Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy), Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) and Carlos Bernard (24) Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy), Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) and Carlos Bernard (24)

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Got any scoop on Grey's Anatomy's MerDer? Do you have any idea when we'll see the McMansion being built? — Emilee
In lieu of talking drywall (there's no foreseeable movement on Der's dream home), may I interest you in some drama? It turns out that the death row inmate who is admitted to Seattle Grace this week could do some damage to your MerDer. Guest star Eric Stoltz teases that during his three-episode arc, "I certainly insinuate myself into their relationship and am the source of not a little strife."

Any word on dates for the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies? — Kathy
ABC is contractually obligated to air the remaining episodes, but I've also heard that they might burn them all off in a one-night marathon. That's a lot of pie for one sitting.

I'm staying relatively clear of 24 spoilers, but the commercials have me amped. In your opinion, might the show return to form after the disastrous Season 6? Also, is Tony's true agenda revealed by the end of the four-hour premiere? — Mike
My full review of the premiere is forthcoming, but in a nutshell, I see some promise for this cycle, though a few of my expectations for this new "day" were quickly dashed — and part of that bittersweet taste comes from "revived" Tony's true motivation. P.S. How surprised was I to see that someone who was alive at the end of the Redemption TV-movie is now suddenly dead? Kinda explains the awkward pause I got in one of my recent 24 video Q&As.

On Desperate Housewives, isn't Susan's son, M.J., creepy? — Dalton
Hooray — someone's been reading my recaps! Mason Vale Cotton, the nugget who plays M.J., is cuter than, say, a Rottweiler puppy with hiccups, but man is that one morose toddler! So here's the question: If he attends a bilingual school, as Susan is going to want him to, will that make him more or less creepy? Je ne sais pas!

Leverage is almost halfway through its first season. When we can expect to hear whether it has been renewed? And is there anything coming up to "scoop"? — Candy
TNT says it's premature to speculate on Season 2, so shame on you, Candy. But we're happy to scoop that in next week's caper, "The Wedding Job," Christian Kane's Eliot winds up in a nasty knife fight while playing chef at a mob wedding. "I'm Cherokee Indian, and I've been throwing knives my whole life ... playing with 'em and collecting 'em," says Kane, who is also a real-life cook. "It just happened to work out that Eliot doesn't like guns."

I really liked Adam Gregory as 90210's Ty and feel that he was very underused. Do you know if he will come back? — Erik
Ty will be back! In what capacity? Let's just say this: My pregnant friend and her husband received T-shirts as Hanukkah presents. Hers says "knocked up"; his, "baby daddy." Guess what Ty's would say? (It's more complicated than you think.)

Will Col. Hollis Mann (Susannah Thompson) return to NCIS this season? — Nele
The bad news for fans of Gibbs' onetime lover, who was last seen during Season 5: "At this time, she is not scheduled to appear in upcoming episodes," says a show rep. The good news for fans of Ms. Thompson: She makes for a delicious doyenne playing the missus of Ian McShane's monarch in NBC's Kings, premiering March 19.

This season of SVU has been dull. Any news about upcoming episodes? — Adrean
MICKEY: Remember Ron Eldard aka Shep, the EMT who wooed Julianna Margulies on ER? Sources tell me that he'll pop by SVU to play either a slippery suspect or a munificent business magnate. Insert "What's the difference?/corporate fatcats stole my 401(k)" joke here as I check in on my Fidelity account for the 46th time today.

I haven't heard a peep about TNT's Men of a Certain Age since Scott Bakula joined the cast. Has that pilot been 86'd? — David
TNT promises an imminent decision on Ray Romano's return to series TV, while one insider tells the Buzz the outlook for the series is "hopeful." Granted, it's kind of weird for the sitcom vet to turn to drama, but he did show off his serious side in... well, nothing.

Could you please tell me which Smallville episode Allison Mack will direct this season and what the title is? — Robin
Allison will venture behind the cameras for the first time for Episode 13, "Power." There, she will call the shots when one of the reasons Lana came back to town is revealed. (Word is that it's considerably shocking.)

Where's 30 Rock's Josh?! — Brit
Officially, Lonny Ross, who plays the impression-happy comic, is still considered a cast member and (theoretically) will recur on the series. But sources are telling me that there's an effort afoot to steer 30 Rock away from the show-within-a-show, which will necessitate the pruning of several players from Tina Fey's narrative bonsai, Ross among them.

I've been hearing that this is the last season of One Tree Hill. True? — Yassmina
That's certainly not the vibe I'm getting whenever I check in with my sources at the CW and Warner Bros. Far from it, actually.

USA finally aired To Love & Die, and it was great to see Roswell's Shiri Appleby back on TV! Will this be another in a long line of excellent USA series (Monk, Psych, Burn Notice) or will it fade into oblivion? — Becca
Exec producer Lorne Michaels has a blazing track record and the cast (which also includes Tim Matheson and Frances Fisher) is filled with talent, to be sure. Alas, USA says the pilot was not picked up to series, and thus was aired as a standalone movie. However, there's hope: An insider tells us that depending on the telepic's ratings, To Love & Die's fate could be revisited.

Tim's Mega Rave: This season of The Bachelor promises to raise the show's inherent conflict to a ridiculously awesome degree. In addition to the brilliant-yet-cruel let-the-ladies-vote-on-who-they-want-to-leave reversal, we hope, if only for dramatic purposes, that DeAnna is back for a second chance at love and not just to help Jason weed through the women. And did we mention that at stake this time is the life of a child? (Or at least which lady goes to live with Jason and his tyke, Ty.)

Mickey's Mini Rant: When are midseason shows going to start already? None of the fall's newcomers knocked my socks off, and I've become awfully cranky waiting for the returns of such reliable faves as Lost, Idol, Big Love, Flight of the Conchords and Galactica. Hurry! [Editor's Note: You want some cheese with that whine?]

Matt's Micro Riff: NPH + SNL = OMG!

Reader Quote of the Week: "I'll take Sawyer in Ben's fur-lined hooded parka for crying out loud. 'Shirtless' is just a bonus!" (wacaya, responding to a critical aspect of our review of the Lost premiere)

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