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Is there anything you can tell us about the Revenge finale? — Ginny
Can you hear me now? No? That's basically the problem in the season finale. "Dropped calls!" Connor Paolo teases. "The importance of picking up the phone when people call!" Adds Gabriel Mann: "Sometimes it might be real important!" What does it all mean? What's in Nolan's immediate future? "A lot of blood," Mann says. Gulp!

Any clues about SVU's big cliff-hanger? — Devon
Remember the infamous "horse's head" scene in The Godfather? Well, replace the horse's head with a dead hooker and the big-mouth Hollywood producer with Capt. Cragen, and you've got one of the finale's most perplexing scenes. "I didn't know why I was in the situation I was in," Dann Florek, who plays Cragen, says. "It's hard to play that because Cragen is such a solid, down-to-earth, regular-Joe kind of guy."

Got any scoop on True Blood? — Tyler
It's going to be a fairly military-themed season. The war against the vampires is imminent, Terry's buddy from the trenches (Scott Foley's Patrick Devins) is back and the show is casting a tough-as-nails general who is being compared to "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf. Y'all better be at attention, y'hear?

I am going to miss House so much. Any chance for a movie? — Mary
Start the rumor mill now: Series creator David Shore says he's interested. "I would love to do it. I'm sure everybody would love to do it, but logistically it's a difficult thing to do. But it could be fun." Of course, not everyone would likely show up. "It's certainly going to be tricky with Wilson, because we're clearly saying Wilson is dying," Shore cautions. "But it could be done."

Please tell me something, anything for the second season of Once Upon a Time! — Lisa
That smile on Regina's face — as a giant cloud of purple smoke consumed Storybrooke — is not a good thing. "It's hope," Lana Parrilla says. "I don't know how strong the magic's going to be, but there's going to be some powerful stuff going on." But co-star Ginnifer Goodwin remains as sanguine as her snowy alter ego. "Magic is unpredictable in this world," she says, pointing to Henry's near-death. Regina might actually acquire too much power.

How long will Harper Dearing be around next season on NCIS? — Evan
I wouldn't expect to see him a lot, mainly because executive producer Gary Glasberg promises we will finally see Dearing and Gibbs in a face-to-face showdown. Wonder who comes out on top? "This is a man who made an aggressive, direct hit on the Navy and innocent military personnel and their families," Glasberg says. "Gibbs knows what he has to do and he's going to be very focused on that." But might Gibbs, who, like Dearing, was once motivated by revenge, see the other side of Dearing's story? "Gibbs knows there are very thin lines that separate the good decisions from the bad ones," Glasberg says." Gibbs may recognize this is a man who went astray with his decision-making.

Will Mellie and Fitz really be able to rekindle their marriage on Scandal? — Jessie
Don't expect their fake marriage to suddenly turn into a real one. "I don't think they're going to settle down into happiness," executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells us. "But they play the happy couple quite well these days." Lest we forget, they'll also have to produce a baby at some point since Mellie told the press that she's pregnant. "A baby's got to come from somewhere, so that's going to be an interesting road for them." More like a steep incline.

Are Marshall and Lily just gonna keep on bringing their baby to the bar on How I Met Your Mother? — Chris
Parents of the Year, right? Although series boss Craig Thomas tells us that the Eriksens will struggle with fitting the baby into their social life, don't expect to see Marvin Wait For It every week. "You just can't shoot with little babies that much, so we'll have Marvin now and then, but definitely not all the time," Thomas says. "We have a way for Marshall and Lily to stay part of the group even though they have something enormous making them stay at home." And let's not forget that they do have to go back to work sometime. "They will get help from the last place they'd expect," he says. Guesses?

Thanks for the scoop on Falling Skies. What else you got? — Kyle
Not everyone will be pleased that Tom is back from his vacay with the aliens — Pope, for one. But wait until you see who comes to Mason's rescue.

OMG! Is Dixon going to die on 90210? — Sandra
Although that car crash looked really gnarly, I'd put money on Dixon making it to Season 5. It's Adrianna's rehab that will likely be more severe. "She's just decided to pursue her country singing career, and is hopping on a plane [because] she thinks [Dixon] ditched her," Jessica Lowndes says. "It's really going to be a struggle for her," particularly given her past addiction issues.

When is Switched at Birth coming back? — Alex
While ABC Family hasn't set a return date yet, we can warn you not to expect a Bay-Emmett reconciliation any time soon. Vanessa Marano says that they're still apart six episodes in, which is just fine with her. "My personal opinion: Don't go back to him. [His infidelity] is an ultimate betrayal and a huge loss of trust." Speaking of betrayal, Bay and Daphne will be friends this season. "We haven't shot a fight scene yet and that's unheard of for them!" Marano says.

I am so excited for White Collar to return! Will we get any more insight into Neal's bad-cop dad this season? — Heather
It sure looks that way. The series is looking for an actress to play a young version of Ellen, Neal's dad's old partner, who Neal visited in the Season 3 finale. The question remains: Will the flashbacks feature Neal's dad as a good or crooked cop?

Natalie's Mega Rave: I'm sad that Lexie Grey met her maker on the Grey's Anatomy finale, but Chyler Leigh's compelling performance in her final moments on the show made me cry bittersweet tears. RIP, Little Grey. We'll miss you.

Adam's Mini Rant: Would Community fans rather lose Dan Harmon — or the show altogether? It seems to me the outrage can't go both ways.

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