Rizzoli & Isles' last season might not have ended on a cliff-hanger, but the midseason finale sure will.

Like last year's midseason finale, in which Jane (Angie Harmon) leaped off a bridge to save a suicidal suspect, another character will find his or her life hanging in the balance. "It's an idea we had last year where somebody from the team is in deadly peril and we'll come back and see how we save them," executive producer Jan Nash tells TVGuide.com.

That won't be the only time someone will be in trouble, life-threatening or not. Before the midseason break, look for a two-parter involving "somebody in our world who finds themselves in the center of a big controversy," Nash teases. "Ultimately what this case becomes will be very challenging for the team. There is some framing going on, but there are some other things too."

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So, which two people will be in danger? Or is the person one and the same? Share your guesses below!

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