Zachary Levi, Drea de Matteo and William Petersen Zachary Levi, Drea de Matteo and William Petersen

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Will Sarah and Chuck ever become a real couple on Chuck? — Paloma
MICKEY: Funny you should put it that way. An upcoming episode asks the same question when S&C pretend to be married for a mission — and end up exchanging some real vows. It's an interesting, slightly distorted echo of that poignant scene earlier in the season when the pair talked about running away together.

Any scoop about Grissom making a guest appearance on CSI? — Chelsey
ADAM: Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn assures us that she broaches the subject every time she sees William Petersen. But George Eads isn't hopeful. "I wouldn't count on anyone seeing him ever again," he says. "Just knowing him the way I do and knowing the way he left — it was such a wholesome and gracious and sweet goodbye. I try to light the torch in his honor. ... Some of [Nick's] drive and dedication is: What would Grissom do?" Petersen, by the way, isn't talking.

Will we ever find out who the Desperate Housewives strangler is? — Franco
MICKEY: I got some intel on that from an unlikely Wisteria Lane source: Mary Alice! Sure, dead women don't tell tales, but Brenda Strong says that an upcoming flashback will reveal that the dearly departed Mrs. Young had all sorts of connections that will shed light on these murders and possibly... the Bolens.

Could I get some Bones scoop please? — Chris
ADAM: Be on the lookout for Angela and Hodgins to run into a little trouble with the law. What lands them in handcuffs? "We were doing what we did on page 187 in public and unfortunately that got us [busted]," TJ Thyne jokes, referencing the mysterious sex act described in Bones' new novel. In truth, it's something much more innocent that gets them into trouble, but Michaela Conlin says time in jail will bring the couple much closer together.

Do you think Lost's sideways timeline occurs concurrent with island events or after? — Barry
MICKEY: It's a good question, Barry. When we were chatting with Yunjin Kim about Jin's newfound fertility in the sideways timeline, call us crazy, but we think she revealed something. "Obviously Jin was infertile on the island, but in the flash-sideways he's perfectly healthy," she says. "I don't know if that's because we spent time on the island, even though it's a different lifeline, and the island cured his infertility, therefore in the flash-sideways he's completely healthy. That's what I assumed when I read the script." Sounds like sideways is after, no?

What can you tease about The Mentalist's season finale? — Evan
ADAM: Leslie Hope returns as charlatan Kristina Frye in the final two episodes, which executive producer Bruno Heller says will sour Jane and Lisbon's relationship — especially since Jane can't get Kristina out of his head. "She's a wonderful counterpoint to Jane in the sense that as much as he finds her fascinating and interesting and amusing and attractive, she's doing the exact things that caused him all the tragedy in his life," Heller says. "He's drawn to her and repelled at the same time."

You've said three couples will attempt the deed on Glee — who's the third? — Jillian
MICKEY: We think it's kind of funny that you think you know who two of them are, because — trust us — you don't. We'll give you a hint though. Of the six sexin' singles, at least one is a Cheerio, at least one works at McKinley High and none of the six are Tina.

I'm addicted to Breaking Bad. Got any scoop? — Mandi
ADAM: Now that Hank is on the hunt for Jesse's RV, the show will take the opportunity to hilariously revisit exactly how the makeshift meth lab came into Jesse's possession. Surprise: It has absolutely nothing to do with the thousands of dollars Walt donated to the cause back in Season 1.

I'm not one of those people who think Betty and Daniel are like brother and sister, but I still don't think they should get together in the Ugly Betty finale. What do you know? — Debby
MICKEY: I've seen it! Executive producer Silvio Horta has sworn me to secrecy, but suffice it to say that "Hello Goodbye" is a stuffed-to-the-gills episode that offers plenty of closure: Two characters reconnect with former lovers, one character reaffirms family ties, and Betty's not the only character moving house.

Is there a new season of The Closer starting soon? — Terri
ADAM: Yep! Season 6 kicks off in July, and the unit's shiny new digs won't be the only change. Kyra Sedgwick tells us that Fritz will be appointed the FBI's liaison to the LAPD, which will create some insecurity for him, since he fears he only got the job because he's married to Brenda.

What will United States of Tara's Kate do now that she's graduated from high school? — IchabodCrane
MICKEY: Kate's boring new career is just a conduit into a much more interesting, much less upstanding avocation. After creating a naughty online video that goes viral, she misguidedly decides it would be entrepreneurial to expand her "brand." But she's actually just being unsafe.

I'm kind of digging Miami Medical. What can you tell me about the upcoming episodes? — Mark
ADAM: Friday's episode focuses on a group of patients who are injured during an accident at a wedding reception, including the ironically named Fortunado, who arrives to the trauma unit impaled by a 6-foot steel pole.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Overall, Brothers & Sisters' two-hour '80s flashback episode fell short of totally tubular. But Matthew Rhys distinguished himself when Kevin discovered that his actions in a boyhood fistfight (albeit one with shamefully homophobic undertones) had actually paralyzed his adversary. Rhys' unhinged rage reminded us of another gifted thespian tantrum-thrower: Sally Field, his TV mama.

Adam's Mini Rant: Yeah, but after all that Thelma and Louise nonsense, we still don't know why the heck "Narrow Lake" matters.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Isn't it the definition of insanity to keep expecting a different result? It never even crossed my mind that Leno would take the high road." — DrJohnnyFever, on Jay Leno not congratulating Conan O'Brien on his new show Monday

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