Lea Michele, Ellen Pompeo, Leighton Meester Lea Michele, Ellen Pompeo, Leighton Meester

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Who's zooming who when Glee comes back? — Cathleen
Finn is all about Rachel in Season 2, according to Lea Michele. "They're very much in love," she tells us, and, brace yourself, kind of into PDA. On the other hand, Jenna Ushkowitz hints at an upcoming romantic tangle for Artie and Tina. "Artie didn't give her what she wanted, so there's a love triangle," she tells us. "She's going to make Artie work for it." Who's the other lucky guy? Two words: Other Asian.

So excited about the Grey's Anatomy wedding. How will the other docs react? — Abby
Well, Meredith isn't exactly over the moon. "Meredith is worried that Cristina is getting married for the wrong reasons," Ellen Pompeo tells us. "She's traumatized after [the shooting] and she's rushing into marriage, which doesn't seem like the right move. It's not that she doesn't want her with Owen. ... There's just a little too much change there and Meredith is worried about Cristina's stability."

It seems like Chuck has amnesia in the promos for the Gossip Girl episodes in Paris. Please tell me that isn't true. — Jill
It's more accurate to say that Chuck wants to forget certain things. Mostly though, Gossip Girl's petit voyage is inspired by the immortal Spin Doctors, in that there are two princes, both of whom are royally screwed when it comes to their feelings about Blair.

So Brennan really isn't going to be jealous of Booth's new girlfriend on Bones? — Tina
Executive producer Stephen Nathan says that Brennan will no doubt wrestle with regret about her decisions last season, but it may be Booth who torpedoes his new relationship. "He has forged a new life for himself emotionally," Nathan says. "Of course, all of this occurred when he was not around Brennan. So Brennan's presence in the mix will alter the relationship — it just has to. He's moved on, but whether he continues to move on is another thing entirely."

What's coming up on Desperate Housewives? — Barrie
You know how Lynette and Tom have been taking turns working over the past few seasons? Well, with another mouth to feed now, they need to become a two-income family, which means they need a baby sitter. Tom's mom (Lois Smith) might be able to help out.

Please tell me Sela Ward won't be a new love interest for Mac on CSI: NY! — Max
Executive producer Pam Veasey assures us that there is nothing of the sort planned in the immediate future. Besides, we hear that Mac will be too focused on a new adversary to worry about his love life. The show is building a three-episode arc for a new character, a high-ranking police official who butts heads with Mac over how to handle the media during a sniper case.

With Annie and Naomi both having other storylines, is Liam going to get lost in the 90210 mix? —Becca
Liam will have his own troubles, most significantly the lack of a postal address. He gets a job, but quits when he isn't comfortable with the dress code (or lack thereof). A good Samaritan will then invite him to move into her poolhouse — something that happens with some frequency in Beverly Hills, according to television. So yes, after leaving a job in which he has to take his clothes off, he'll become a pool boy. Well done, Liam!

Give me some Brothers & Sisters scoop, please. — Wendy
Get ready to see a lot more of Gilles Marini — and not just because he's a series regular this season. In the year that has passed since the Season 4 finale, Luc has become an underwear model! We're also hearing the show is looking to cast Luc's mother, who will make quite a first impression on the Walker clan. Good luck, Sarah.

We love (the Emmy-winning!) Modern Family. Do you have any Mitch-Cam scoop? — Jacob and Lisa
I have it on good authority that Mitch and Cam will give the Glee kiddies a run for their money when they participate in an elaborate dance routine in an upcoming episode. I'm not a betting man (since the court order), but it's sure to be better than my favorite YouTube video ever this week.

What have you heard about Calleigh and Delko's relationship on CSI: Miami? — Chelsea
Sounds like it will be more of the same for Calleighko, who ended last season in a place of uncertainty. But co-executive producer Barry O'Brien suggests the new season will provide clarity — eventually. "There may be some new elements that threaten their future together," he says. "You can look to Season 9 to clearly define their relationship, but we're going to take them on quite a journey first."

Are we going to have to wait another two seasons for True Blood's Arlene to give birth? — Warren
Well, if she brings the baby to term, she's definitely not giving birth for a long while, given the show's famously glacial timeline. But based on what Carrie Preston told us at the Emmys, I'm not so sure that she will. "There will be a resolution to Arlene's conflict, but it's not going to be what you think."

I have a feeling Don's behavior is eventually going to jeopardize the agency on Mad Men. Please tell me that I'm wrong. — Justin
Sadly, I think you're on the right track, if only because of what Rich Sommer recently told us. "This season is about consequences and paying off things that have been building over the last three-and-a-half seasons," he says. "Decisions that were made and actions that people take all kind of reach a head. There are consequences for every single character on the show  — some are minute and some are show-shattering."

Mickey's Mega Rave: I foolishly believed Nancy when she said she wanted a "normal" life for her family. But what's Weeds without, well, weed? The second the Botwins jumped back into the drug trade — this time they're going to try their hand at hash — I felt the show crackle with a familiar energy again. In this case, definitely say yes to drugs.

Adam's Mini Rant: I would have cheered louder for Top Chef's Emmy win if this season wasn't so terrible. #BringBacktheVoltaggioBros

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