Anna Torv, Kate Walsh, Alexander Skarsgard Anna Torv, Kate Walsh, Alexander Skarsgard

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I can't wait to see how the new season of Fringe goes down. What have you heard? — Martha
MICKEY: As it did in Season 1, the Fringe division will have an in-house adversary, a powerful government official who thinks Agent Broyles gives his team far too much latitude. Her actions will complicate things for Walter & Co., who will already be burdened by the secret sabotage of Nolivia (the "over-there" Olivia).

Can I have some Addison-and-Sam Private Practice scoop, please? — Jamie
ADAM: Well, series star Kate Walsh is thrilled by the coupling, but she hopes the new season will show the pair's happier moments. "You get to play the tension... [but] we didn't have time in the season to really explore the friendship and how much fun they have together," Walsh says. "They're really two people who enjoy each other and it's fabulous for them to make the decision to go for it."

How are True Blood's werewolves different than shifters? — Lila
MICKEY: They're definitely similar, but werewolves are a bit more ambitious. For example, they fought in World War II... just not on our side. Details! Look for an Eric-and-Godric flashback about these cani-Nazis, which will probably confuse you once you find out who employs Bill's kidnappers.

Got any teasers for the new season of Criminal Minds? — Meg
ADAM: The premiere will answer all the cliff-hanger's questions, in particular how and why Tim Curry's character started taking lives. "He's really the most prolific killer we've ever seen. He's done this his entire life," co-executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "The premiere will have to revisit and say, 'We know it's all about the dark, but why? Where did he start?'"

I can't wait for April and Andy to hook up on Parks and Recreation. Please tell me it'll happen soon. — April (really!)
A&A will definitely spend more time together next season. First, they'll work together, both at Pawnee Town Hall... and elsewhere. Later, they'll share a late-night snack of olives and cherries. It's more romantic than it sounds.

When will Rescue Me be back? Did Tommy survive the gunshot? — Karen
ADAM: The boys of 62 Truck suit up again on June 29 at 10/9c. As for Tommy's fate, I'll say only this: The opening moments of Season 6 depict Tommy's vision of the afterlife. Meanwhile, the men in the firehouse will be in big trouble with FDNY brass because of the shooting.

Please tell me that Entourage will be good this season. — Berto
MICKEY: It certainly sounds promising. Eric and Sloan are still engaged. Turtle finds some measure of success — and a girlfriend — after a fortuitous trip South of the Border. Meanwhile, Ari is in legal trouble. Quick story: I have an attorney friend who keeps a list titled "Ari's Actionables" — everything Ari says or does that could prompt a lawsuit against him. My friend counts at least four per episode. So is it really a surprise that Ari's getting sued?

Any other guest stars planned for this season of Californication? Parker
ADAM: You may have heard that Rescue Me's Callie Thorne will guest-star as a single mother who tempts Hank. But the show is also looking for an actress to play Charlie's new real estate agent and eventual lovah.

So if this season of Royal Pains is the "summer of love," when will Evan have some fun? — Marisol and Dave
MICKEY: Pretty soon. "We are going to be introducing a character toward the middle of the season who's not quite the type you'd imagine for [Evan]," executive producer Andrew Lenchewski tells us. "Something is going to develop between them in a fairly unusual way, and then to start evolve into a more romantic relationship." In possibly related news, we'll also meet Divya's sister, who tolerates her arranged marriage the old-fashioned way: She cheats!

What's happening in the new season of My Boys? — Lorena
ADAM: Now that everyone knows that Kenny (Michael Bunin) and Stephanie (Kellee Stewart) are hooking up, this season will explore the oft-bickering couple's relationship out in the open. But don't expect them to be lovey-dovey. "He still gets on my nerves," Stewart tells us. Adds Bunin: "I don't think we lose a step as far as us insulting each other as much as we can; we're just officially dating." Also, Xosha Roquemore from Precious will play Stephanie's sister.

Nancy's dating a bartender this season on Weeds? Not sure I like that idea. — Calvin
Nancy is on the run, which means she has to lay low. Besides, who says the bartender will be her only beau? I'm hearing about another blue-collar type who'll rev her engine as well. But I'm guessing you're not going to be crazy about that idea either, Calvin, you big snob!

Loved the Breaking Bad finale, but it made me wonder: Will Jesse ever discover Walt's role in Jane's death? — West
ADAM: Series creator Vince Gilligan says that while the show touched on the truth in the Season 3 episode "Fly," the complete revelation probably won't come out for a while. "It's the elephant in the parlor," he says. "If Jesse ever found out, I can't even imagine what the consequences would be. I think it would be in our endgame for the series. It does seem to me the series will perhaps be incomplete if Jesse never finds out about Walt's secret."

Adam's Mega Rave: Give Aaron Paul an Emmy already. His heartbreaking performance in Breaking Bad's near-perfect finale capped a season chock-full of complex character growth. He's a huge part of why Breaking Bad is the best show on television.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Count me among the anti-vuvuzela crowd. No wonder we're all drunk.

Reader Quote of the Week: "'Four-car crash' sounds like a pretty good euphemism for her turn on Saturday Night Live." — cruciatus, on January Jones' vehicular troubles

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