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What's coming up for Danny and Lindsay for the end of this season of CSI: NY? — Christina
ADAM: I know what executive producer Pam Veasey told me: "The season finale will involve a big, big event for Danny and Lindsay. I'll just leave it at that." Hmm, well, since Shane Casey is most likely involved, should fans of the couple be worried about them? "Yes," Veasey says. "It's something that will make them go, 'Oh my goodness!' That will be their response."

Express yourself about the Madonna episode of Glee. — Shamus
MICKEY: Would you believe it's about, like, virgins? At least three main characters will consider being touched for the very first time in a musical montage/extended sex scene. (Mama Madge will be so proud!) Ultimately, though, two of the three couples are unable to justify their love. Can you guess what song the sexed-up sextet sings?

Any scoop on Brothers & Sisters? Will Michelle ever get pregnant with Kevin and Scotty's baby?  — Kristine
ADAM: Here's what we know for sure: The last of Kevin and Scotty's fertilized embryos will be implanted during Sunday's two-hour episode. Unfortunately, Kevin has weightier matters on his mind. As you'll see in flashbacks, Kevin is the source of Nora's stress, and is the reason she's insisting that the family sell Ojai Foods to Dennis York. As expected, the revelation will create a gigantic rift between mother and son.

Any news on Friday Night Lights' final season? — Tim
MICKEY: Producers are looking for a new BFF for Tami, a younger, no-nonsense teacher who helps her approach the students differently. Speaking of which, there will be two new characters attending East Dillon this season: Hastings is a basketball star who moves into town and decides to try his hand at football. Epyck (whose character name will surely change) is described as a contemptuous rebel who has pierced and dyed things. I can't wait for these two to do it.

Can you tell us what's coming up next for the Criminal Minds ladies? — Anna
ADAM: I can tell you what's coming up for one of them. Garcia is taking a road trip to Alaska, where a serial killer has a small town in a frenzied state a la Christopher Nolan's Insomnia. "We love getting her out there," executive producer Chris Mundy tells us.  "She's so good. Any way we can possibly get her out of her office, we do. It's a big episode for her."

Is that really it for Katherine on Desperate Housewives? — Linda N.
MICKEY: According to Dana Delany, it's au revoir at least for this season. Katherine's trip to Paris will keep her away from Wisteria Lane long enough for ABC to decide if it wants to pick up Body of Evidence, Delany's pilot about a medical examiner. Until then, Delany daydreams about Katherine's return. "It would be so great if she became very sophisticated in Paris," she says. "She can come back with a funny French accent and be wearing berets." To which we say: Mais oui, Cherry!

Got any scoop about Castle? — Reagan
Beckett will be in a huff when Castle starts sleeping with an actress (guest star Kelly Carlson) he meets on a late-night talk show. Turns out the actress only wants a part in the movie adaptation of Heat Wave. The real question: Is Beckett just jealous or is she holding out for more of an Angelina Jolie type?

Battlestar geek here! What can you tell me about James Callis' character on FlashForward? — Romy
MICKEY: How the frak are ya, Romy? Here's what Sonya Walger says about him: "He's this curious person who seems to know an enormous amount about Olivia's future. It turns out that this guy has had multiple flash-forwards, so he becomes incredibly important and significant to her and, in time, to the entire investigation." The bad news: He's not a good guy. In fact, he's going to make D. Gibbons look like a walk in the park full of unconscious people.

NCIS: I am desperate to find out anything about the final episodes of this year. — Dara
ADAM: The show is looking to book a guest star for two episodes later this season. The role calls for a physically fit, imposing, edgy and dangerous former Army Ranger who was highly decorated before a screw-up in Afghanistan led to his dishonorable discharge. He's now working for a private military company, and he's not at all afraid to kill when necessary.

Chuck me a Chuck scoop, please! — Becca
MICKEY: We asked Zach Levi if Chuck's first kill was just the beginning of a new, violent phase for the cuddly nerd. "Chuck is not comfortable using guns and goes out of his way to not use guns," he tells us. "It's all I've been wanting to do for two-and-a-half years is kill people, but for Chuck, it brings him to his next step of evolution, good and bad."

When is Lie to Me coming back? — Michelle
ADAM: The show returns from its extended hiatus on Monday, June 7. As we previously reported, the episodes feature a new love interest for Foster (Kelli Williams), and Lightman's not happy about it. "I think he's happy for her, but... I could take him out," Tim Roth tells us. "It's tricky in how he's involved with the case. He's in two or three episodes and it doesn't end well."

How will this season of 90210 end? It seems like all they do now is get together and break up, over and over again. — Patsy
MICKEY: Hi, Patsy, let me introduce you to my friend: Television, meet Patsy. Patsy, Television. But you have a point, one that will be made even more sharply by the end of the season, when Adrianna and Navid and Silver and Teddy all reunite. There might also be a thawing on the Jen-Ryan front, once they realize they're going to be in each other's lives for at least 18 years.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Cherry Jones has already won an Emmy for playing President Allison Taylor, 24's MVP. Monday's standoff with Weiss, her weaselly chief of staff, showed us why. "The charge is treason," President Taylor reminds him when she learns of his plan to surrender President Hassan to the terrorists. "It carries the death penalty, and so help me God, I'll throw the switch myself." Nothing like the threat of capital punishment to get the TV juices flowing...

Adam's Mini Rant: Laugh all you want, American Idol judges, but funny is not one of the things that accurately describes Tim Urban's dead-eyed song delivery week after week.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I'm Team Someone-His-Own-Damn-Age." — missmeghan, on whether Mac should choose Aubrey or Peyton on CSI: NY

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