Emily Deschanel, George Eads, Laura Innes Emily Deschanel, George Eads, Laura Innes

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What's this I hear about Brennan solving her own murder on Bones? — Maggie
Well, Brennan obviously isn't the corpse, but her resemblance to the victim is uncanny. Executive producer Stephen Nathan says the experience will be educational for Bones. "Brennan gets to look at herself objectively, which is something she's never really been able to do," he says. "She sees herself in a new light, and that obviously will change her character to a certain extent."

So many answers on The Event this week! I can't help but think they're pulling a fast one on us. Have any scoop? — Martin
Go with your gut. We'll soon find out that at least one of the most fundamental parts of The Event's narrative is a big fat lie. Further, Sophia won't tolerate any leaks, even if people have to die to protect her secrets.

What else can you tell me about Katee Sackhoff's role on CSI? — Andrew
She's a tough, stubborn woman, and that initially puts her at odds with George Eads' Nick Stokes. But she slowly wins him over. "She plays her character with a lot of bravado, which is something I think Nick really likes to be around," Eads tells us. Do we see sparks? "For Nick to have a relationship with anyone on the show, the genesis of it has to be mutual respect," Eads says, noting that the length of Sackhoff's arc has yet to be finalized. For his part, Eads is ready for something serious: "I would like to see her again."

Poor Artie! Will he find another love on Glee? —Amalia
I wouldn't call it love exactly, but on an upcoming episode, Artie will make a connection with a Cheerio that will make him feel special for a short while.

Got any new Grey's Anatomy information? — Bethany
I hear that the show is looking for a middle-aged male doctor for a two-episode arc later in the season. In possibly related plot news, when a high-ranking Washington official checks into Seattle Grace, his Secret Service detail creates a logistical nightmare for the surgeons on duty.

I heard that the new Law & Order: Los Angeles gets rid of the theme song and the famous "chung-chung" sound. Say it ain't so. — Kathy
It ain't so. In fact, I think it's safe to say that the bouncing baby of the Dick Wolf family of television shows looks an awful lot like its parents. The first episode, "Hollywood," is a standard ripped-from-the-headlines gloss on the real-life Burglar Bunch. But there's a hilarious stage-mom twist.

I want to know if we will see a good emotional scene on NCIS between Abby and McGee during Season 8. — Marie-France
ADAM: Executive producer Shane Brennan wouldn't budge about any McGabby moments, but he did offer a cryptic tease about what's next for Abby. "Abby is caught up trying to solve a psychological mystery that centers around the death of an enigmatic young woman," Brennan says. Who's to say Abby won't need McGee's help?

I would think it would be easy for Walter and Peter to tell Olivia from Bolivia on Fringe. What gives? — Ted
Well, Bolivia's physical transformation is meticulous, and you'll see her come up with a very plausible explanation for her un-Olivia-like behavior. But Joshua Jackson points to a third factor. "I think there's something really cool about the idea that people from the same universe have some instinctual, animal level of connection to each other," he says. "The reason Peter responds to the other Olivia is because that would be his Olivia."

How much of Jane's backstory are we going to get on The Mentalist?Hal
You'll get some insight this week when Jane's brother-in-law shows up and forces him to confront his past. First, Jane revisits his carnival roots, but creator Bruno Heller tells us he'll later do something he hasn't done since his family died at the hands of Red John. "He goes on one of those Nancy Grace-type legal scandal shows," he says. "He swore he'd never go back on TV in order to catch the bad guy." Sounds pretty serious to us!

Help! I can't tell if the werewolves are the good guys or the bad guys on The Vampire Diaries. — Cory
I can't either, but perhaps a new addition to the cast will clarify everyone else's relative goodness. He's a man of few words who allows his piercing eyes to do the talking for him. I'm hearing him compared to the Haitian on Heroes, which means those peepers are probably good for more than just lookin'.

I really enjoyed the Brothers & Sisters premiere. Is this really the last season? — Katie
ADAM: Despite a reduced episode order and some siginifcant cast exits, executive producer David Marshall Grant isn't planning on going anywhere. "I've approached the show as if it's going to go on and on. I take my cue from the studio and the network, and they've given me no indication — not even a hint or a heads-up — that [cancellation is] a possibility," he says. "If and when I hear different, I will adjust and make sure that we take these Walkers off the air in the style that they deserve. But I have heard nothing to suggest that I should be planning for that."

I know it's a ways off, but can you give me any V scoop? — Kara
A major female character will lose her head in an early episode — which is to say, she'll be beheaded. I only mention the violent act because it will be as revealing as it is fatal.

Adam's Mega Rave: Thanks, Castle, for cooling it with the Beckett-Castle stuff for an episode. It gave Martha (Susan Sullivan) a chance to mourn her off-screen love interest, Chet, who succumbed to a stroke. Her musings about love after the thrill is gone were quiet but powerful.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Boo, Matt Damon, for being a fancy-pants movie star. We really like you as Liz Lemon's "inside spoon" on 30 Rock.

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