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Could you please tell us when we'll see Horatio's son Kyle again on CSI: Miami? — McDermott
ADAM: You won't have to wait long. Kyle returns to Miami seeking Horatio's help in the next episode, when one of Kyle's Army buddies is charged with murder. And he'll be sticking around. "Kyle is part of the conclusion of Season 8," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "Horatio is going to deal with Kyle becoming a man in a truly dramatic way. ... We get a chance to have a glimpse into the heart of the man behind the sunglasses."

Did Damon really kill Elena's birth mother on The Vampire Diaries? I can't help but feel like there's more to this story. — Taryn
MICKEY: Well, yeah. When Diaries returns on March 25, we'll learn once and for all who killed Isobel, and why. But you might be more interested in another shocking murder that takes place this spring. Don't grieve too much for the victim; he or she will be miraculously brought back to life shortly thereafter. (For the record, we aren't talking about a vampire "turning" here — he or she will really be alive again.)

Are we going to see Red John on The Mentalist before the finale?Erin
ADAM: Series creator Bruno Heller, who describes Red John as his series' Moby Dick, says the show won't return to the serial killer story line until Season 2's closing episodes. When Jane and Lisbon pick up his scent, it will put one of their team members in jeopardy. "The story will move a great leap forward," Heller says. "But they're not going to catch [him]. They're going to come too close for comfort."

What's coming up on Desperate Housewives? — Betsy
MICKEY: Taking a break from stretching the boundaries of plausibility, the show will aim for topicality when one couple on Wisteria Lane experiences a sudden onset of serious financial troubles. Or at least it will be sudden for one of the partners; the other has known all along and was trying to hide and/or fix it.

What can you tell me about Charlie and Amita's wedding on the NUMB3RS finale? — Meg
ADAM: Charlie and Amita's intimate wedding actually happens pretty early in the episode, and it's fittingly officiated by Larry at CalSci. But David Krumholtz tells us that, because the season finale could be the series finale, Charlie has some loose ends to tie up. "Charlie is concerned with passing the torch to someone and not leaving the FBI in a lurch," Krumholtz says. "Charlie's emotional journey is really more about looking back on the work he's done for the FBI and seeing how it's changed him."

Any scoop on Goren and Eames' last episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent? — Joanna
MICKEY: Yep, I've seen it! Believe it or not, the two-part sendoff is about arms dealers and Somalian pirates. I can confirm that by the end, three cast members — Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian — take their final bow. But not before there is one death, one firing and one promotion. Beware: It may not be a happy ending for anyone.

What can you tell us about Brothers & Sisters' flashback episodes? — Kristine
ADAM: Holly's investigation into Dennis York's plans to buy Ojai Foods prompts the April 11 flashback episode. "Holly gets closer to understanding the truth," executive producer David Marshall Grant says. "Dennis brings a whole lot of baggage, and Nora and the whole Walker family are going to be affected. [The flashbacks] are all in service of understanding the secrets of the past."

Who will Cougar Town's Jules choose: Grayson or Bobby? I'm rooting for Grayson. — Danielle
MICKEY: Who says it's just a love triangle? An upcoming episode will reveal two other romantic entanglements: Jules has a special role in Ellie and Andy's marriage, and one of our main characters is having a special secret affair... with Barb.

Got any scoop on Dexter's new season? — Tess
ADAM: If you yawned through last season's LaGuerta-Batista marriage like I did, I have some good news for you. Lauren Velez doesn't think it's going to stick. "[LaGuerta] is in love and she married him, but she's never done this," she says. "Personally, I think she's going to head for the hills. She's worked so hard to obtain this position, but now it's the battle: Do I hand this in for this guy, or do I hold on to everything I fought for?"

How are they going to get rid of Harry Wilson on 90210? — Mindy
MICKEY: The Wilsons' marriage is heading south, that's how. Only this time, it's Debbie whose actions will screw things up, especially once Dixon's birth mother comes to town with some special insight.

How long will we have to wait for Sons of Anarchy to come back? — Alex
ADAM: All signs point to Season 3 premiering in September. But you don't have to wait that long for scoop! Katey Sagal tells us that the new season will be as unpredictable as ever. Case in point: Even while running from the law, Gemma remains a hell raiser. "I'm in danger, I killed somebody. There's an element of danger for everybody," Sagal says. "Gemma got totally screwed, but she'll get revenge." (Bonus scoop: Sagal tells us you'll see her in another episode of Lost as well.)

FlashForwardanything to look forward to? — Craig
MICKEY: Things are going to get hairy for Benford when CIA Agent Vogel (Michael Ealy) joins the Mosaic investigation. "We are like mutual thorns in each other's sides," Ealy says. But pay close attention to Vogel. He's not there by accident, and he has a role to play is Benford's flash-forward.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Frankly, Big Love's overstuffed fourth season has disappointed me. So it was encouraging that the finale episode, appropriately titled "End of Days," almost completely erased whatever ill will I had for the writers. Bill and Wives have gone public, and I can't wait to survey the fallout in Season 5.

Adam's Mini Rant: I was pumped to see the Oscars kick off with a Neil Patrick Harris musical number. Too bad it was the night's only genuine surprise.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Three actors and one creator I admire — clearly, this project is doomed." — jon88, on Tom Cavanagh's new ABC pilot

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