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How will Jim and Pam handle the new baby on The Office? — Marisa
With Pam's hormones in overdrive, she won't know who to trust, causing her to seek out an unlikely ally. "She's clearly in a position where everyone is lying to her to make her feel better, except for Dwight, and she starts to think he's the only person she can trust," executive producer Paul Lieberstein says. After she gives birth, though, it'll be Jim who has problems. "Usually, he wants to get out of work, but it might be a little easier for him at work than at home."

Any news on Calleigh and Eric getting back together on CSI: Miami? — Lizzie, via Twitter
There will be definite movement on that front in the Season 10 premiere. "Right away in the first episode, we open the door a little bit ... and we see them step through," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien hints of the on-again, off-again couple. "They're sort of re-examining where they've been and where they're going together. They've had such a history together, and you see the power and depth of their feelings toward each other."

Thanks for all the scoop on Grey's Anatomy, but you didn't mention Callie and Arizona. What's coming up for them this season? — Brandy
After the tumultuous year they just endured — they broke up, Callie got knocked up, then nearly died in a car accident before they got married — executive producer Shonda Rhimes says she wants them to be happy in Season 8. "I think they've earned the right for us to enjoy them as a couple and to enjoy them as mothers, and to watch them juggle what motherhood means to their relationship, their sex life and their jobs," she says.

I've heard Castle's new season will feature a superhero episode. What can you tell me about it? —Luke
I can tell you that the case involves a young criminal justice student who spends his nights prowling the streets as a masked, sword-wielding vigilante named the Lone Vengeance. Sadly, I can neither confirm nor deny that Nathan Fillion's titular mystery writer will appear in spandex.

Got any scoop on the final season of Chuck? — Matt
The Buy More is going through a few more changes this season. Now that Chuck's private spy agency, Carmichael Industries, owns Nerd Herd central, Captain Awesome will become the face of the company, says portrayer Ryan McPartlin. (Can I please have a copy of the first Buy More magazine with his pretty mug on it?) "He's going to be like the Tony Robbins of the Buy More," McPartlin says, adding that Awesome won't be quitting his day job as a doctor. "The fact that Ellie and Awesome know about the spy world, it'll be like the A-Team and we'll help out, but only when we're absolutely needed because of the baby."

Will Blue Bloods have another season-long mystery this year? — Janet
As a matter of fact, it will! And like last season's Blue Templar case, this one also involves Jamie, who will be nosing around a mob family. "Jamie totally by chance befriends a young man, who is the 'Jamie' of an organized crime family," new executive producer Ed Zuckerman tells us. "We're not even sure if he's involved with the family or not, but Jamie has to decide whether or not to pursue this relationship as a friendship or as an informer."

What will the study group face in the new season of Community? — Eric
As you might expect, the study groups' new biology teacher (The Wire's Michael K. Williams) is a tough customer. "There's a big confrontation that happens the first day of class and it affects the entire episode," Yvette Nicole Brown says. As for Pierce leaving them in the dust in the Season 2 finale, Brown adds, "It will be dealt with in the very first episode, and everybody in our group has guilt in varying degrees."

Can you tell me anything about Danny and Lindsay on CSI: NY? — Wendy
The couple's home life will be rattled a bit by the fact that Danny is now out of the crime lab and working a beat after passing the sergeant's exam. In addition to the added danger of working the streets, Danny will be partnered with a beautiful-but-tough rookie. But we don't think Lindsay should be too threatened: The partners get off to a rocky start when Danny publicly humiliates her for a series of mistakes.

Has Tom really left the Parks Department on Parks & Recreation? — Aaron
You don't really think a business run by Tom Haverford and Jean-Ralphio will succeed, do you? "When the season comes back, Tom is still at Entertainment 720, so he's a CEO, which is the closest he's gotten to his dream," Aziz Ansari teases. "His swagger goes up 1,000 percent in Season 4. [But] the business is not being run very smartly by those two guys, so I imagine, at some point, he'll have to come back to the Parks Department."

I haven't heard a lot about the new season of One Tree Hill. Got anything? — Lily
I hear that Clay is going spend a significant amount of time with a shrink this season after he suffers some unexplained blackouts. The good news: The therapist is an old friend, having helped Clay through his grief after Sara's death. The bad news: Fixing this current problem might require Clay admitting himself to the loony bin.

Do you have more scoop on Amelia's struggle with addiction on Private Practice? — Catherine
You'd think that after Amelia's medical privileges were suspended, she might at least attempt to get back on the wagon, but Shonda Rhimes says she'll only fall further down the rabbit hole this season. "We're going to see this as an ongoing struggle that she goes through," she says. "Doctors and addiction is a huge issue that we've never really tackled before in a meaningful way."

Got any teases about the new season of Raising Hope? — Katie
One of this season's flashbacks will recall the time when Garret Dillahunt's Burt was kidnapped, leaving Virginia and a 4-year-old Jimmy at home. Why the need to remember that bad time? It probably has something to do with the fact that the kidnapper shows up on the Chances' doorstep again 20 years later.

Adam's Mega Rave: I'm not sure how Maura Tierney found the courage to pull off her angry, no-frills performance as a cancer survivor on Rescue Me months after her own health scare, but I'm sure glad she did. Are you paying attention, Emmy voters?

Natalie's Mini Rant: First, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer were leaving Glee in Season 4, and now they're not. Can we just focus on Season 3 for now?

(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)

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