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is almost over! What can you tease about the show's final episodes? — Raquel

Have the Kleenex at the ready for the 100th episode! "It's going to be a particularly emotional episode... [that] deals with Zeek's health," executive producer Jason Katims says. "It's an unusual episode in that it's a more compressed time frame than most of our episodes. It probably happens over 24 hours. It really is the beginning of the final movement of the series. ...  It's hopefully what will be a juggernaut toward the ending of the show."

Any scoop on Sunday's two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time? — Deirdre
Here's a tidbit: "Elsa and Anna get to work together back in Arendelle," Elizabeth Lail reveals. "So we get to see the two sisters become a team and formulate a plan." That's definitely bad news for the Snow Queen, who will learn that her plan to pit Elsa against Anna won't be easy.

I'm loving The Walking Dead this season. How can Eugene and Abraham co-exist after Eugene's lie? — Allen
To hear Michael Cudlitz tell it, Abraham, who beat Eugene unconscious, might already be past it. "Abraham likes to fight," Cudlitz says, recalling the almost-brawl with Rick. "In Abraham's world, that's how things get worked out." But it doesn't sound like we should expect more Rick-Abraham fights when and if those two are reunited. "Abraham responds to the passion with which Rick fights and with which Rick follows his convictions," Cudlitz says. "He respects that. He responds to that. He sees it as a strength. Plus: Now that [D.C. is a lie], that obstacle is removed from their relationship."

Are Elena's memories of Damon really gone for good on The Vampire Diaries? — Jenna

Looks like it! But when has Damon ever backed down from a challenge? In a swoon-worthy scene, Damon will fill Elena in on some of their relationship's pivotal moments, Season 3's hot hotel makeout included. But it's Elena whose frustration gets the best of her, and she ends up risking her life to get those memories back. Will it work? Just when they — and viewers — have given up hope, prepare for a scene that will leave you screaming. (Or is it squealing?)

Thanks for the Grey's Anatomy scoop on Amelia. Any romance coming up for her? — Marcia
There have been some seeds planted," Caterina Scorsone says. (She's talking about Owen, right?) But their potential romance will be a slow burn. "Because Amelia's been through so much and gone through so much heartbreak, I think they're just going to be very careful with how and when they set up the romantic stuff," she says. "Amelia just got out of an engagement. And if it was with Owen... he would need lots of time to heal from his recent relationship. Whatever happens, they're going to approach it with a lot of sensitivity."

I can't wait for the SVU-Chicago P.D. crossover! How will the two police teams get along? — Sarah
SVU showrunner Warren Leight says there will definitely be some sexual tension when the two squads join forces. "Lindsay and Halstead have this unrequited crush on each other, and you have Rollins and Amaro with a down-low affair going on," he says. "There's a moment or two when it seems like one group notices something about the other. We tease a little bit with that." Leight also says that going to Chicago will bring out a new side to the characters, particularly Amaro. "[He is] much more physical than he gets to be on our show," he adds.

Got any Castle scoop beyond the honeymoon? — Terry
Look for a bit of a pre-Thanksgiving jolt on the Nov. 24 episode when a routine murder investigation turns into a potentially deadly encounter for Esposito. "Esposito and Ryan are in pursuit of a guy who we think is potentially a second victim," executive producer David Amann says. "Esposito follows him into a subway, and the guy sees that he's a cop, pulls a gun and holds the car hostage. Our people on the outside are trying to figure out: 'Who is this guy, really, because he clearly isn't who we thought he was.'" The good news: The brush with death will mean some movement on the Lanie-Esposito front. "It does make him reflect on his relationship with Lanie, and consider its importance in his life," Amann teases.

Any Goldbergs scoop? — Jackie
It's time for Barry to meet the parents! We can exclusively reveal that Dave Koechner is playing Bill Lewis, Lainey's overprotective father, in an episode slated for next year. And what he thinks of Big Tasty might rest entirely on Murray. Let's just say that as a die-hard Cowboys fan, Bill will not take too kindly to Murray's Eagles loyalties. If only Bill knew about Tony Romo...

I need more details about the young Gideon flashback on Criminal Minds! — Michael 
We cannot confirm if Gideon and Rossi will sport bellbottoms and pornstaches in the '70s, but we can confirm that the past case in question went unsolved because of the understaffed, newly established BAU. "They thought they had figured it out and were gonna catch the guy," executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "But he went off-pattern, and they have to [move on], so it haunts them in present day." As if Gideon needed another case to be tortured by, right?

Lila was pregnant on How to Get Away with Murder?! Was it Sam's? — Shelly
That's what Annalise will try to find out on Thursday's episode. "There are certainly implications that it's Sam's," Liza Weil teases. But while Annie is trying to get the truth out of Sam, Bonnie will do her own detective work. "She does it on her own," she says. "There's a lot of wavering on Sam's part on how involved he was with Lila. That will get stretched out."

Got any more Person of Interest scoop? — Jay
That scene between Shaw and her former partner (and, apparently, Samaritan) at the end of Tuesday's episode? Yes, it spells big trouble for Shaw and Team Machine. "Things are going to get messy and dirty really soon," Sarah Shahi teases. "We've all been instructed to lead these double lives. Shaw is the one who challenges her own anonymity by putting herself out there. Her accepting this job exposes her, and it's a big risk that she's taking."

Any info on the new Major Crimes episodes? — Dave
The winter premiere features the disturbing case of a surrogate who was murdered hours after she gave birth to a baby. The problem? She had promised three end-of-their-ropes couples the baby and was extorting them all to get the best deal. Naturally, the theme of adoption runs through the episode as Capt. Raydor makes plans to finalize her adoption of Rusty. But will one final visit between Rusty and his mother stand in Raydor's way?

Mega Rave: Kudos to Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Naved and Jaime Camil who were all pitch-perfect on Monday's Jane the Virginwhich featured Jane finally meeting her father. Despite the wild telenovela trappings, this show has become a delightful, heartwarming watch each week.

Mini Rant: It's a shame that Homeland decided to follow up the best episode it has done in a long while with the absolute worst. 

This Week's Recommendation:
 Getting On (Sundays at 10:30/9:30c, HBO) Trust me, don't write this show off as depressing just because it takes place in a nursing home. Sure, there are moments of sadness, but the show's (often hilarious) honesty about its subject matter is just beautiful. It deserves more eyeballs.

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