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Any tidbits on the Fringe finale? — Todd
MICKEY: Olivia and Walter make their way "over there" for the two part-finale (May 13 and 20, 9/8c, Fox), in which Walter finally comes face to face with his former partner, Dr. William Bell (guest star Leonard Nimoy). Unfortunately, traveling to another universe has its consequences, and in this case those include someone dying. And if my mole is correct about the identity of the soon-to-be deceased, fans of the show will be apoplectic.

Will Hawkes ever have a love interest on CSI: NY? — Clarisse
ADAM: No one wants that more than Hill Harper. "Hawkes definitely needs some lovin'. Folks have been tweeting to me, saying, 'Mac's in a love triangle and Hawkes can't even get one?'" Harper says with a laugh. The good news: Harper says executive producer Pam Veasey thinks she's found the perfect woman for Hawkes next season.  "She didn't give me the woman's name, but she said she's out of New York and I believe she's a model and an actress. So, we'll see what happens."

I loved seeing Cynthia Watros return to Lost last week. Will she be back at all before the finale? — Randy
MICKEY: Between Libby's reunion with Hurley and Watros' appearance on this week's House, I think I fell in love with Libby all over again. Jorge Garcia tells us that Watros is scheduled for one final Lost appearance, which may bode well for Hurley's love life. But don't expect the final episodes to be all hearts and flowers; I'm hearing at least one episode will break your heart several times over.

Where will Castle and Beckett end up this season now that Beckett's got a new man? — Sidney
ADAM: Well, Castle isn't going to sit around and wait: As we've reported, he'll be busy rekindling the flame with his ex-wife and editor Gina (Monet Mazur). "There's a lot of unresolved stuff that is still out there in regards to what went on and what went wrong with Castle in his previous marriages," Stana Katic tells us. And how will Beckett react to his renewed relationship? "You don't just stop liking somebody overnight, so I imagine it will affect Beckett, which will be great. Anything we can do to heighten the stakes."

What's next for Kurt on Glee? — Matthew K.
MICKEY: I know he's only in high school, but Kurt will look to change his living arrangements soon. Don't jump to any conclusions, but now that Mr. Schu is separated, he's got a lot of extra room in his house — and just might want a roommate.

Can I please have some spoilers about Chloe on Smallville? — M.B.
Although Chloe and Oliver have been taking it slow, given their respective rocky pasts, executive producer Brian Peterson says their relationship is "forced to the next step" in the season finale. And don't worry: The return of the Black Canary doesn't pose a threat. "Their relationship is still pretty fresh, and they're still trying to figure out how they feel about each other," Peterson says. "So it feels premature to go there, but that's definitely a possibility for future episodes."

When does the new season of Entourage start? — Roos
MICKEY: Let's put it this way: By the time Season 7 gets underway this summer, Adrian Grenier's hair will probably have grown back. Though Grenier chopped his curls for a role in real life, Vinny Chase is going to be in a Keri Russell-sized world of trouble when his director gets a load of his new 'do.

What's coming up on Criminal Minds? — Fletcher
ADAM: The May 5 episode sends the team to Florida, where they investigate a serial killer who reports his final murder just before committing suicide. The team must look for clues to the last victim's location, which are... hidden among the killer's tattoos. "This body itself becomes sort of the key to everything," executive producer Chris Mundy says. "They basically have to study this man to figure out what's going on."

On Nurse Jackie, how has Eddie not said anything to Kevin yet? Will he? — Doug
MICKEY: Whether Jackie gets away with her infidelity is kind of beside the point. Jackie doesn't fear consequences. And it gets worse. Jackie decides it might be easier to prevent Eddie from doing anything rash if she gets back together with him. Fortunately for her, not many of her co-workers know she's married — or else they'd definitely be suspicious of her and Eddie's behavior together.

Got any scoop you can share on Sons of Anarchy? I'm going through serious withdrawals! M.L.
ADAM: Season 3 will introduce a host of new characters, including Gemma's father. Rev. Nathaniel Madoc is 80 years old, has mid-stage Alzheimer's, and spends his days in bed watching old Westerns. Though he's delighted to see Gemma when she visits, he is completely unaware that his wife has died. Also, his dementia has made him a little trigger-happy.

Will Tammy be back on Parks and Recreation? I loved seeing Ron Swanson with his ex-wife. — Susanthony
MICKEY: It sounds like love won't be in the air at Parks and Rec until this fall at the earliest. Nick Offerman tells us there are no plans to bring back Tammy (who's played by Offerman's real-life wife, Megan Mullally), until Season 3. At about the same time, Andy (Chris Pratt) will finally notice that April (Aubrey Plaza) is monkey-crazy in love with him. For now, though, Ron may be setting his sights on an entirely different ex-wife.

Got anything on Miami Medical? — Jayson
ADAM: The 4400's Chad Faust will guest-star in the May 7 episode as a trauma patient who is admitted after Miami's "Calle Cubana" celebration takes a violent turn. Meanwhile, Dr. Zambrano takes a special interest in a teenager mysteriously left for dead in the hospital's driveway.

Adam's Mega Rave: If Monday's season finale of Damages turns out to be its series finale, the show could not have gone out on a better note. Even with countless loose ends, the 90-minute finale was expertly paced, written and acted. Here's hoping the show gets a chance to top itself.

Mickey's Mini Rant: You may not have missed it, given the show's low ratings, but Tuesday passed with no new Melrose Place. Yes, the April 13 airing was the season (and probably series) finale — can you believe it? Amanda Woodward is in jail and my childhood is dead.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I'll only watch if Hanks and Scolari show up wearing matching pink. Or maybe a pale mauve..." — Annette45, on the Bosom Buddies reunion at the TV Land Awards

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