Elizabeth Mitchell (<I>Lost</I>), Katee Sackhoff (<I>Battlestar Galactica</I>) and James Morrison (<I>24</I>) Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and James Morrison (24)

"Live" from the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Los Angeles, senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions. Drop us a line at mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

All I want for Christmas is a spoiler about Juliet from Lost. — Samy
Hmmm. Since we have missed that Yuletide deadline, how about I promise you a present in time for, I dunno, St. Patrick's Day? Because sadly, the lady doc's Season 5 storyline won't really heat up until then. (But once it does, it'll be in a way that makes some fans very happy.)

Give me some Battlestar scoop. I can't wait until Friday! — Tony
MICKEY: I've been sworn to secrecy by my Sci Fi moles, but let's say this: Just because Earth is scorched doesn't mean the burnt parts don't contain clues — clues that are very significant for our intrepid explorers. 

Will Jayne Atkinson (Karen Hayes) appear on this season of 24? — Yong
It seems that while Bill plays with his ersatz CTU, his missus will stay away. Exec producer Howard Gordon explained at Fox's TCA Winter Press Tour that there was at one point in Season 7 a script reference accounting for the whereabouts of Bill's wife, but it ultimately was cut. "They're still married," Gordon assured us. "Everything's fine."

Why is Lauren Lee Smith getting so little face time in the latest CSI episodes? — Norman
TIM: She'll get more, and soon. The lovely Canadian told us on the set this week that we'll soon see why her character, Riley Adams, "seems to have a chip on her shoulder." Apparently someone close to Riley was a victim of a crime, and she hasn't quite worked through her feelings — except by pouring them into her work. 

I'm wondering if Nicole Steinwedell is returning to The Unit?  Her character, Bridget Sullivan, seemed interesting in the first half of this season. — Nick
MICKEY: I had a great-great-great aunt named Bridget Sullivan who lived in Limerick, Ireland, and once danced burlesque for Churchill. She disappeared in the early 1930s when an affair with the local butcher went awry. (Or at least that's the story I heard.) As far as I know, she was not in the CIA. The Unit's Bridget, on the other hand, isn't going anywhere. Look for her role on the team to become more important as this season continues on. 

Any word on when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' John stops being a whiny, angsty teenager and starts acting like the badass he's supposed to be? — Brian
MATT: I took (a sanitized version of) your concern straight to show runner Josh Friedman, and this is what he had to say about the new episodes kicking off Feb. 13: "We have big changes coming up for John — relating to Riley and his relationship with her and, assuming she lives, figuring out why she [slit her wrists]." Perhaps best putting your anxiety to rest, Josh added, "John's going to start to be more proactive and take-charge than we've seen him."

I've read that Monk's final season will air in the summer, like normal. But I never heard if it was going to be a full season. Will it air in two parts as it usually does, half in the summer and half in the winter? — Leah
TIM: What an informed question, Leah! A show rep says that while it will be a full, 16-episode season, there's no decision yet about whether it will be split up or aired straight through.

Please tell me they aren't going to break up 90210's Dixon and Silver because of that bisexual cheerleader. I really like them together. — Bart
MICKEY: I like them together, too. But if they break up, don't blame it on the cheerleader. Silver will have nobody to kick but herself when one of her ethically questionable creative endeavors backfires, threatening her relationship with Annie's brother. 

On behalf of the millions of Lois Lane fans, I'm looking for scoopage. What can you tell us about her part in "Infamous," which is tentatively scheduled to air March 5? P.S. Where are those new Smallville promo shots you said were taken in November? — Becca
MATT: Millions, eh? "Infamous" brings Lois back with a considerable bang when meteor-freak reporter Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) blackmails Clark into doing her bidding, lest she spill his super secret. Nice try, Donna. Clark is no one's bitch, so he decides to give Lois the "exclusive" on his abilities. P.S. Will this whet your whistle?

Is ABC, like with Pushing Daisies, also contractually obligated to show the remaining Eli Stone episodes? They left us with one mother of a cliffhanger! — Karen
TIM: Hey, so that's kind of a legal question we don't feel qualified to answer. But a network rep says ABC is planning to roll out the remaining Stones, they just doesn't have airdates yet. Series cocreator Marc Guggenheim, meanwhile, is holding out hope for a third season. "Is it a thin hope? Yes," he concedes to Newsarama. "But it's not impossible at this point." 

I heard a rumor that Supernatural is adding a new lead — and it's a long-lost Winchester brother?!  Please say this is just a rumor! — Jessica M.
Consider the CW forewarned (literally, by yours truly) that Supernatural would be playing with hellfire if they went this route. Asked to address this near-sacrilegious buzz, series creator Eric Kripke will only say, "Stay tuned." Sources, meanwhile, tell me that whatever the truth is here, it's going to make for a very interesting story arc.

Have you covertly obtained any advance scoop on the future adventures of Burn Notice's Michael and Fiona? — Steve
MICKEY: The crow flies at midnight, Steve, and by that I mean ... yes, I have. The second half of Season 2 (arriving Jan. 22) will flesh out new complications between Michael and Tricia Helfer's Carla now that someone else is trying to kill him. Plus, have you heard that Michael has a former fiancée that pops up? That "secret" will raise the hackles of both Fiona and Madeline, Michael's other leading ladies. Also, be sure to watch this video of Gabrielle Anwar teasing the "action-packed" new episodes.

Can you tell me how long we'll have to wait for new episodes of The Starter Wife? — Alicia
TIM: A network source says the show has not yet been picked up for second season, but don't despair. That's very normal in the world of cable, particularly in the good ol' USA (Network).

Tim's Mega Rave: Could the new season of Nip/Tuck raise the stakes any higher? With one doc in a wheelchair and the other battling breast cancer, the plastic surgery business is looking anything but superficial. 

Matt's Mini Rant: I'm still reeling that one TCA reporter asked the cast of 24 — Oscar winner Jon Voight included! — to share diet tips. The whole time, I imagined a digital clock ticking away the (wasted) minutes.

Mickey's Micro Riff: Fox's Glee makes my cold, black heart sing!

Reader Quote of the Week: "Hopefully it'll get the ending it deserves — unlike all the poor ABC shows like Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money...." (tere3, on Fox announcing that this will be Prison Break's final season)

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