Vampire Diaries fans got one of their biggest wishes earlier this season when a flashback showed Damon and Elena kiss in the rain. But when will the two reignite their romance in the present day?

Sooner than you might think. We're hearing that Elena (Nina Dobrev) will be out from under Kai's spell by the Jan. 29 episode. And once Elena realizes the gravity of Sheriff Forbes' fatal tumor, her grief leads her back into the arms of Damon (Ian Somerhalder). At that point, things will really heat up between the two of them as the show gives them a period of relative calm.

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"There was an entire honeymoon period of their relationship that we did not play on camera," executive producer Julie Plec tells "We didn't get to write it, they didn't get to act it and the fans didn't get to see it. As Damon and Elena are finding their way back to each other, in spite of all the obstacles that have been in their way, they've earned a moment of happiness." Adds executive producer Caroline Dries: "There's a fun simplicity in them talking about what date to go on, the baby steps of a relationship. Seeing them go through it reminds us we love them as a couple."

Get more scoop from Plec, Dries and Somerhalder in the video below.

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