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You raised the question last week, so answer it. Will there be a Visitor-human birth on V? — Jim
MICKEY: We already know that Morris Chestnut's Ryan Nichols has a human lovah, but I'm hearing that a different human-V coupling will produce a bouncing baby reptile. Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, the creepy-hot leader of the Visitors, is coy on the matter, but says it's definitely a possibility. There's your breaking news, Chad Decker.

V: Sit down with Visitors' leader Morena Baccarin

I loved the Arizona-centric episode of Grey's Anatomy. What's next for her? — Lori
ADAM: Show of jazz hands: Who wants a musical episode of Grey's? Well, you're probably out of luck, but we will see Arizona sing in the coming weeks! Better still, it's a duet, but don't expect Tony winner Sara Ramirez to be her partner in song. Instead, Arizona will trill with one of her male co-stars. I hear the Chief has a rich baritone.

Got any Vampire Diaries scoop, specifically about Damon? — Ellie
MICKEY: "We have another flashback episode scheduled," says executive producer Kevin Williamson. "We're going to learn more about the night [Stefan and Damon] died." This flashback will give us more information about Katherine, which will eventually lead to a surprising reveal about the Elena doppelgänger.

Got any big news about Private Practice? — Erica
ADAM: Big? Try explosive! In the Dec. 3 episode, Dell's house will go up in meth cooking-related flames with his ex-girlfriend and daughter inside. Sadly, one of the two will be making a visit to the burn ward.

Any hints about songs coming up on Glee? — Mason
MICKEY: My personal favorite is a rather soulful rendition of a scream-tastic Billy Idol hit. (Yes, I said soulful.) But you'll also hear songs by the Rolling Stones and Van Halen, according to Mark Salling, who plays Puck. Plus, one source tells me that after the Madonna-centric episode in early 2010, the show will do the same with the music of Michael Jackson. Hee-hee!

Glee's love quadrangle is becoming a pentagon

What's this I hear about Katee Sackhoff in a bubble bath on Big Bang Theory? — Aaron
ADAM: Cool your frakkin' jets, Aaron. Sackhoff appears in a fantasy sequence as Wolowitz's conscience to help him through a rough patch with his new ladyfriend Bernadette. Starbuck must give him the right advice because by Episode 10, the two will be ready to get BIZ-AY — if only Wolowitz's mom would stop yelling from the next room.

I'm dying for information about the Bolens' secret on Desperate Housewives. I have no idea. — Rachel T. Rex
MICKEY: First off, you'll soon discover that the Bolens have been on the run for a long time. Second, I think they're having a lot of fun right now making poor Nick (Jeffrey Nordling) seem as creepy as possible, but in the end, I think it's just misdirection: The Bolens' secret is about what Angie did, and she'll pay the price.

Got any Lie to Me scoop? — Jake
ADAM: Ever topical, Monday's episode sees the team investigating a deadly stampede outside a department store on Black Friday. Foster and Lightman, meanwhile, try to reunite a 16-year-old boy with his biological parents. Before the hour is up, somebody will come thisclose to being fired, and they won't even know it. And it all comes down to money. Like we said: topical!

Do we know for sure that Eastwick is canceled? — Karen
MICKEY: Well, no, but this can't be a good sign: Roxie's long-presumed dead husband, Danny, who everybody thinks she killed, will return to Eastwick on an upcoming episode, five years after his "death." Sounds to me like someone is tying up loose ends.

ABC picks up more Forgotten; passes on additional Eastwick episodes

What's going to happen on Dexter now that Dexter has killed an innocent man? — Justin
Confession is good for the soul, Justin. That's the lesson Dexter learns when he takes a road trip to Tampa with Trinity. The bigger surprise, however, is the confession that Trinity makes.

Will we see more of Mitch and Cam's parenting on Modern Family? — Janie

MICKEY: In an upcoming episode, Mitch and Cam will attempt to "Ferberize" Lily, which has nothing to do with this guy (thank God, shudder) but rather this guy. We'll also meet Jay's buddies in an upcoming episode that explores the oft-misunderstood concept of gaydar.

Is there a new season of The Closer starting soon? — Teri
The winter season of The Closer kicks off Dec.7 with Brenda & Co. investigating the death of a 12-year-old boy whose father and brother are both gang members. Plus, Fritz has a big surprise for Brenda, and Provenza will have more than a little trouble in romantic paradise.

Adam's Mega Rave: Mad Men's third-season finale was an achievement on all levels. It wrapped up nearly all the dangling plot threads while remaining true to its characters. Its caperlike tone proved that the show still has new tricks in its arsenal. And most importantly, the episode left us wanting to see the beginning of Season 4 the moment it ended. It's going to be a long, cold winter.

Mickey's Mini Rant: As a bald(ing) man, I was offended by Katie Couric's giggly interview with Andre Agassi on 60 Minutes, in which she basically laughed at him for wearing a toupee during the 1990 French Open. Hair loss is no laughing matter, Legs!

Reader Quote of the Week: "I didn't know this show took place at a mental hospital." buffyfreak, upon hearing that Real Housewives Teresa and Jacqueline will guest-star on Mercy

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