When Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp hits Netflix on July 31, it will give viewers a deep look into the psyche of Gene (Chris Meloni), the sweater-fondling, refrigerator-humping Vietnam veteran and camp chef - and it's surprisingly... normal?

Yes, that's right. It turns out that when Gene arrived for the first day of Camp Firewood in 1981, he was a straight-laced, kind of preppy, relatively normal dude. In fact, he was even engaged to one of his fellow Firewood employees! But when the staff finds themselves faced with a pressing life-or-death situation (though one not related to Skylab), Gene is forced to get in touch with a side of himself he's kept buried for years.

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He'll have a friend by his side on this journey of self-discovery. Yes, First Day of Camp will explain how he became friends with a sentient Can of Vegetables (H. Jon Benjamin), and, more importantly, how a Can of Vegetables became sentient in the first place.

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