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Forget Emily, how will Victoria handle David's return on Revenge— Micah
David won't be Victoria's first concern. That honor belongs to Emily, since she put Victoria in the psych ward. "[Victoria] takes stock in the horrible things that Emily has done and the chaos she has rained down on the Grayson family," executive producer Aaron Harberts told my colleague Robyn Ross. "She's going to be pissed and she'll come out swinging. As Emily is trying to create a new, more positive life for herself... Victoria is going to be coming up behind her." But David will eventually be caught in the middle of that battle. "He's going to cause a lot of problems because he's at a point where these two women's lives intersect," Harberts says.

What's coming up for Abbie and Jenny on Sleepy Hollow— Harriet
A sibling love triangle! Although executive producer Heather Kadin says the formerly estranged sisters will be on the "same side" more in Season 2, "there may be a male who might get in the middle of that," she teases. But what brings the duo closer together? Mommy issues! "Abbie's story this year really has to do with the relationship with her mother and a lot she didn't know about as a child," Kadin says. Even though their mom supposedly died years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if we see her in the flesh this season. Hit the comments with your casting ideas!  

Are Harry and Savi done for good on Mistresses— Layla 
"As far as Harry's concerned, he's done," executive producer K.J. Steinberg tells me. "But he can always be swayed."(How's that for a tiny glimmer of hope?)  Of course, Savi seems content with her current beau Dom. However, I hear trouble is brewing with Toni, who will continue to wedge herself between Dom and Savi at the firm. Love quadrangles get so confusing, don't they?

What can you tease about the new characters on Under the Dome this season? — Bekki 
Two of the new faces — science teacher Rebecca (Karla Crome) and Big Jim's not-to-be trusted brother-in-law Sam (Eddie Cahill) — will create plenty of drama, particularly with Barbie and Julia. What kind of drama, exactly? Perhaps the kind that ends relationships. "Julia and Barbie face a very, very trying situation in Episode 3 that really puts their relationship to the test," executive producer Neal Baer tells me. Then again, if the couple can survive Barbie killing Julia's husband, what can't they get through?

What can you tell me about the Fargo finale? — Troy 
Malvo is back in Bemidji, and everyone — especially those close to Molly — is on high alert. In fact, the stress becomes so much that one character resigns. Expect one final chess match between Lester and Malvo (both score major points for ingenuity) and a predictably high body count. And you may be surprised by who emerges as the "hero" among those left standing.

I cannot wait for White Collar to come back! What can you say about the new season? — Thomas 
Although I can't reveal exactly how Peter and the team will — spoiler alert! — find Neal after his abduction in the Season 5 finale, Neal will be back on the job by the second episode. But things won't be completely back to normal. In fact, it will be Peter who has to run a con in order to get Neal out of a jam. Unfortunately, Peter's acting talents will be further put to the test when he has to start a fight to create a diversion. Let's hope he's not just pretending he can throw a right hook!  

Got any Covert Affairs scoop? — Rachel 
Annie isn't the only person who has history with Max Martini's character, Nathan Mueller, a former op who also went off the grid. Turns out, Auggie worked with him back in the day, and when Nate resurfaces, Auggie calls on another old contact to find out why Nate went rogue in the first place. The reason is the last thing he expects.

Please tell me that Killian is alive on Witches of East End— Kitra 
Killian's fate will be revealed quickly in Season 2 — and where he ends up is not as important as who he ends up with. But the Beauchamp clan has more important issues to deal with, including the fact that they've yet to find a cure for Joanna, who is progressively getting worse after being poisoned by Penelope. Though whatever (or whoever!) came through that door from Asgard could be Joanna's savior, Wendy believes it will be her undoing. Let the catfights begin!

It's been awhile since Hank had some romance in his life on Royal Pains. Any new love interests on the horizon? — Ramon 
Yep! Hank will romance a spa owner named Charlotte. And while they have smoking-hot chemistry in the bedroom, they can't quite get their act together when they're not between the sheets. Also getting a new love interest is Jeremiah, who'll put aside his long-standing feelings for Divya when a new woman named Viviana catches his eye.

What's coming up on Teen Wolf this season? — Mitch  
When the show returns, the gang goes south of the border to find Derek. Little do they know, Derek is actually with Kate, whom Scott & Co. will be shocked to discover is still alive. But the real surprise waiting for the gang has nothing to do with Kate! Let's just say Derek has changed in a very peculiar way.

What can you tell me about Wilfred's final  season? — Danny 
Turns out the climactic events of last year's finale didn't go down exactly as they seemed. As such, expect some serious déjà vu for Ryan as he learns the real truth, which involves Wilfred betraying him in a major way. In fact, the betrayal will cost someone their life (Yes, again). On the plus side, going to work at his father's firm could lead Ryan to the truth about Wilfred.

Mega Rave: Orange Is the New Black's second season had me enthralled with its deeper character development, the exploration of the politics of the prison system and a villain so dastardly that I actually cheered at the season-ending resolution.

Mini Rant: On the other hand, save for the final episode, OITNB found a way to effectively ruin all the characters I once loved. Looking at you, Crazy Eyes and Taystee.

This week's recommendation: Game of Thrones (Sunday at 9/8c on HBO) After the epic battle at Castle Black, it'll be nice to see what's in store for the rest of Westeros before the drama signs off for the season. I can't wait to see learn Tyrion's fate and see more of Dany's dragons! 

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