn't screw it up. I thought maybe the NBC series only freaked me out because I was a kid when it aired, but no: Old clips still retain a grotesque and angsty quality that recalls Planet of the Apes. Good idea, whoever thought of the revival. Just don't go changing the theme song.

Matt's Mini Rant: Hey, ref! I would like call a "time out" and implore NBC to reconsider its decision to have Friday Night Lights' fourth season sit the bench until the summer of 2010. The network claims it's in the name of delivering "year-round original programming"; I claim it's frustrating as hell.

Mickey's Micro Riff: Marc Cherry should divorce James Denton.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Summer for Friday Night Lights? It was weird enough when Tim and Lyla were in church in February (real-time) while the choir was practicing for Christmas." (monkey65, questioning NBC's plan to not premiere Season 4 until summer 2010)

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