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When are Rachel and Finn getting back together on Glee? ­­— Harper
You'll be waiting a while on that one. "We are broken up," Lea Michele says with finality. "We're bringing Rachel back to Season 1 a little bit with the yearning for Finn." So look for more of Rachel trying to get back together with Finn every now and then. And also lots of Michele's crying face.

What else can you tell me about the Bones sniper episode? I want to see it already! — Justin
Why don't I let David Boreanaz, who also directed the pivotal episode, tell you? "It will definitely be the finale of the Gravedigger," he confirms. But it sounds like the Gravedigger (aka U.S. Attorney Heather Taffet) has one final trick up her sleeve, as Boreanaz hinted at the possibility of more than one death to come. "Something happens to [Taffet], and something may happen to one of the main characters down the road — it may be a setup for them too," he says.

Jim and Pam scoop, please! — Emma
Our favorite Office couple is getting saucy—or rather, sauced. "We get to be drunk at work," exclaims John Krasinski with excitement. Jim and Pam will celebrate Valentine's Day at lunch, so they can spend the evening with their daughter, Cece. "We drink a little too much, so for the rest of the day we're trying to hide that we're drunk."  

I am so excited about the Castle kiss. Tell me it's not going to be a fake-out. —Leslie
I don't think fake-out is necessarily the right word, but I wouldn't expect a happily ever after either. That's because I'm hearing that Victor Webster will return as Beckett's motorcycle-riding doctor boyfriend in both episodes of February's two-parter, the second of which dives deeper into their leather-clad affair.

What's next for the Smallville superheroes after passing out at Hawkman's funeral? — Josh
Things will not be what they seem once the supes wake up. "They created an alternate reality for these characters and they don't know which is the real one and which isn't," Erica Durance tells us. "It's mainly around Clark figuring out what world he's in and which is the right one. That introduces Chloe back in the whole mishmash, and she ends up actually being a bit of a nemesis to Lois."

I would love some NCIS intel. — Matthew
Sounds like our team will be getting a little backup — even if they don't want it! I hear the show is looking for a female NCIS agent for a multi-episode arc. Described as a sexy, competitive go-getter with a sense of humor, the character is an ace investigator and thus not shy about sharing her dissenting theories on the team's big case.

When will Ellie give birth on Chuck? — Howard
Soon! But don't expect the delivery to go as planned. "Captain Awesome crumbled in the spy world, but when it comes to the baby being delivered, it might make the spy world look kind of easy," Ryan McPartlin says. "He might be ready to go on a mission after this."

I don't hear much about Detroit 1-8-7. Can you help me out with some scoop? — Seth
: Fitch's son, Bobby, is coming to town. The precocious 12-year-old is curious and mischievous, but is very much his father's son. (He'd rather hang out at the precinct than catch a movie.) Even though he's deeply affected by his dad's neglect, Bobby's willing to give Fitch a second chance. But I wonder: Is Bobby's visit somehow related to the fact that his mom recently got engaged back in New York?

What's the scoop on the vampire-werewolf war on Vampire Diaries? — Rachel
The late Mason's were-buddy Jules (Michaela McManus) is not happy with the Salvatore brothers, and will use the information that Tyler is also a werewolf to her advantage. "The vampire-werewolf conflict is going to go from a simmer to a boil," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. "Jules is going to try to take Tyler under her wing and start filling his ear with some things."

You know what would be great? Some Supernatural scoop! Hannah
The show is calling all angels — or at least one more. I hear she's kind of a badass who doesn't suffer fools gladly and that she's extremely loyal to Castiel.

Are we going to learn more about that machine on Fringe? — Dan
The machine that will seemingly destroy one universe over the other continues to be simultaneously built in both realities. "There is an enormous focus on how that thing can be activated and what it will take to do that, how it can be finished, and if it is, what are the implications," J.J. Abrams tells us. The key element for the machine to work is Peter. "Peter is the only person who can power that machine," Jasika Nicole says. "That's really integral into which universe is going to survive. It's going to rest on Peter's shoulders."

I just found out Breaking Bad isn't coming back until the summer. Got any details to tide me over? — Frank
Walt and Jesse definitely started a war with Gus at the end of last season, and it looks like both sides are bracing for battle. First, I heard that Saul, Walt and Jesse's lawyer, will hire an intimidating bodyguard. Now, I've learned that Gus is also getting a new henchman, who though much smaller in stature, shares his boss' understated toughness. Advantage Gus, anyone?

Natalie's Mega Rave: Thank you, How I Met Your Mother, for paying proper tribute to the death of Marshall's father. After last episode's distracting countdown clock, Monday's episode made me laugh, cry and call my father to say, "I love you... also, have you seen Crocodile Dundee 3? I hear it's the second best of the trilogy."

Adam's Mini Rant: Poor Eva Longoria. The Desperate Housewives writers have really given her some subpar material with the whole creepy babydoll obsession. Not since Orson became a kleptomaniac overnight has a plot line gone from zero to 60 on the crazy scale with such speed.

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(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)