Archie Panjabi, Kevin McKidd, Felicity Huffman Archie Panjabi, Kevin McKidd, Felicity Huffman

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Got any dirt on Kalinda's love life this season on The Good Wife? — Eliza
Executive producer Robert King tells us that Kalinda will be playing the field a lot this season, but her thoughts will often return to one person in particular. "A lot of Kalinda's [story] is her unresolved feelings [for] Cary," King says. "How close can they be? ... There's something about Cary that is always very important to her, but it's unclear as to whether that's as a brother or a lover."

How will Owen balance being the new Chief and his problems with Cristina on Grey's Anatomy? — Tara  
Since Derek and Meredith are also on the outs, Owen will turn to Derek in his time of need. "Derek and Owen are dealing with the twisted sisters — Meredith and Cristina — who are very connected and very similar in a way," Kevin McKidd tells us. "So, they try to get away from the women a bit more. Owen starts helping Derek build his house, so they bond over that and the manliness of being outdoors and carrying wheelbarrows full of rocks. It's a way for them to decompress from all the pressure."

I can't believe it's the final season of Desperate Housewives. Please tell me Lynette and Tom will be OK before the series ends. — Marisa
We certainly hope so, but not yet. First, when the show returns, Tom will have a new girlfriend. Lynette, using her keen sense of ethics finely honed by years of living on Wisteria Lane, will track the woman down and befriend her. They totally hit it off — until Lynette gives her an ultimatum, to which she does not take kindly.

Enough beating around the bush: Is Castle going to put Beckett and Castle together this season? — Kelsey
Signs point to "won't they." Why? I'm hearing that a certain gorgeous female art insurance investigator will catch Castle's eye and their chemistry will be instant. Do I have to paint a picture for you of Beckett's reaction to said chemistry?

I need more scoop on How I Met Your Mother. Please oblige! — Edwin
Remember how the producers said this season will solve a lot of past mysteries? Here's another. "There will be a return of another significant Season 1 character," executive producer Craig Thomas tells us. "More significant than the cockamouse," who made a welcome return last season. Hit the comments with your guesses as to who or what is returning!

Happy for the McGee family backstory coming up on NCIS, but when are we going to get the Abby arc we were promised? — Tory
Soon — like, in-the-first-few-episodes soon! "We're going to actually get into a story line that's going to reveal something about Abby's past and her family that people aren't going to see coming," executive producer Gary Glasberg teases. "It's a revelation that she makes on her part... and it's going to tee up a mini-arc." Speaking of family, Glasberg also confirms that both Ralph Waite and Robert Wagner will return this season as Papas Gibbs and DiNozzo, respectively.

Got any scoop on the new season of Vampire Diaries? — Amy
It may be a supernatural show, but executive producer Kevin Williamson says the story is and always will be about family. "We're going to dive more into the relationship [between] Damon and Stefan," he says. "You're going to see them confront each other." Plus, there's that pesky family of original vampires whose diluted lineage will cause a lot of trouble for the Salvatore brothers. "This year, with the original family afoot, it's going to be about the hybrid and about Klaus and what he's up to, because he's the bastard child of the original family. We'll see his agenda and how Stefan plays into it."

Got any good teases for the new season of Parenthood? — Samantha
If you're looking for Crosby and Adam to bury the hatchet once and for all, you don't want to miss the new season's fifth episode. I hear Kristina will have her say, putting all her cards on the table in a huge knock-down-drag-out fight with her brother-in-law that will send her into labor. But it ends well: Look for Crosby to play the hero, perhaps earning his way back into his brother and sister-in-law's good graces.

The two Walters on Fringe have been total enemies from the start. How will they be able to work together now? — Brad
That will certainly be challenging this season, says portrayer John Noble, who thinks of the two Walters as different sides of one personality. "We do have arguments with ourselves," he notes. "Most people seem to have this conflict within themselves and it can be quite vicious when you tend to say, 'That was stupid. What are you doing?' [The Walters] will build it up until such time as they realize they're being childish and they have to put this extraordinary brain into one piece to solve a problem larger than their own egos."

I'll do anything for some good Hawaii Five-0 scoop! — Nathan
Reiko Aylesworth will return early in the season as Malia, Chin's ex. I hear the pair might be considering a reconciliation, but Malia's bad blood with Kono will definitely be an obstacle.

Thanks for the Glee scoop on Rachel and Finn, but I really want to hear about Mike and Tina. — Deb
As you've probably heard, we're going to meet Mike's parents this season! "We're going to see how they feel about Tina not being in a traditional Asian family, because she was adopted," says Jenna Ushkowitz. There are also tentative plans to meet Tina's family this season. Ushkowitz says she'd love Grey's Anatomy's Sandra Oh to guest-star as a relative.

Any Nikita scoop? What's in store for Michael and Nikita?  — Sammy, via Twitter
Look for a powerful lady from Michael's past to re-emerge: the sexy, smart first lady of Belarus, who, as luck (and the writers) would have it, first met Michael when Division was trying to overthrow her husband. Now fearing for her life, she'll cash in on their past spark and ask Michael to help her seek asylum.

Natalie's Mega Rave: How refreshing is it that Melanie Moore, the season-long frontrunner on So You Think You Can Dance, actually won! No wonder director Kenny Ortega is already fighting for her to appear in the upcoming Dirty Dancing remake. Let's start the campaign now, shall we, folks? #NobodyPutsMelanieInACorner

Adam's Mini Rant: Really, Ryan MurphyThe Glee Project "needs" Lindsay, a bad actress with so-so vocals? Are you sure it's not because the three other finalists are male?

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