Ellen Pompeo (<i>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Zachary Levi (<i>Chuck</i>), Eric Stonestreet ((<i>Modern Family</i>) Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy), Zachary Levi (Chuck), Eric Stonestreet ((Modern Family)

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Any Grey's Anatomy scoop on Meredith? AJ
NATALIE: The Feb. 10 episode, which is titled "Golden Hour," will follow Meredith for a real-time 60 minutes as she runs the E.R. "Golden hour" is medical jargon for the crucial first hour after a trauma, and how it can often be the difference between life and death, so don't expect "Golden" to be rosy.

I could really use some Chuck scoop right about now. — Marcus
Might Chuck soon be meeting his next big foe? I'm hearing that the show is casting a major recurring guest star, a sophisticated Oxford socialite whose father is a criminal mastermind.

What's the latest on Fizbo's return to Modern Family? — Wendy
Everyone's favorite clown will make an appearance at Lily's next birthday party. And there's nothing that Mitch can do to stop him.

I am so happy that Southland is back. Got any teases? — Sarah
I have three: Lydia will come under scrutiny when she's suspected to be at the center of a major department scandal. You will see a rawer, more intense Sammy. Most importantly, I'm hearing that a major character is going to die this season. Two of those teases may be related.

Any scoop on the Fringe "war"? — Alex
NATALIE: According to Jasika Nicole, aka Astrid, the war has just begun. Remember those indications that the very fabric of "over there" was tearing? Those ghostly amber prisons? Well, we're going to see similar damage "over here" very soon. "[The destruction is] going both ways at this point and that's really bad news," Nicole says. "It's happening to the core of the Earth, and we don't really know how to recover from that."

What are you hearing about CSI: Miami?  — Jackson
Adam Rodriguez is about to pull triple duty on Episode 16: He's going to write, direct and act in it. "It's going to be a real high-octane episode," producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "It starts with a victim crossbowed to a tree in the Everglades, and it's literally an action movie from the first frame. It's really an exciting event for us."

Will Grant Show's character reconnect with Naomi when he returns to Private Practice? — Haley
NATALIE: Things are sure looking that way. But that's not why Archer — and The Captain (Stephen Collins) — have returned. Does it have anything to do with Bizzy (JoBeth Williams) marrying her lover, Susan (Ann Cusack)? Actually, no.

NCIS scoop, please! Barry
ADAM: Who's in the mood for a little romance? The show is looking to cast a sexy tomboy type who gambles online and plays laser tag. She's smart, strong-willed and looking to get even with her scumbag ex-boyfriend. Perhaps she'll find a new flame in one of the NCIS boys?

Will Lisa turn against the Visitors this season on V? — Tara
Yes, and Diana (Jane Badler) will be instrumental in that process when she forms an alliance with her granddaughter. This will force Anna to expedite her plans for the human race. "She figures out it's got to be now or never for her plans," Morena Baccarin tells us. "The hybrid baby is an option, but there's [another] option." Person, place or thing? "Kind of all of the above," Baccarin says with a laugh.

What's coming up on One Tree Hill? — Melanie
Baby on board! I'm hearing that the show will introduce a pregnant girl who's looking for prospective parents for her baby. The character, which could be around for as many as four episodes, is sensible and caring, but also smart enough to know she's not prepared to give the baby the upbringing it deserves. So, who do you think the lucky parents might be?

Any chance Zatanna will return to Smallville? — Andy
Serinda Swan, who plays the mischievous magician, tells us that producers had contacted her in November about reprising the role — probably for Hawkman's funeral — but that her busy schedule kept her from returning. Wait, what busy schedule? Find out starting March 13, when you can catch her on Breakout Kings on A&E.

What kind of fallout will we see from Cho's lie on The Mentalist? — Kim
Perjuring yourself generally isn't a good idea when an internal affairs agent is sniffing around, but Tim Kang tells us that Cho's lie won't raise any red flags with LaRoche (guest star Pruitt Taylor Vince) right away. But it will continue to bug Cho. "Obviously Cho had a huge, huge problem with that," Kang says. "It certainly has affected the friendship [with Rigsby], and... there are going to be certain situations where, because Rigsby did this behind Cho's back, there's an element of trust that's now in question."

Adam's Mega Rave: FX has found its next heavyweight in Lights Out. Holt McAllany's performance as a weary former champ looking for redemption is impossible to resist. Sure it's a boxing show, but we're most drawn in by the punches Lights has taken outside the ring.

Natalie's Mini Rant:
I've already mentally packed Jamie's knives and sent her on her way on Top Chef All-Stars, so what the heck is she still doing there?

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(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)