After seasons of searching on The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has finally been reunited with his original tour guide to the zombie apocalypse, Morgan Jones (Lennie James). But are the two old friends still on the same side?

Judging by the look that Morgan gave Rick in the Season 5 finale — just after Rick had shot a man in the face — the answer seemed to be no. However, in the Season 6 premiere, Morgan seems willing to give Rick the benefit of the doubt. In fact, he goes above and beyond what many might think necessary to abide Rick's rules in Alexandria. Then again, Morgan may just be biding his time while he investigates whether any part of the man Rick used to be still exists.

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Either way, the men will have to press pause on sizing each other up when they discover perhaps the largest horde of walkers the group has ever come across is trapped just a few miles from Alexandria. And even though Morgan supports Rick's plan to deal with the threat, when Rick's methods are questioned by some Alexandrian naysayers, Rick's response may answer all of Morgan's questions once and for all.

But distrust is a two-way street. By the end of the episode, Rick has to consider the possibility that there's a traitor in his midst. Anyone want to guess the likely suspect?

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