Paget Brewster, Anna Paquin, Matt Bomer Paget Brewster, Anna Paquin, Matt Bomer

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So glad Paget Brewster will be back on Criminal Minds next season. But what does that mean for the Doyle story line? — Melissa
Doyle will certainly be back, but probably not for long. "The only way Prentiss can return to us is if Ian Doyle is destroyed," executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "We all love Timothy V. Murphy and want him to have some screen time. But our challenge is to expand on their story and not repeat what [we've already] learned."

What's up with Sookie and the fairies on True Blood? — Sarah 
When the show returns, Sookie will reconnect with some familiar faces in Fairyland. (Watch the first three minutes here if you want to find out who!) But the glowing lumières the fairies offer up as a snack notwithstanding, it won't be all sweetness and light. Sookie will have a lot of questions for Claudine, her fairy godmother. First up: If she's supposed to be Sookie's protector, where the heck has she been all this time?

What do you have on White Collar? Will we have to wait long to learn who stole the treasure? — Joshua
Nope. In fact, the June 7 premiere deals almost entirely with Neal's dilemma with the pilfered Nazi booty. And Peter won't make it easy: After the U-Boat explosion, he's much less trusting of his con man compadre. Not only will Neal have to figure out how to get to the loot out of the country, he'll also have to fool Peter's polygraph.

Did Tara/Bryce really "kill" Chicken and Gimme? I'm not sure where United States of Tara is going with all this, but it's making me crazy! — Cam
Once you get the details and context of said "murders," it'll all be much clearer where we're heading, but then — sorry — it will become a little less clear. Such is the burden we loyal viewers must bear. If it helps, in the next episode someone is going to die (note: no quotes), and the aftereffects of that death won't be fully realized until the season/series finale.

What can you tell me about the final season of Rescue Me? — Alex
Here's three teases that may or may not be related: 1) Tommy will spend a lot of time with a news reporter who is doing a 9/11 retrospective on Jimmy; 2) Franco will take on more of a leadership role at the firehouse; and 3) Tommy will hang up his fire gear for good — but not voluntarily.

I miss Vincent Chase! Can you console me with Entourage scoop? — Mark
After last season's "dark Vinny" arc, is it possible the vacuous, debaucherous movie star is finally ready to settle down? It sure sounds like it. Producers are on the lookout for a comely lass to play Vince's former flame, who is being described as the kind of girl you'd want to spend your life with.

What's the plan for Amber in the next season of Parenthood?  — Lisa
Executive producer Jason Katims promises that Amber's car accident and failure to get into college will really provide her the motivation to do some growing up. "She really needs to declare her independence in a way and be an adult," Katims says. "That's hard to do when you don't really have a plan in your life. I think Sarah will make an effort to give her that independence and not ride her quite so much."

Got any scoop on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? — John
The Sunny gang is going to the Jersey Shore! What could possibly go wrong? Mac and Frank find some fun raging with the guidos, while Dee and Dennis' hedonistic Garden State pursuits include doing PCP, knocking over a liquor store and digging their own graves at gunpoint! (That actually sounds way better than the average episode of Jersey Shore.)

Tell me more about this lawsuit Brenda's facing on The Closer! — Christine
She won't have to face it alone. She'll hire a sharp lawyer who specializes in defending cops. He's a former city attorney who's now a very successful partner at a private firm. The good news: He's never lost a case. The bad news: He sees right through Brenda. More good news: His wardrobe is fabulous!

I can't wait for Rizzoli & Isles to return. Got any spoilers? — Erin
Jane and the rest of the Boston PD will have to pull out all the stops when an undercover officer's daughter is kidnapped. It probably won't surprise you to learn that Jane's busybody mom has a theory about the missing kid, but can you believe that she actually cracks the case?

Got any more Sons of Anarchy scoop? — Luke
Well, the new sheriff in town won't be SAMCRO's only obstacle early in the new season. Remember those Russian guns that figured into Jax's master plan in the season finale? Well, the furious mobster to whom the weapons belong shows up in Charming demanding their return. That's bad news for the club members he takes hostage.

What's coming up on In Plain Sight? — Rosie
It's Brandi's wedding day, and a very pregnant Mary has to work... of course. She'll have to choose between her sister and an endangered witness, and I think we all know how that's going to go. The upside: Bridezilla Brandi is a veritable TV treat.

Adam's Mega Rave: Welcome back, Men of a Certain Age. I'll gladly watch these average Joes celebrate the small moments in life. Scott Bakula, in particular, is terrific as Terry attempts to give up bachelorhood.

Natalie's Mini Rant: For once, I agree with Glee's Jesse St. James: Rachel and Finn's very public kiss during Nationals was awkward and out of place. I'm all for love, but in this case, get a (New York hotel) room!

(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)

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