Eva Longoria (<I>Desperate Housewives</i>), Elisha Cuthbert (<I>24</i>) and Timothy Hutton (<I>Leverage</i>) Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Elisha Cuthbert (24) and Timothy Hutton (Leverage)

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When will Kim Bauer be coming back to 24? And will it have anything to do with the bio-weapon Jack has been exposed to? — Yong
MATT: When I asked Kiefer Sutherland about the nature of Kim's latest encore (slated for mid-April), he said, "Something has happened to Jack, and it's he who asks for her — normally it's the other away around." Kiefer went on to call the father-daughter reunion "very human and real ... a part of the show I'm excited for the audience to see." So your theory sounds about right. Just don't expect the now-married Kim to have Pony Boy at her side; her Season 5 romance apparently didn't take. 

Are we ever going to see the Scavo twins on Desperate Housewives again? I love those goofy bastards. — Rachel
MICKEY: No word on Dumb or Dumber, but if it's adolescent angst you're hankering for, get a load of this: Another Housewife will soon find herself playing surrogate mom to a feisty, spoiled teen diva who breaks the rules to get what she wants. Sound familiar?

I really enjoyed Season 1 of Leverage, and I'm glad it's coming back so soon. Is it safe to assume the team's staying together? — Frank
TIM: Yes, they'll all be back for Season 2 (premiering in July), but with a bit of a role reversal. Instead of Nate holding the team together, his band of thieves will have to keep him from leaving. They'll also move their headquarters to his loft in Boston, and meet clients at the bar downstairs — which could be an issue. As you'll recall from Season 1, Nate is still struggling to get his drinking under control. 

Did Lost's Sayid actually kill teenage Ben? If so, does that mean adult Ben will now "disappear"? — Connie
MATT: Already we have heard from Young Ben (aka Sterling Beaumon, full Q&A here) on the matter. Now, let's check in with Adult Ben's portrayer. "Although it appears that the situation is dire, it would be wrong to count Ben out," the deliciously cryptic Michael Emerson tells the Buzz. "Remember that the man we know as Ben has a destiny, and that a conventional life is insignificant when compared to the life of the Island." 

Will we see The Office's Jim and Pam get married this season, or at least hear something about their wedding plans? — Sarah
MICKEY: Jim and Pam won't tie the knot until the fall, I hear, mostly because Pam's new job sitch will complicate their courtship. In the meantime, ask yourself this question: What would happen to this twosome if Pam becomes more successful than Jim? 

Why was Life on Mars cancelled? Ratings? If so, how bad were they? — Clem
TIM: Mars averaged between 5 million and 6 million viewers, placing last in its time slot among the 18-49 demo that rules television. "Technically, there is the 'make-good number,' which they promise the advertiser they're going to make," executive producer Scott Rosenberg says. "We were unfortunately coming in underneath ours." You can click here for more of the interview, which says how much closure fans can expect. Or, you can refuse to accept the end and sign this petition calling for another season. 

What's ahead for the Grey sisters on Grey's Anatomy? — Kelly
MATT: You know how when sad dad Thatcher Grey swings by Seattle Grace, he almost always stirs up some sort of trouble, angst and/or agita? (My God, he's a drag.) Amazingly, his April 30 visit will bring Meredith and Lexie closer together ... as they collude to murder him and hide the body. OK, the back half of that sentence was wishful thinking on my part (no offense, Jeff Perry).

Christina Applegate has said that ABC will only air six episodes of Samantha Who? Please tell me that Ugly Betty will be back after that. That show was getting really good! — Joyce
MICKEY: Applegate told us that Samantha's spring run could be extended by five episodes if the ratings for the first six (which boast "really big things between Samantha and Todd") are strong enough. It's unclear how such a scenario affects Betty, which is set to reclaim its time slot on May 7. What is clear is that I would be a more likely sex addict than Betty's new beau, Matt. (If you know me or have seen any of my various online dating profiles — "Caring, Clean, Blue-Eyed Virgo Wants to Share a Box of Kashi GoLean Crunch and a Fifth of Gin with YOU!" — you will realize that this is funny.)

Is The Cleaner with Benjamin Bratt ever coming back? Donna
TIM: A&E's The Cleaner will return sometime this summer, and we can tell you exclusively that one episode focuses heavily on fathers, sons, and substance abuse. Bratt's William Banks tries to spend a weekend with his son, Ben, but his father (Raymond J. Barry, aka Lost's Ray Shephard) enlists him to help an alcoholic pal (guest star Joe Don Baker). We then meet a widower (Stargate: Atlantis' Michael Beach) whose eldest boy has just died in war and whose younger son, played by Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris), bonds with Ben over their struggling dads.

You said in a recent Mega Minute that One Tree Hill's Nathan gets an offer to play basketball in Europe. Please say he doesn't accept! I need my "Naley" intact. — Bess
MATT: Maybe, just maybe, the Scotts' marriage will dodge that bullet if Nathan instead gets recruited by a very local NBA team — which this photo seems to suggest. Then again, those Tree Hill kids have always been big dreamers

You guys have got to give it to me straight: Is The Game canceled? This waiting for a decision is driving me bonkers. — Natalie
You're not the only one wondering, Natalie. While there won't be an official announcement until the May 21 upfronts, and though the ratings aren't strong (even by CW standards), a source tells me The Game's chances for another season are actually better than they were a few weeks ago.

Any scoop on Harper's Island? Have you seen the previews and was it any good? — Mary
MATT: Given my affinity for slasher films, the first hour of CBS' limited-run series pretty much met my expectations — right down to a pretty nifty (and grisly, for network TV) end-of-episode cleaving. For others interested in visiting the Island, I strongly suggest studying CBS' primer on each character/suspect before sitting down for the April 9 premiere, which is surprisingly light on heavy-handed exposition.

I heard there's going to be a suicide on House. Please tell me it's Thirteen! — Rose
MICKEY: OK, fine, it's Thirteen. Are you happy now? [Editor's note: It's April 1.] 

Tim's Mega Rave: Denis Leary has always kind of bugged me, and I didn't watch the first four seasons of Rescue Me. But the first episodes of the fifth season, which debuts April 7, are spectacular. Leary's great, Michael J. Fox is a welcome addition to the cast, and the first hour features a fire at a fireworks factory. What's not to like?

Mickey's Mini Rant: The Office's Jim Halpert has lost his mojo, and it ain't pretty. Not only does the new boss hate him, but his once-subtle gift for trickery has been replaced by bombastic desperation. (A tuxedo in the office — really?) No wonder Pam doesn't want to work with him anymore.

Matt's Micro Riff: CBS' How I Hid Your Pregnancy amuses me.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Please for the love of god, kill Nate. If [Gossip Girl is] gonna jump the shark, the least they could do is have him die in a freak hair straightening accident." (asho902, weighing in on Gossip Girl's flirtation with the Shark)

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