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Parks and Recreation's season-ending, three-year time jump promised a final season full of fun, futuristic surprises. But the flash-forward also introduced three important new characters: Ben and Leslie's walking-and-talking 3-year-old triplets!

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So just how much will the Wyatt brood figure into the final season? Executive producer Mike Schur says that was one of the most hotly debated topics in the writers' room. "The conclusion that we reached was this show has always been about the workplace and we're going to keep it about the workplace," he tells "The vast majority of the season is about what happens to [Ben and Leslie] when they leave their kids... with their nanny and go into work."

But don't expect the show to completely ignore Ben and Leslie's role as parents. "The kids are very much in the background," Schur says. "There are episodes that deal more with their kids and have more parenting stuff in them. Their home life colors their professional life a little bit, but it's not in any way the focus of the season."

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