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What is the status of George Eads' return for Season 11 on CSI? — Cyndy
ADAM: Unfortunately, there's still nothing official to report, a CBS rep tells us. But if he does come back, he'll be spending plenty of time with the show's replacement for the departing Liz Vassey. Described as a young, smokin'-hot explosive expert, the new CSI tech learned the biz from her dad, a big-time pyrotechnics guy.

When will we meet Kurt's boyfriend on Glee? — Danni
MICKEY: I'm hearing it won't be right away, as first we have Javier Bardem and "Oops Brittany Did It Again" with which to contend. In possibly related news, though, there will be another leatherhead within the glee ranks, as one of Finn and Puck's football teammates will stop by to sing some scales.

Got any Bones season premiere scoop? — Meg
ADAM: Brennan, Angela and Hodgins are all lured back to D.C. to help Cam, who comes under fire from the local news media during a homicide investigation. Some people don't appreciate her argument that veterans are suffering brain damage caused by combat.

What more could we possibly need to know about Paul Young on Desperate Housewives? — Audrey
MICKEY: Well, Paul's time in the pokey has changed him, so much so that — at least initially — the former evildoer has returned to Wisteria Lane with good intentions. Meanwhile, on the road to hell: Felicia Tillman (Harriet Sansom Harris) won't return to Fairview herself, but will have an emissary of sorts on Wisteria Lane. That emissary will have a very specific objective.

Is it safe to assume that CSI: Miami is killing off Eddie Cibrian? — Brad
You can assume whatever you like, but I will say this: The season premiere closes with a rather emotional funeral.

Why haven't we heard anything about Law & Order: Los Angeles yet? — Denny
MICKEY: The first episode is titled "Fame." In keeping with the brand's ripped-from-the-headlines tradition, LO:LA will debut with a story that sounds similar to that of the Burglar Bunch, the rambunctious kiddies accused of targeting celebrities like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom.

I need Mad Men scoop! — Angie
ADAM: Real estate becomes a hot-button issue in both Don's personal and professional life. Meanwhile, Pete and Peggy will work closely to keep a client happy, while Don has to go to uncomfortable lengths to correct a mistake.

Will Serena find amour in Paris on Gossip Girl? — Amy
MICKEY: There's a very bonne chance! While finding and healing Chuck will be of primary importance, Serena will definitely brush up on her international language skills.

So happy The Closer is back. Anything exciting coming up? — Rachael
ADAM: Brenda's investigation of a string of rapes — all under the watchful eye of Capt. Raydor (Mary McDonnell) — culminates in a hostage standoff that forces Fritz to take drastic action. Titus Welliver (Lost) and D.W. Moffett (Friday Night Lights) both guest-star as possible suspects.

There are so many stories and new characters on True Blood. Please tell me it gets better! — Carol
MICKEY: We've spoken to quite a few cast members about this common complaint, and they've all assured us that the season's multiple plot splinters will eventually coalesce. "I never got to eat at Merlotte's, but I certainly visit the front porches of many people's houses," says Denis O'Hare, who plays Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi. He goes on to defend the new kids on the bayou. "Pam and Eric's relationship really blossoms this season, in part because of his interaction with people like me."

When does Dark Blue start up again? — Hal
ADAM: TNT's undercover cop drama returns with two new episodes on Wednesday, Aug. 4 at 9/8c. Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer joins the cast this season as an FBI agent who steps all over Carter's case, getting one of his closest allies killed in the process. Ultimately he forgives her — and sleeps with her for good measure.

We're so excited for more White Collar! Scoop, please. — Aaron and Carrie
MICKEY: It's like The West Wing meets Ocean's Eleven when Neal goes undercover as a shrewd political operative in a corrupt senatorial campaign. Meanwhile, Peter will investigate a high-class escort service, much to Elizabeth's chagrin and Diana's delight.

Adam's Mega Rave: God bless Big Brother! I know summer is here when I laugh myself silly at grown-ups swinging through the air on giant hot dogs.

Mickey's Mini Rant: I'll be announcing my summer vacation destination on my 30-minute ESPN special tonight. Boo-ya!

Reader Quote of the Week: "I guess she wanted to hang out with Gil Grissom in the CSI abyss." — Rachelscribbles, on Melina Kanakaredes' departure from CSI: NY

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