Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Marg Helgenberger (CSI) and Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica) Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Marg Helgenberger (CSI) and Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica)

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Who at attended the Battlestar Galactica press screening on Monday night? And what's the frakkin' word? — Danny
MICKEY: I am in Florida, exploring an unfamiliar civilization of a different sort (the retirement community), so we sent Nerd High Priestess Erin Fox. Once Doc Cottle revived her with smelling salts, she said this: "The first hour-and-a-half of the finale is so intense, you'll find it difficult to breathe. So many questions will be answered — including some you probably thought wouldn't be addressed due to time constraints. Also, if Mary McDonnell isn't recognized by the Emmys this year, it'll be a frakkin' shame. She had the crowd in tears more than once with her brilliant performance." Erin then hugged her Cylon toaster to her chest, placed a paper bag over her mouth and nose and breathed gently until it was safe to stand again. (P.S. Share your favorite BSG moments here.)

The best part of Grey's Anatomy for me this season has been the sexy pairing of Lexie and Mark. What's ahead for the sizzling duo? — Kelly
MATT: More sexy. More pairing. More sizzling. In other words, a source tells me you'll get more of the stuff you like as this dark-horse couple keep on keeping on, led in large part by Mark's full embrace of a committed relationship. The big question down the pike: Will they get to such a place that Lexie will introduce Mark to her returning father

Will CSI's Catherine get a love interest? Ever? — Hilla
TIM: Not anytime soon, Hilla. I'm hearing CSI's writers aren't planning for her to find a warm body anytime soon — just plenty more cold ones. But we passed on your interest, so maybe she'll find someone soon who wants to take her out for a Scorpion at the Pepper Mill. The Vegas people know what I'm talking 'bout. 

Has Fringe been canceled? — Bob
MICKEY: As we've discussed, Fringe is on an Idol-related hiatus until April 7, at which point the focus will partially shift from Olivia's past to Peter's past, including the mysterious "health issue" that dad Walter has at times alluded to. As John Noble shared this week here at the offices, "When we find out [what's Peter's 'condition' is], you'll see why Walter is so desperately attached to him and so desperately concerned about him." By the way, Noble calls the first episode back "extraordinary" and the subsequent five "among our very best." 

Any news if Terminator or Dollhouse will be picked up for next year? — Patrick
MATT: Sarah Connor's fate seemed cinched (in the bad way) until last week, when both of Fox's Friday-night shows delivered somewhat unexpected ratings gains. Now, fingers are anxiously crossed in Terminatorland until May, when the final word comes down. The forecast looks a bit better for Dollhouse. Joss Whedon was not kidding when he touted this week's episode as the one to watch. I audibly gasped at least once while screening it, then fast hit rewind to make sure I had indeed heard what I thought I heard. It also boasts one of the best hand-to-hand fight scenes I have seen in some time, a cool reveal about the Dollhouse's business model and, as an added bonus, much shirtless Tahmoh.

I love Gossip Girl, but I think this Eyes Wide Shut storyline is the single stupidest thing the show has done, and Elle is the worst character ever. Please tell me she's never coming back! — H.C.
MICKEY: Never say never, H.C.! But it's a pretty safe bet that Monday's double-cross marks the narrative end of that Pretty Woman. In the meantime, remember when we asked how to fix Gossip Girl? Well, I have it on good authority that these final episodes will address two of our problems directly, which means some fun work coming up for both Blake Lively and Chace Crawford. 

Am I the only one loving Jericho's sweet little Heather as a political badass on 24? Sprague Grayden has shown a whole different range, and I'm liking it. Any word on how long she'll be sticking around? — Mike
MATT: Oh, you know I love me some Sprague. The good news: We are far from seeing the last of feisty first daughter Olivia Taylor. The gooder news: Her nastiest is yet to come, as she even more brashly butts heads with Chief of Staff Ethan. But as is one of 24's calling cards, viewers may soon start questioning which of the two is in the right.

Will ABC Family produce more episodes of Kyle XY or make a movie, to tie up the assorted loose ends from Monday's series finale? — Zach
TIM: There are no plans for either, but writer/co-producer Julie Plec did explain, in the broadest possible terms, how the story theoretically ends: "Kyle embarks on a quest across the world with the sole mission of helping people. ... And it's because the Tragers took him in and loved him unconditionally, that he would have been able to do it." You can get more answers to lingering questions (including whether Cassidy was truth-telling about being Kyle's bro) here

I heard that Fox is not going to air the extra two episodes of Prison Break. Please tell me if this is true or not! — Liz
MATT: First, a little background for those just passing by: Prison Break returns Friday, April 17, with six episodes that will wrap up the series in a tidy (if bloodstained) bow. Beyond that, 20th Century Fox TV is independently producing an additional two hours that could serve as a standalone "event" à la 24: Redemption. The Fox network has yet to commit to airing those hours, but if PB ends with a bang, you can bet they'll find room on the schedule. Who will appear in the standalone story, you (didn't exactly) ask? Pretty much anyone left breathing at the end of May — plus Jodi Lyn O'Keefe's Gretchen.

With the return of Stephanie March to SVU, I wonder: If Alexandra Cabot was supposed to be in the witness-protection program at the time she was on Dick Wolf's Conviction, how are the two stories reconciled in the character's history? — Sheldon
MICKEY: Here's the short answer, straight from the producers' mouths: Alexandra was in the WPP until the people who were after her died. She then came out of hiding and got the gig depicted on Conviction. Once a job opened up back in the SVUniverse, she moved there. No conflict. (Thank God this isn't Lost, right?) 

I've read that Heather Locklear is closing in on the CW's Melrose reboot, yet I was under the impression she'd rather go with ABC's Brothers & Sisters. Any thoughts? — David
MATT: Oh, that latter rumor is B and S, just like the show's initials. It would seem like a great fit, though, right? Sammy Jo shows up in the season finale to help Robert llllllllick his marital wounds? So while Locklear won't be sexing up the senator, Robert and Kitty's union will steadily crumble in these final weeks, as lawyers are retained and one Walker sibling takes a surprising side in the squabble. 

Please let us know if Leverage will be back. — Elizabeth
TIM: It absolutely will, and in Season 2 you can expect Tim Hutton's Nate to get a new vice to replace his drinking and to have more run-ins with the ex (played by Kari Matchett). Oh, and celeblogger Gina Bellman will do more accents, obviously.

Tim's Mega Rave: Let's hope NBC is willing to keep pouring zillions into Kings for a few months, despite the premiere's unimpressive ratings. We know, creating a gorgeous, butterfly-filled alternate reality is expensive. But the show deserves time to explore its audacious impulses (and shed a bit of its corniness).

Matt's Mini Rant: Few geek out over The Big Bang Theory more than I. (Sheldon stumped by the question, "What is Radiohead?" Awesome.) That said — and as talented as Jim Parsons is — 3.1415926 percent less Sheldon would go a long way.

Mickey's Micro Riff: "Lesbian" kisses are the new blah.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Yt stynks." (jon88, on Sci Fi Channel's switch to the name SyFy)

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