Wentworth Miller by Michael Lavine/Fox, Elisabeth Moss courtesy AMC and Adam Rodriguez by Robert Voets/CBS Wentworth Miller by Michael Lavine/Fox, Elisabeth Moss courtesy AMC and Adam Rodriguez by Robert Voets/CBS

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Is it true that Prison Break's Michael is losing the tattoo? I felt so bad for Wentworth stuck in long-sleeved shirts in the Dallas sun! - Christine
'Tis true. As you'll see on Monday night, Scofield books a (truly grueling) date with a dermatologist so as to better safeguard his identity as well as afford him greater wardrobe options (including shirtlessness, the ladyfolk hope). "It was a laborious process putting that [fake tattoo] on," says a relieved Wentworth Miller. "I am looking forward to rolling my sleeves up!" (FYI: I'm one-and-a-half episodes into the new season, and he has yet to do that. Patience!)

Is Mad Men planning a Thorn Birds scenario between Peggy and Father Gill? Also, to whom do you think Don sent that book in the first episode? (My guess: Rachel.) - Darcy
While it's clear that the burgeoning friendship between Peggy and the padre has become more complicated of late, I'm hearing that their involvement will be more altruistic than romantic. Besides, Peggy's a workaholic; she'll meet her next beau at the office. As for that book of poetry, to figure out who you should be asking yourself why he sent it.

Will we be seeing CSI: Miami's Calleigh and Eric in a relationship anytime soon? That is what fans like me are waiting for! - Chloe
But dontcha think a hook-up for these two will be worth the wait? That said, you and your 'shipper pals can expect to see Calleigh and Eric "flirting and testing the waters" this season, shares a source. As for what it all leads up to, you'll have to - wait for it - wait for it.

What's the name of the new ADA on SVU? - Robin
The 411 on SVU's new ADA is that her name is Kim Greylek, which exec producer Neal Baer tells me combines the first name of legendary actress Kim Novak with the surname of her character in 5 Against the House. (Remember Diane Neal's Casey Novak? Yep, similar formula.) As played by Michaela McManus - aka one of Lucas' would-be fiancées on One Tree Hill - Greylek arrives in the New York courts after a quasi-scandal forces her to leave D.C., where she was known as "The Crusader." When I lived in D.C., I was known as "El Conquistador." Coincidence?

Please tell me it's not a bad sign that The Unit's "Mack" (Max Martini) is also appearing on Burn Notice! Kristina
Breathe, Kristina! My moles assure me that, despite his flirtation with the Miami hotness, Mr. Martini ( another moniker I share with a TV star!) will continue to be a Unit regular. Wouldn't you stick around if you knew Nicole Steinwedell has joined the cast? Steinwedell will play Bridget Sullivan, the team's only female member. (Fun fact: She also played Pacey's unrequited crush, Kristy Livingston, on Dawson's Creek.)

Do you have any spoilers for The Secret Life of the American Teenager? I really want to know if Adrian tells Amy about her dad. KingDaka
Actually, Adrian's got her hands full with her own (and newly discovered) papa, as he tries to make up for lost time. (Yeah, good luck with that.) Also coming up: Grace and Ricky grow closer (...and closer) just as Grace overhears a shocking revelation from her mother. Teen angst - I love it!

Got any scoop on Season 3 of Kyle XY? Jackson
Do I have a belly button? Of course I do! When the series picks up in January (and right after the prom), we'll see that like all good "super heroes," Kyle will start to worry that his honey, Amanda, isn't safe in his life. Someone must then see an opportunity, because Kyle fires up a new flame by season's end.

In Plain Sight's season finale was great, but I literally cried out when it said "New Episodes Next Summer"! What is USA thinking? Is the same true for Law & Order: Criminal Intent? - Leslie
Melissa Manchester and I are here to tell you, "Don't cry out loud just keep it inside learn how to hide your feelings!" Though U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon & Co. are in fact MIA until next summer, Criminal Intent will be back on USA Thursday, Nov. 6, at 10 pm/ET. The catch: Mr. Big is out for Season 8 and The Fly is in.

I want to thank you for all the spoilers you give us regarding Smallville, but what about non-'shipper Lois Lane info? What will she doing besides working with Clark? How will her relationship be with her new boss, Tess Mercer? What will she think about Chloe's new friend, aka Doomsday? - Celia
Fine, twist my arm, make me schedule some quality time with Erica Durance. Keep an eye out for that Q&A!

Is Stark permanently gone from Eureka? For real? His death really screws with the show's fantastic dynamics. - Vanessa
Call it The Lost Effect, but I feel like half my job lately is verifying that TV characters who have died are actually dead. So here's another: R.I.P., Nathan Stark ( Ed Quinn), who is truly six feet under. "Anything is possible in Eureka," allows series co-creator Jaime Paglia, "but we aren't trying to pull the rug out from the audience." Though Stark's passing resolves the Stark-Allison-Carter triangle, Paglia promises that "surprising" new characters will change up the dynamics (I swear, he totally used the same word) in revealing ways. So stay tuned.

If you had to recommend three new shows to watch this fall, what would they be and why? - Stephanie
My wife isn't on board just yet, but I hope The Ex List overcomes its "odd" Fridays-at-9 time slot and catches on. It's certainly a swell showcase for a luminous Elizabeth Reaser. I know 90210 hasn't screened yet for us media folk, but there's no denying it'll start off as serious watercooler TV. And yes, I'm the one who in our Fall Preview Editors' Picks fought for Fox's Hole in the Wall (sneak-peeking Sept. 7), if only because it looks to be the most cheesetastic of the new reality-TV lot.
Mickey: I am encouraged by the promise of the premise of J.J. Abrams' spooky Fringe, if not by the actual pilot. Similarly, when Alan Ball tells me to watch a show about vampires, I listen. So HBO's True Blood is on my list. Lastly, although NBC isn't previewing it, Christian Slater's dual-personality thriller My Own Worst Enemy will get my attention, if only because it guarantees that at least one of his performances won't be a Jack Nicholson impression.
Matt: Did I mention that these Editors' Picks are flagged in our Fall Preview special?
Mickey: Kiss-ass.

Matt's Mega Rave: Though Fox's timing was rather sneaky - the press release came just as ABC was unveiling its new Dancing stars - I nonetheless welcome with open arms the news that Idol has added a fourth judge. Who is Kara DioGuardi? I have less than an idea. (Music's not my thing.) But fresh blood is exactly what the judges' dais needs. I just hope she likes her Coca-Cola.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Four judges?! I'm all for new blood, but instead of adding to the panel, shouldn't we just address the obvious quality issues with the existing trio and replace Paula?

Reader Quote of the Week: "Not excited to see her back, unless Michael shoots her again." ( topoopon, on Ana Lucia resurfacing on Lost this season)

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