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Mega Buzz: Rachel Is Alive (But Changed!) on Orphan Black

She'll never underestimate a pencil again!

Hanh Nguyen

It'll take more than a fire-extinguisher-launched pencil to kill Rachel Duncan.

During Orphan Black's Season 2 finale, the strait-laced Dyad clone (Tatiana Maslany) became the victim of the No. 2 projectile when she tried to harvest Sarah Manning's ovaries. The pencil lodged into Rachel's eye, deep enough to make us wince and Rachel fall over. But the pro clone is made of sterner stuff (Project Leda genes, to be exact). "We should not be counting Rachel down and out," executive producer Graeme Manson tells TVGuide.com.

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But even though Rachel will be back, don't expect her to be the calm, collected and cruel clone she once was. After all, behind that eyeball somewhere is her brain. "[The pencil went in deep], but how deep?," Manson says. "That's going to really tell us about Rachel's fate. It is rather delicious to take someone who is that poised and cold and have such a heavy, hard mask and put them in a position where they are less than what they've been before."

In fact, as Rachel recovers, she'll be at the mercy of anyone who knows of her injury. It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for her. Almost. Maybe she'll think twice next time she orders an involuntary oophorectomy!

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