Paget Brewster, David Caruso, Chyler Leigh Paget Brewster, David Caruso, Chyler Leigh

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What's going to happen to Prentiss on Criminal Minds? Please tell me she doesn't die.  — Janelle
The March 16 episode will most likely be her last, but something tells me her sendoff will allow Prentiss to return, should Paget Brewster be so inclined. But what, short of death, will send Emily packing? Matthew Gray Gubler, who directed the episode, tells us that Prentiss' dirty laundry will finally be aired. "[Prentiss] is in a tricky situation. She may have done some things in her past that wouldn't be looked upon favorably," he says.

What's up with Lexie and Jackson on Grey's Anatomy? — Heather
We'll see the aftereffects of their steamy shower sesh during the musical episode. "Mark is devastated by the whole thing," Chyler Leigh tells us, saying that she doesn't think Jackson is just a rebound for Lexie. "She can talk with him and there's something refreshing about him. It has the potential to blossom into something pretty big," she says.

What can you tell me about CSI: Miami? — Jamie
Sounds like the show might be getting closer to finding a love interest for David Caruso's Horatio. In the season finale, we'll meet a sexy Secret Service agent who is assigned to aid Horatio's team and quickly takes a shine to him (and vice versa). As it stands now, the character could recur next season — provided of course that a critical mistake Horatio makes doesn't end up getting her killed.

Glee scoop, please! — Bobbie
What would bring the disgraced Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) back to McKinley High? The chance to topple Mr. Schu's glee-topia, of course! In an upcoming episode, he'll be on hand to critique a Jack Johnson number. The question is: What the heck are Becky and Jacob doing there?

Got any hints about what Desperate Housewives has planned for the end of the season? — Regina
There have been lots of cops on the show, but none that have waved their nightsticks at the ladies of the Lane. That's about to change. Word is that the show is looking to add a handsome, middle-aged police detective with strong family values to the mix. He'll start out as a guest star, but we're hearing he could be a series regular (aka love interest) next season.

Thanks for the True Blood spoilers. Got anything else? —James
Remember that creepy doll we saw at Jessica and Hoyt's new home in the season finale? "I can tell you that the doll is more than just a doll," executive producer Alan Ball tells us. "That doll has a passenger."

What else do you know about the upcoming Bones spin-off? — Seth
Agent Booth is no fan of "Finder" Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults). However, the question remains: Is it because of their spotty working relationship or because, before the hour is up, Walter gets a "booty call" from Brennan?

Any scoop on The Walking Dead? —  Kyle
Andrew Lincoln tells us he can't wait to play the deterioration of Rick as the leader, but Sarah Wayne Callies is just as excited because it means Lori will get her chance to shine. "Right now, Lori has the luxury of indulging in her own sorrow and sadness and fear and loss partly because Rick is so strong," Callies tell us. "Marriages are often a yin-yang balance, which is to say, the weaker Rick becomes, the stronger Lori will become to support him."

Do you think Hawaii Five-0 will ever give Kono a real love interest? — Jackson
According to co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski, no. "It's tough. We talk about it, for sure," he tells us. "I don't think we're in a place where we want to tie up our characters in a heavy relationship and close the door to any other potential relationships." Poor Kono.

What's coming up on Parenthood? — Casey
Lauren Graham is getting a new love interest! Producers are searching for a formidable foil for Sarah Braverman, to recur next season. He's a protégé of theater producer Gilliam (upcoming guest star Richard Dreyfuss), Zeek's old pal who knows people who could kick-start Sarah's playwriting career. Unfortunately for Sarah, he kind of hates Gilliam.

What can you tell me about my favorite new show, The Chicago Code? — Wes
It sounds like Vonda (Devin Kelley) and her partner Isaac (Todd Williams) might be doing more than just working cases. "We just got upgraded to organized crime, so we're going to explore a little more of that," Williams tells us. "And then we're going to explore a little more of each other." But it won't all be about, er, nightstick-waving. We'll also learn more about Wysocki's family through his cop niece. "It gets a little rocky," Kelley tells us.

I'm so glad Stargate Universe is back. Can you share any spoilers about the final season? — Toby
Two main characters will bite the dust, and much sooner than you think. Plus, two other passengers of the Destiny fall victim to a deadly radiation attack.

Adam's Mega Rave: I'm still recovering from the amazing Southland finale, particularly Michael Cudlitz's wrenching performance in the final scene. It will be a tragedy if this incredible ensemble doesn't get some Emmys love this year.

Natalie's Mini Rant: The only time Miley Cyrus' performance on Saturday Night Live even approached commanding was when she was dressed as Justin Bieber.

(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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