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What will Emma and Hook's dating life be like on Once Upon a Time? — Val
The good news: The producers are going to let them go out somewhere other than Granny's Diner. The bad news: "It's going to be tricky for the two of them," executive producer Adam Horowitz says. "Just because we saw their feelings reach a new level at the end of last season doesn't mean that that's the end of the story." And Emma may be the problem. "Emma is obviously a person who has a tough time trusting people and letting her guard down," executive producer Edward Kitsis says. "Sometimes you may feel something for somebody but your feelings hold you back."

What sort of monsters will Abbie and Ichabod face when Sleepy Hollow returns? — Andre
Remember how Judas was paid in silver to betray Jesus? What happens when someone in Sleepy Hollow literally gets their hands on the same silver? "It brings out people's darker sides and inclinations," Nicole Beharie said of the coin, which was also once owned by Benedict Arnold. "That's a lot scarier ... than a monster that might cut off your head because... if it's someone you love [who has the coin] what do you do? You don't want to kill them."

What's the status of Rollins and Amaro's affair when SVU returns? — Jennifer
It's safe to say that Amaro's new gig as a beat cop in another borough will really cramp their style. But Rollins won't be lonely. Remember when we told youthat she'd return to her old stomping grounds in Atlanta? Well, one of her former male colleagues is very happy to see her, especially now that he's left his wife. Don't expect him to waste any time clarifying his feelings.

What's going to happen on The Big Bang Theory premiere? — Stephanie
Poor Sheldon gets robbed on his road trip, but the real drama is what happens afterward. He calls Leonard instead of Amy to come pick him up. "That hurts her feelings," executive producer Steve Molaro tells us. "The good news is that is a conversation that is had and addressed in a fairly sweet moment." 

What's up with Portia de Rossi on Scandal? — Nancy
Jeff Perry teases that de Rossi will figure "prominently" next season as a "professional in politics," and he will be part of her arc, as Fitz and Cyrus have a renewed focus on work. We still don't know her name yet, but might she be the "Julia" in the first episode's title, "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia"?

Any Vampire Diaries scoop for me? — Brittany
Sure! As our boy Matt becomes more involved in Mystic Falls, he'll realize that Colin Ferguson's Tripp has an important family connection to the town. Just wait until you hear Tripp's real name. Then it'll make more sense that he's keeping quiet about some extracurricular activities that could put Matt's closest friends in extreme peril. 

How long will it be before Jax realizes the truth about Gemma's involvement in Tara's murder on Sons of Anarchy? — Chris
Don't expect it to happen any time soon. "Gemma is trying to juggle that lie, deal with the remorse and the guilt of that lie... and I just felt like that tension is really great," creator Kurt Sutter says of dragging out the reveal. "If and when Jax gets that information about Gemma, there's not a lot of things that can happen other than his reaction, the heartbreak of that and what does he do in that moment. There's not a lot of room for anything else after that." Still, Gemma will get a jolt when she realizes that Unser is investigating Tara's murder.

Nashville scoop, please! — Lisa
Derek Hough will be Dancing and romancing this season. The Dancing with the Stars pro's character, actor Noah West, stars opposite Juliette in a Patsy Cline biopic, where Hough says Noah will "show her the way," if you know what we mean. No, perv: We're talking about movie-making!  (Well, at least at first.) "He takes her under his wing and he's kind of there to make her feel good and cool, and guide her through the experience," Hough says. "They become very, very close."

I can't wait for the new season of The Good Wife! What can you tease? — Hillary
The premiere picks up right where the Season 5 finale left off, with Eli pressing Alicia to run for State's Attorney. Peter will share Alicia's sentiment — aka he's completely against it — at least until a major revelation changes his mind.

I heard Pee-Wee Herman is guest-starring on The Blacklist. WTF? — Ben 
Indeed, Paul Reubens will guest-star as Mr. Vargas, a finicky criminal who tries to turn some of Red's closest allies against him. (We smell Berlin all over this.) And though Vargas may not look like a killer, he's ruthless. "He's about the furthest thing from Pee-Wee Herman that you could imagine," executive producer Jon Bokenkamp says. Does that mean no bow tie? "He does not wear a bow tie," Bokenkamp says with a laugh. "He wears a fabulous yellow turtleneck. He has quite a look." Everyone in the criminal world needs to look up to Red's fashion."

Please tell me that New Girl's Winston is getting a love interest that's not, well, a feline! — Wendy
Good news! Creator Liz Meriwether says Winston will find love later this season. "He's in the police academy for the first part of the year and he's really focused on that," she says. "He really wants to do the best job he possibly can, and when he starts work as a cop, then he definitely meets a girl there and we will follow that relationship." Let's just hope she's not someone he picked up on the job!

I'm excited for NCIS: New Orleans. Will any of the NCIS cast members be making regular appearances? — Nathan
Because Gibbs and Scott Bakula's Pride go way back, creator Gary Glasberg says you'll be seeing much more crossover between the shows than you did between the mother ship and NCIS: Los Angeles. In fact, Ducky pops up in New Orleans in the premiere! Later in the season, Agent Fornell (Joe Spano) also makes a visit to New Orleans to investigate a kidnapping, and I wouldn't be surprised if Gibbs didn't make a return to the Big Easy by November sweeps.

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Mini Rant: 
Cecily Strong may be "genuinely happy" about it, but I for one will miss her presence on SNL's "Weekend Update."

This Week's Recommendation: 
Gotham (Monday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c, Fox) This season's most-anticipated fall show isn't perfect, but it's a solid start, and the muscular, action-packed drama should appeal to both Batman novices and superfans alike. Keep your eyes on Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin; we think he's this season's breakout star.

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