Mark Valley (<i>Fringe</i>), Evangeline Lilly (<i>Lost</i>) and T.R. Knight (<i>Grey's Anatomy</i>) Mark Valley (Fringe), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) and T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy)

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Is there any indication that Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is going to adjust her stories because of all of the recent negative feedback? — Heidi
MATT: I doubt that Rhimes will alter any master plans, especially when it comes to the Izzie/Denny "romance" which, though polarizing, seems destined to serve some greater purpose. Now, speaking of "negative feedback," I've got at least one source telling me that T.R. Knight's apparent disenchantment with Grey's might not necessarily result in him exiting the series early. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see cooler heads prevail? 

The John Scott character on Fringe is such a joyful enigma; maybe one of you can convince the producers to bring him back from the dead? — Susan
MICKEY: [Peeking out from behind a giant Chinese fan] You know who else is a joyful enigma, Susan? Me! When I asked my friends o' Fringe about John Scott's possible reanimation, there were rumblings and whispers and gasps before they told me that John's state of being will be a crucial topic of discussion come January. So far, Olivia has enjoyed only the benefits of her mind-meld with her dastardly former lover (played by Mark Valley), but there are also drawbacks. 

In case SAG members vote to strike, I need to know how many episodes Lost will have "in the can."  I'm not sure I can take another abbreviated season — Eric
MATT: In some remarkable reality where George Clooney's trade-ad bitch-slap to the strike movement doesn't have the intended effect and the January vote does deliver a walk-out, Lost will have filmed at least 11 of this season's 17 episodes. (Note to Mickey and Tim: If the strike happens, you can reach me in the Bahamas.) In other Lost news, DarkUFO dug up a casting call for what sounds like a young (circa-1970s?) Charles Widmore.

I know TNT's Leverage is a new show, but I'm already hooked and would love some scoop! — Candy
TIM: You're in for a treat, Candy. (Sorry — you must get that a lot.) "The Miracle Job," airing Dec. 23, offers big insights into the main characters' back stories. Case in point: The beating of a priest prompts a discussion of faith — a concept in which Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton) proves to be surprisingly well-versed. We also learn more about the past captivity of Christian Kane's Eliot. 

Can you help me with some scoop on Brothers & Sisters' Kitty and Robert? Also, I hear someone is going to have a heart attack. Please tell me that no one is actually going to be killed off. — Mandy
MATT: First, the bad news: Yes, there will be a life-threatening health crisis for a member of the Walker clan. The good news, at least for your particular agenda: Bundle of Joy McAllister should arrive in the midst of said crisis. 

Is there any news on the future of Eleventh Hour? I heard that a bunch of writers were laid off.... — Kirby
MICKEY: The CBS drama is actually safe ... for now. Apparently, the layoffs were a simple case of supply and demand. The writers had worked ahead a few scripts and the show got a reduced back-end pickup (five episodes versus the expected nine), so there wasn't enough work to justify all those talented scribes. If Eleventh gets a second season, they'll probably staff up again. 

I'm dying to know what happens to Smallville's Chloe (Allison Mack) in the wake of Doomsday kidnapping her at her wedding! — Ms. C
MATT: I just got off the horn with Sam Witwer (aka Davis/Doomy), and he says the Jan. 15 episode picks up more or less with "the absolute aftermath" of that wedding-smashing. How will Chloe bounce back from her abduction by the abomination? "That's a good question," Witwer hedges. "Chloe has an alter ego [aka Brainiac] as well, and that plays into how she's going to progress as a character." As for critically injured Jimmy, his assailant's portrayer kindly offers, "I'm hoping the guy pulls through." UPDATE: Seen the new promo

Now that Jay Leno will have the 10 pm slot every night on NBC, what will happen to Law & Order: SVU? — JC
MICKEY: This is not as big as problem as you might imagine, since NBC cancelled practically everything else that airs at 10 pm. I'm hearing that SVU as well as the L&O mothership will simply move back to 9 pm on their respective nights. The question remains whether the content of either show, which routinely deals with sex and violence, will have to change because of that earlier berth. 

What can we look forward to when Scrubs comes back in January? — Ed
MICKEY: Within the first two episodes, Courteney Cox arrives, an original character is fired, and somebody dies. How's that? Did I mention it's also high-larious? A sexually aggressive intern named Denise might be my new possible future ex-wife. The actress, Eliza Coupe, has now charmed/intimidated me on two shows (having first "date-raped" Bret on Flight of the Conchords.) 

Any good spoilers for Reaper? — Judy
TIM: When Reaper returns to the CW on March 17, Sean Patrick Thomas (Save the Last Dance) makes his debut as Alan, a man who sold his soul to Ray Wise's Devil but figured out a way to renege — just as Sam dreams of doing. "Alan becomes the one-armed man for this season," series co-creator Michele Fazekas tells the Buzz. "Find him and figure out, how do you get out of your deal?" 

So many of us love Lipstick Jungle! Do we know its fate yet? — Cheryl
MICKEY: While there are many (certainly well-manicured) nails in Lipstick's coffin, I'm hearing that it's not dead yet. There's a real wait-and-see attitude over at the Peacock, and if the numbers on the remaining two episodes (airing Jan. 2 and 9) impress them, Zombie Brooke Shields may live to multitask in stilettos again! 

Any word yet on whether this really is the final season of Supernatural? Or will the CW come to its senses? — Erin
MATT: It's a bit early to forecast the Winchesters' future, but ask yourself this: If I'm a network that can't even program Sunday night, would I elect to enter the fall of 2009 without one of my strongest (oh, and prettiest) shows? 

Can you tell me if NBC has set a premiere date for Merlin?  I'm hearing good things about it from friends in the U.K. — Rhonda
TIM: So are we. NBC hasn't reserved a date yet for the British hit, which is based on the early years of King Arthur and the world's most famous wizard not named Harry, but it likely will bow by summer 2009. Notable for its color-blind casting, John Hurt's role as a dragon, and newcomers Colin Morgan and Bradley James (as Merlin and Prince Arthur), the series just conjured up a Season 2 commitment from the BBC. Watch your back, Potter. 

Tim's Mega Rave: Remember when people said Saturday Night Live couldn't end a sketch? Now they can. A silly skit about singing lamps last week was a dud, but the ludicrous kicker made it all worthwhile. (Lamps: The Musical is coming to Broadway — but not the one in New York. The one in Iraq.) Fred Armisen was perhaps too annoying as the only employee eating cookies during a meeting, but in a final turn, someone announced that the snacks were in fact stool softeners — prompting Jason Sudeikis to try one.

Matt's Mini Rant: CSI: Miami may be red-hot, but what they're doing ain't cool. After letting Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez tease reporters with the promise a Calleigh-Delko hook-up, two weeks later 'shippers of said pairing have been given zilch to actually enjoy.

Mickey's Micro Riff: Zachary Quinto chews scenery.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Heroes, R.I.P. Date of death: 12/15/08." (bhm1304, commenting on the NBC series' midseason finale)

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