Jennifer Love Hewitt (<I>Ghost Whisperer</i>), Katee Sackhoff (<I>Battlestar Galactica</i>) and Shemar Moore (<I>Criminal Minds</i>) Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds)

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions. As always, you may direct your own spoilery needs to

All I want to know is the bottom line when it comes to Ghost Whisperer's Jim dying. Will he ever be brought back to life (his life), or is his only involvement going to be in the body of Sam? — Kathy
MATT: It's simple, really: Jim is now going by "Sam," but Sam is mostly Jim. "Since it's Jim's soul [inside Sam's body], we will always be seeing David [Conrad] at Melinda's side," exec producer P.K. Simonds tells me, dismissing rumors that Conrad is leaving the show. Much of the story to come involves Sam (who to everyone else looks like Jericho's Kenneth Mitchell) realizing that he has this new life inside of him. As Conrad explained it to me, "It's the whole question of how you define yourself, in terms of what people say you were and what you slowly find out you are. Jim gets told by people who knew Sam that he was 'this way,' so he doesn't believe what Melinda says." OK, maybe "simple" wasn't the best adjective to use earlier.

I am seriously in need of some Battlestar Galactica scoop! Also, has Caprica aired and I missed it, or was it scrapped? — Robert
MICKEY: It took me several days to decode the 54 pages of 0s and 1s that my Sci Fi mole-bot beep-booped over to me, but the upshot is this: Though Sci Fi once planned to air Caprica in December, it's now on hold, pending the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica. It definitely won't see the light of day until after the BSG series finale ... but also maybe not at all. In the meantime, I'm assuming you've seen this BSG trailer, right?

Will there be something going on with one of my favorite couples from TV, Criminal Minds' Morgan and Emily? (I know they are not a "couple," but I can still hope, right?) — Hilla
By all means, hope away! But separately for the characters, here is what you can look forward to: Continuing tension (sexual and otherwise) between Morgan and J.J.'s replacement, Jordan Todd (Meta Golding); and in this week's episode, Emily proves to be quite the hottie when she goes under over to profile a pickup artist.

I heard a rumor that a character on 90210 is coming out of the closet. Tell me what you know. — Brad
MICKEY: I heard it too, Brad, straight from the producers' mouths! I thought I knew which character they had in mind, but that guy is acting decidedly not gay these days. The CW isn't commenting, of course, but my new theory involves two characters, including one we haven't seen for a while. Care to email us any guesses?

With regards to Grey's Anatomy and Denny's ghost being "real" to Izzy, this exact same story played out on General Hospital last year between Nikolas and Emily. If this ends the way that did, Izzy has a brain tumor. — Kathy
MATT: By that thinking, Izzy would then fall in love with the pretty nurse who helps her through the health crisis, and we know ABC ain't having any more of that. Besides, Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes insists that the ghost story "won't involve... a brain tumor." That leads me to believe that Izzy is, as Liz Lemon puts it, "staunchly in favor of Cocoa Puffs," and that Katherine Heigl's character will be leaving the show in a designer (and, one can only hope, Emmy-caliber) straight jacket.

Who at Bones can I complain to about the Hodgins-Angela break-up? I want them back together. I don't care for Roxie. — Joetta
I don't either, though I loved Nichole Hiltz as Mary McCormack's crazy sister Brandi on In Plain Sight. When spoke to Michaela Conlin earlier this month, she hinted that Angela would be playing the field this season. So while Roxie won't be around forever, Angela won't be running back to Hodgins any time soon either. 

I love Two and a Half Men, but what's up with the lack of Evelyn? And no Rose after she finally came back from London last season? It's not the same without them! — Pam
MATT: Well, Pam, you got a little of Holland Taylor's Evelyn this week, and you'll get even more on Dec. 8. Melanie Lynskey's Rose, meanwhile, finally resurfaces on Dec. 15 for Charlie's funeral, in the episode guest-starring James Earl Jones. 

