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What is the deal with Delko and Calleigh on CSI: Miami? What's the status of their relationship? — Tanesha
ADAM: For the immediate future, they will be more friends than lovers. "Delko having to do things behind his colleagues' back kind of threw a wrench into the works as far as their relationship goes," co-executive producer Marc Dube tells us. "There's been a bit of an agreed backing-off on both sides. It's something that will be revisited, but right now it's more of a brother-sister relationship. They love each other very much. Will it spike again? Probably, but they're taking a little break from the intensity."

Any scoop on Dexter? — Scott
NATALIE: In the season's penultimate episode, there are not one, but two deaths! And not one, but two kidnappings! What's happening to whom? Here are your hints: There are four separate victims, two male and two female. One death you'll cheer, and one will make you cringe. As for the kidnappings, let's just say both victims prove to be easy prey for their captors.

Got anything good on Hawaii Five-0? — Peter
ADAM: I was just saying to myself last week, Daniel Dae Kim's Chin Ho needs more to do than play computer jockey back at HQ. (Granted, they're very cool computers, but still.) Looks like someone heard me because in an upcoming episode, we will meet Chin's ex-fiancée, a beautiful doctor who helps solve one of the team's cases by identifying a dead body. Naturally, the couple has lots of unfinished business, which might be why the good doctor still wears Chin's engagement ring around her neck.

Are there any more superheroes showing up on No Ordinary Family? — Emily
NATALIE: No, but there is a supervillain coming. My Name is Earl's Ethan Suplee has been cast as Tom Seeley, an ex-con who finds himself out of jail and imbued with superpowers. But there's a catch: He has no memories, including how he escaped from prison. Who else thinks Dr. King (Stephen Collins) is behind this?

When are we going to see the Triple Killer again on Castle? — Ellie
ADAM: He most likely won't appear until the latter part of the season, but his presence may be felt sooner. "There are ways to deal with the storytelling where you're not necessarily confronting the character head-on," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. "It's possible his character ends up being a puppetmaster." In whatever form he takes, look for 3XK's continued freedom to haunt Castle. "Castle feels a responsibility that this guy is out there," Marlowe says. "If he'd just been a little bit smarter ... then whatever might happen in the future wouldn't have happened. Castle is going to feel that burden."

If Mark and Callie aren't getting together on Grey's Anatomy, what about Mark and Lexie? — Kerry
NATALIE: Executive producer Shonda Rhimes calls Mark and Lexie's journey a "slow one" this season. "There's going to be some surprises," she tells us, "but Mark sleeping with someone else has never really stopped him and Lexie in the past, so I can't imagine why it would now."

Can we get some non-Danny-and-Lindsay scoop from CSI: NY, please? — Jacob
Looks like the long-promised love interest for Dr. Sheldon Hawkes will finally make an appearance. Described as a sexy nurse, she is an old friend. When she's fired for telling patients that her employer has been peddling contaminated pharmaceuticals, her blabbing ends up getting her kidnapped by a suave hit man played by R&B star Ne-Yo. Hope Hawkes is feeling extra heroic.

When will Clark transform into Superman on Smallville? — Ed
NATALIE: "There are still some things that Clark has to change before he becomes the dual identity that we know," executive producer Kelly Souders says. "There will be hints along the way as he's getting closer and closer to that sort of split personality." In the meantime, we will see the "anti-Superman" this week.

What's coming up on Lie to Me? — Andy
ADAM: Looks like the Fox drama is taking a page from The Social Network. An upcoming episode titled "Killer App" focuses on Zach, a wunderkind inventor of a phone app that makes he and his two best friends rich. It's no secret, however, that Zach wants to push his former partners out of the company, which becomes a problem when one of them ends up dead.

I love Cloris Leachman on Raising Hope. What's coming up for her? — Tara
Hopefully not death, Tara. In next week's Christmas-themed episode, Burt considers, and even tries to off his grandmother-in-law to avoid paying property taxes in the new year.

So sad about Medium being canceled. Do you know anything about the show's final send-off? — Sandra
ADAM: I know Allison will get mixed up with a charismatic drug kingpin. He is unconcerned about the prospect of going to prison, but more mysteriously, he implies to Allison that he knows more than he lets on about a troubling series of Allison's dreams. As for what's eating Allison, it can't be a coincidence that the show is looking for an actress to play a more guarded teenage version of Allison's now-7-year-old daughter, Marie, can it?

How does Olivia cross back over to our universe on Fringe? — Aimee
Remember that janky immersion tank in Walter's lab? It will play a crucial role in Olivia's crossover. Once she's back, though, look for the dynamic among the Fringe Division to change. "For everyone else, it's 'Oh my God, we've had a traitor amongst us,'" Anna Torv tells us. "And for Olivia, it's 'How did you not know that? Who am I then? Like, who am I?'"

Adam's Mega Rave: Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon has made a career out of playing eccentric, creepy roles, but the wildly bizarre "baptism" he gave Agent Sepso in the season's penultimate episode took things to a whole different neighborhood in Crazytown. Talk about religious extremism.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Leila's father is an alien? Really, The Event? You're going off the air for three months and that's the best cliff-hanger you can give us?

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(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)