Lauren Holly by Art Streiber/CBS, Josh Duhamel by Mitch Haddad/NBC Photo, Erica Durance by Michael Courtney/The CW Lauren Holly by Art Streiber/CBS, Josh Duhamel by Mitch Haddad/NBC Photo, Erica Durance by Michael Courtney/The CW

Thank you all for the outstanding response and terrific questions. On with this week's buzz!

Lois fans from Smallville have one request: Throw us a freakin' bone here! Please tell us she will finally be in every episode in Season 8. - Luke
Matt Mitovich:
Would that I could, Luke (and the scores of others seeking such assurance). But at this point I am hearing that Erica Durance's sitch remains "the same as always" - that is, she'll do 13 or so episodes - though there is a slight chance we may eke out an extra one or two. Small consolation, I know, but you should understand that delivering 22 episodes' worth of Lois... well, like Denise Richards, it is complicated.

I read your columns all the time. Do you have any Grey's Anatomy scoop? - Bethany
Flattery will get you everywhere but in this case, only a date: June 25. That's when Grey's starts filming the new season.

Will the NCIS season finale re-air? It got deleted on my DVR. - Barb
Re-air, no. But you can find it with our Online Video Guide and download it via iTunes. Oh, and Barb? You may want to skip the next question.

Now that we know which character was killed on NCIS, why did Lauren Holly leave? Was it her decision, [exec producer] Shane Brennan's decision, or mutual? - Andrea
Brennan tells TV Guide that the death was long in the planning and done primarily for storyline reasons. Holly had not asked to leave.

Does FX have anything in development to replace The Shield and the eventual departures of Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck? - Sean
Whoa, it's early to be planning the demise of Tommy Gavin and the sassy surgeons. That said, you may now add Dirt to the list of casualties alongside The Shield (which just announced Sept. 2 as its final-season premiere). Right now, FX's eggs seem to be in one motorcycle saddlebag: Sons of Anarchy, penned by The Shield's Kurt Sutter and starring Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal.

Any word on whether Brian Austin Green will be rejoining Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for Season 2? He brought the show to a whole other level. - MBH
The creator of T:SCC agrees with you. Watch this week's Mega Minute vodcast for more.

I would absolutely love some scoop on BSG, Doctor Who, Psych or Stargate Atlantis - or all of them if you're feeling generous. - Traci
Hmm, I'll meet you halfway. What I turned up for you regarding Psych merited its own news item, posted Monday. As for Battlestar, Erin Fox previewed a snippet of this Friday's midseason finale, and teases: "The trip to Earth - and the fate of the colonials - may lie in the hands of the four unknown Cylons." Frak!

Because of the strike, I'm being deprived of my Denis Leary fix for almost another full year. Do you have any Rescue Me scoop to cheer me up? - melody
Will a reminder that the "minisodes" start up on June 24 help? Karina Lombard ( The L Word) drops by one of the five-minute minisodes, and it turns out that Tatum O'Neal may work her way into one of 'em - if all goes well for her.

Have you heard anything new about Las Vegas, like a made-for-TV movie or another network picking it up? - Christian
The latter is out-of-the-question at this point. As for a "wrap-up movie," certainly not any time soon. Josh Duhamel, for one, has two feature films in queue When in Rome, opposite Kristen Bell, and Transformers 2, opposite a lot of CGI and Vanessa Marcil is busy with an indie. The smart money is on the CW someday giving us a series called "L.V."

It seems like forever since we have heard anything about Heroes. What is going on, and when is the fall premiere? - Janet
Weevil is evil! The premiere is discussed in the next item.

Will the shows that did not come back after the WGA strike premiere their new episodes prior to the new "traditional" late-October debut period? - Petra
You betcha! Fox will be first out of the gate, kicking off its fall season Sept. 1, with Prison Break. The CW is expected to launch much of its lineup that same week, though the returns of Smallville and Supernatural are currently listed as "TBA." ( Cue groans.) NBC's plan is more leisurely, launching with Heroes on Sept. 22 - around the same time that ABC is likely to bring back the likes of Private Practice. CBS is mum thus far.

This Week's Mega Rave: This Monday brings this "interim" TV season to life with one brand-new show and one returning favorite. I was bearish on ABC Family's The Middleman, not quite appreciating its graphic novel-based premise. But having screened it, I'm tempted to add it to my favorites list. It's loaded with clever banter - like Men in Black if Will Smith's character was a geeky girl. Later that night, we have the return of Weeds, which I felt was off its game last season. A new setting paired with Albert Brooks as Nancy's nasty father-in-law gives the show a much-needed whiff of fresh air.

This Week's Mini Rant: I enjoy clever promotional materials as much as the next SWAG whore, but the "Balloon in a Box" that Oxygen sent out to promote its new logo just screams wasteful. ( See photo here.) A 16"x16"x9" box was used to ship a balloon? At least make a statement by shaping the air-filled plastic to look like Tori Spelling.

And now, a new feature called....

Reader Quote of the Week: "Where the hell were the paparazzi? Shouldn't they have been following this TV star? They could have saved his life." - ZZZ999, on the "hit-and-run" death of a Meerkat Manor critter

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