There are so many great characters on 30 Rock, but my favorite is Jenna. Now that we know that she once dated O.J., I'm dying to meet her next boyfriend. Will I get my Christmas wish? — Carla
MICKEY: Blerg! There is no Santa Claus for you, Carla. Jane Krakowski tells me that while Jenna is no longer engaged to David Blaine (or having threesomes with Roseanne and Tom Arnold, for that matter), there are no other romances in her immediate future. She will, however, sing on the Christmas episode (airing Dec. 11 and bringing back Emmy winner Elaine Stritch as Mama Donaghy). And forget "The Rural Juror"; Jenna will soon hilariously star in the biopic of an unlikely musical celebrity.

I love Genevieve Cortese as Ruby in Supernatural, and have been a fan of hers for years. Is there anything that you left out of the interview you posted? — Laura
MATT: I usually am loathed to edit myself, but in this rare instance, yes, there are a few leftovers. For one, Genevieve feels that Wildfire "ended on such a great note, with Kris getting married," and she stays close with that whole gang (and was even en route to the wardrobe gal's wedding when we spoke). On the Supernatural front, she also let this slip: Wildfire cast mate Nicole Tubiola (aka Danielle) also tested for the role of Ruby. (Cue murmuring.)

Any word yet on when Big Love's third season premieres? Any scoop? — Sarah K.
HBO's Big Love returns on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009. I've got one word for you: excommunication.

The next time you speak to anyone from Dirty Sexy Money, tell them that people did watch the show and enjoyed it very much. Our only shortcoming was that Nielsen didn't ask us what we thought. — Andrea
MATT: I hear ya, and maybe someday the Nielsens will be able to automatically sample a larger swath of the public versus a select few. That said, I offer this ray of hope for the Darlings: Of the three dramas ABC dissed last week, DSM is the only one that did not immediately release its cast to do other things. So c'mon, pump those ratings up! (And check out my brand-new video Q&A with Billy Baldwin and Seth Gabel.)

Is it true that Moonlight is going to run on the Sci Fi Channel? OMG, that would be wonderful! — Tawny
MICKEY: Yes! We finally have some Alex O'Loughlin-related news for you, Tawny! Starting Jan. 23, Sci Fi will rerun the cancelled vampire drama on Fridays at 9 pm/ET (following repeats of ABC's similarly underappreciated Invasion). There, Moonlight will develop a small-but-vocal fan base, and then be promptly yanked from the schedule. Enjoy!

I am a huge fan of ABC Family's Kyle XY. What can we expect in the new episodes starting Jan. 12? — Larry
MATT: Already we have Buzz'd that Latnok will reveal themselves to Kyle, and that our navel-less friend will get a new love interest by season's end. I now also offer you this: The Tragers get a new houseguest — and it's the last person Amanda wants living under the same roof as Kyle. Now excuse me as I go cue up the midseason premiere DVD....

Matt's Mega Rave: Just when I thought that How I Met Your Mother was slumping, along came the gem known as "The Naked Man." What read rather blah as a logline — "Ted encounters one of Robin's dates sitting naked on her couch" — embodied itself as one of the laffer's best episodes in a long while, and one sure to find a place in the pop-culturesphere. And bonus points go to Lily for tallying "50 Reasons to Have Sex." (P.S. Watch the Mega Minute for Mother casting scoop.)

Mickey's Mini Rant: What's more frustrating — that Dr. House relentlessly egged on an armed gunman during a hostage situation or that, after subduing him, he gave the gun back to him when he hadn't satisfactorily rendered a diagnosis? In my heaven, every episode of House is 45 seconds long and every one ends with the bad doc getting slugged in the teeth.

Reader Quote of the Week: "The Company's central database is the size of hardback book? If that's the case, why couldn't they just stick it in a backpack [to relocate it], like Michael did? And these guys are going to take over the world?! Sheesh. (lamar, discussing the Nov. 24 episode of Prison Break)

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