Things took an explosive turn on last week's Wayward Pines when a bomb built by a group of insurgents inadvertently blew up a truck that was carrying Ethan's son Ben. But the real aftershocks are still to come.

Although Thursday's episode (9/8c, Fox) reveals that Ben (Charlie Tahan) survived the blast, Ethan (Matt Dillon) won't really be able to celebrate his son's good fortune. That's because Ben's teacher Mrs. Fisher (Hope Davis) puts the idea in Ben's head that, as the survivor of a "terrorist attack," he should now be a mouthpiece to bring about change in the community. And his first exercise in speaking out? Blaming his father for being too lenient on the insurgents and not stopping them when he had the chance.

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Although Ben's claims don't initially shake Ethan too badly, it soon becomes clear that Ethan does carry guilt over what has happened to his son. In fact, the whole situation is a little too similar to an event from Ethan's past, which, once explained, makes more sense of Ethan's mysterious backstory.

Why do you think Mrs. Fisher is trying to drive a wedge between father and son?

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