Thomas Gibson, Paul Wesley, Zachary Levi Thomas Gibson, Paul Wesley, Zachary Levi

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Anything juicy on Ripper Stefan on The Vampire Diaries? Thanks! — Val, via Twitter
Juicy is a choice word, Val. Stefan will be sinking his teeth into many humans. "He gets deeper and deeper and the blood starts carrying him away," Paul Wesley tells us. "He commits to that lifestyle because the blood starts turning him into someone else." What we want to know is, who's going to bring him back?

How much flak will Hotch take for his cover-up of Prentiss' death on Criminal Minds? — Janice
The team definitely won't be happy with him, but Hotch isn't about to second-guess himself. "For better or worse, it was Hotch's call to handle the situation the way it was handled," Thomas Gibson tells us. "His attitude is, 'I made the best decision under the circumstances.' It was either worry about the feelings of the rest of the team or save Prentiss' life. He doesn't have a problem with it."

Got any scoop on the final season of Chuck? — Aaron
What would happen if the world's greatest super-computer, the Intersect, went up against the world's most-dangerous computer virus? The team may find out when they cross paths with a former computer hacker who now resides at a commune called The Church of the Eternal Wind. Their barely clothed spiritual leader may seem flighty, but she's secretly just as cold and evil as Volkoff.

Why will Castle and Beckett be apart at the beginning of this season's Castle? — Whitney
  I hear the decision to pull back from the relationship is Beckett's — and she may even lie to keep Castle at a distance. But Stana Katic believes Beckett's actions are carefully calculated. "She's making an adult decision not to dive into something because she doesn't want to screw it up," Katic says. "She's in love with him. She's dated other guys, but he's the only guy she's been in love with."

What's coming up for April on Grey's Anatomy? — Aly
Nerd love! When Seattle Grace is overrun by a bunch of  comic book geeks (I say that lovingly!) who have been trampled at a Comic-Con-like event, an injured Ewok insists he's found in April his Dothraki princess. He later feigns illness just to see her again — and actually becomes her hero in the process.

Any chance of seeing Stella back on CSI: NY this season? — Mark
I wouldn't hold my breath. But before you get all mad at me, I can share news of someone else's return: Kathleen Munroe will be back in a mid-October episode as Flack's party-girl kid sister Samantha. The two will try once again to reconnect, but given their rocky past, it remains a mystery whether those old wounds can heal.

I can't wait for the new season of Nikita. What will we see for Nikita this year? — Danica
We might be meeting Nikita's father! Using information found in the black box, Nikita and Michael spy a former CIA operative who they think might be her birth dad. He's been hiding out, working against the government... like father, like daughter, right? But how reliable is the information in that black box?

Loved your Blue Bloods interview. Now what else can you tell me about Erin's love interest? — Chelsea
The character is described as a handsome, charismatic freelance art curator who works with incredibly wealthy international clients. Although he woos Erin with his brains — not to mention his martial arts skills!— the relationship soon turns south when Erin's new suitor is the prime suspect in Danny's investigation of an art gallery heist.

Please tell me you have some awesome scoop on Happy Endings. — Henry
If you liked Max and Penny's Snooki Halloween costumes last year, you'll love what they've got planned this year. This may be a clue. Plus, Dave's Austin Powers getup ends up looking more like Elton John. The icing on the candy corn-flavored cake? Alex as Marilyn Monroe .

I'm so going to miss Chord Overstreet on Glee, but at least he's on The Middle. What can you tell me about his role? — Kim
Overstreet will play Brick's fresh-out-of-college fourth grade teacher, and let's just say Brick misses having a feminine presence at the front of the classroom. "He likes bosoms," executive producer DeAnn Heline says. "Having a male teacher is a different dynamic that [Brick's] not used to. The new teacher's into sports and Brick doesn't really get that. He just wants to read."

Where's the Supernatural scoop? —Jacob
Bill Murray's guest-starring! OK, not really, but the show will feature a man named Johnny Tomorrow, a Murray-esque washout who owns a local Magic Emporium that catches the Winchester boys' eyes. He becomes a suspect when his competition, a famous psychic, turns up dead.

What can you tell me about the Rescue Me finale? — Ronnie
There was definitely one death in last week's episode-ending explosion, but the finale features two funerals. And don't worry: You will see the dearly departed a few times in the final episode.

Natalie's Mega Rave: It's a fact: Betty White is still in demand. In the season finale of Hot in Cleveland, Carl Reiner's Max begged Elka (White) to marry him instead of Fred (Buck Henry). Then her presumed-dead husband (Don Rickles) turns up to get her back! We think White could so handle a foursome!

Adam's Mini Rant: Torchwood: Miracle Day ends on Friday and we've yet to see a big bad supernatural threat as good and scary as Children of Earth's 456. Not sure how they're going to pull one out — in a satisfying way — with less than an hour left.

(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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