Emily VanCamp, Nathan Fillion, Michael C. Hall Emily VanCamp, Nathan Fillion, Michael C. Hall

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Enough with the Emily-Jack-Daniel triangle on Revenge. What's her relationship with Amanda gonna be like now that Amanda's pregnant with (maybe) Jack's baby? —Hailee
Well, they definitely won't be scheming buddies again... yet. "That scares Amanda [since] Emily's tried more than once to get rid of her," Margarita Levieva tells us. "Now that she's back with a baby and nowhere to go, I think the plan is to get Emily back on her side." By yourself and with a baby? Good luck with that!

Got any more Castle spoilers? Might we finally meet Castle's dad this season. — Regina
Creator Andrew W. Marlowe gives us a firm maybe. He insists that he wants to further explore that story line this season, but only if the perfect story comes along. "We know there's a big burden on it, and we want to get it right," Marlowe says. "It promises great potential in storytelling and allows us to recontextualize Castle a bit and get some more insight into him. But until I have something I'm 100 percent happy with, it's a hesitation. I'm trying to find the most fruitful path emotionally for our characters."

More scoop on Dexter please! —John
Deb and La Guerta aren't the only two people who will be on to Dexter this season. "As we introduce in the pilot, Dexter kills someone who is very important to Ray Stevenson's Isaac, someone who is a significant part of his organization," showrunner Scott Buck says. "That also tees Isaac off to find out what happened to this person, who killed this person and so he's also on to Dexter all throughout this season." Man, Dex just can't catch a break this year, huh?

Will Mac's love interest be returning on CSI: NY? — Bradley, via Twitter
You bet! And Christine (guest star Megan Dodds) will have played a big part in getting Mac back on his feet after being shot in the finale. "That relationship is still going strong," executive producer Pam Veasey tells us. "She was part of his rehabilitation, so they've definitely grown closer. She is very supportive of him. He is very happy in this relationship, as is she." And although Veasey promises the relationship will be challenged and explored, she concedes that the season (series?) "will ultimately end with a great deal of happiness for Mac." Hmmm, wedding bells, anyone?

Can you tell us what happens in the 100th episode of Private Practice? —Sarah
When we were on the set for the momentous occasion, Kate Walsh gave us one hint: "It's very colorful. It's all of us and it takes place outside of the practice and it's pretty incredible." Naturally, our first thought was a wedding, but executive producer Shonda Rhimes shot down that guess. "No, it is the opposite of a wedding," she says. What is the opposite of a wedding? Divorce? Funeral? Engagement party? Hit the comments with your guesses.

Give me something on Bones please! —Trisha
The Crocodile Hunter lives! Well, not really, but producers are looking for an actor to play an energetic, Steve Irwin type who runs a pet expo filled with exotic animals. Natrually, his excitement level comes way down when one of his employees is found murdered. If this were, say, a new NBC comedy, we'd say the monkey did it, but in this case, our money is on Suspect No. 2, a rancher who's illegally purchasing endangered Siberian tigers.

Is there really a chance that The Vampire Diaries' Esther might not be the Original witch? —TJ
The mythology of the witches hasn't been told completely. Executive producer Julie Plec explains what's left to uncover. "To clarify what I said [at Comic-Con] ... when Esther used that spell to make her children immortal, which created the Original vampires, that spell existed already. So who wrote it? That's the question that will remain a question in this season and possibly in the series. We dabbled with the Original vampires, but who were truly the Original witches?"

What's coming up on How I Met Your Mother? — Jessie   
Lily and Marshall will look to find some help with their new bundle of joy, but their ideal nanny is far too expensive for their budget. Barney will decide to pay her fee, but watch out for things that are too good to be true. Their next choice, a country girl from Marshall's home town, will also fall prey to Barney. Looks like Barney's taking a tip from the Joey Tribbiani school of hot nannies.

Any New Girl scoop? —Clark
When Jess gets a quartet of very young new neighbors, she's determined to win them over, but, to them, she's not a new girl — she's just an old girl. Oh, they hate Schmidt too, irrespective of his age. Plus: We won't just be meeting Older Nick this year. We'll also see a younger version of him who was just as rigid as he is now.

Got any Criminal Minds scoop? — James
ADAM: Remember JJ's first fight scene last year? Get ready for more of those — under even more perilous circumstances. "She's going to get into an interesting situation this year. It's gonna be a little worrisome," A.J. Cook tells us. "It's perhaps with an unsub. Perhaps she's the next one to be held captive." Uh-oh. But don't worry, a girl who roundhouse-kicks like JJ does will be just fine.

I want some Big Bang Theory scoop! —Jeanine
Ask and ye shall receive. Word on the street is that Sheldon is getting a new assistant at the university. But the real surprise is how she — yes, it's a girl — will jell with Leonard, sending Penny into a jealous fit. Catfight alert! (Not really, but wouldn't that be awesome?)

I liked the Major Crimes premiere. What can you tell me about what's coming up? — Chris
Things aren't going to get any easier on Capt. Raydor. Look for tensions between her and Rusty to come to a head in the next episode as he questions her parenting skills and their new living arrangements. And Grumpy Provenza will stay on the warpath about the new "get a plea bargain" policy — at least right up until he quits!

Adam's Mega Rave: This week's episode of Breaking Bad was a masterful, intense gut punch of an episode. Unlike the train that Walt & Co. robbed, this drama shows no signs of losing steam as it heads to the finish line.

Natalie's Mini Rant: As if NBC didn't have enough drama during the Olympics, they decide to cut away from the Closing Ceremonies to preview Animal Practice? #GoldMedalFail

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