Simon Baker, The Mentalist; Michael C. Hall, Dexter; Chris O’Donnell, NCIS: LA Simon Baker, The Mentalist; Michael C. Hall, Dexter; Chris O’Donnell, NCIS: LA

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What else can you tell me about Patrick Jane's new love interest on The Mentalist? — Christine
Creator Bruno Heller wants to be clear about one thing: Loralei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) is no ordinary cocktail waitress, and as such viewers should take this relationship seriously. "It's certainly not a fling and it's not a spur-of-the-moment booty call or anything like that," Heller says. "She comes into Jane's life at a very, very low ebb. He's at a moment when he really needs a helping hand and a little ray of light, and she provides that."

Please tell me you have info on Dexter! — James
Could Dexter be getting a new lady-love partner-in-crime? It has been a whole season since the vengeful Lumen left Dex, and we're hearing that we'll meet a new lady with a violent past this season — but we also hear she's actually expected to stick around for a while. She's now trying to live a quiet life... until she meets Dexter.

Anything on the NCIS: Los Angeles finale? — Will
Remember Special Agent Renko (Brian Avers) from way back in Season 1? He'll resurface when the team is called in to assist him on an undercover operation in which his cover has potentially been blown. But as the team digs for answers, they soon learn they're playing into the hands of a criminal mastermind. Also: Callen's nemesis, The Chameleon, will return. Coincidence?

How will The Vampire Diaries' vampires deal with the fact that killing one of the Originals could kill them? — Trish
"The theme of mortality definitely rings true throughout the remaining episodes of the season," Candice Accola says, noting that it will be easier for Damon and Stefan, who have been around for over a century, but harder for younger vamps like Caroline. Plus: Without knowing who turned Rose, the bigger question is: "Who's willing to sacrifice their lives for the greater good?" Accola says cryptically.

I need details on the CSI: NY finale! — Jackson
Mac gets shot! But don't worry, he'll at least survive long enough for all the show's characters to wax sentimental about him. "It's about all of their relationships and closeness with Mac as a father figure, as a friend, as a boss," executive producer Pam Veasey tells us about the season (series?) finale. "Some people are releasing demons, others are talking about their future." In particular, Veasey says Danny and Lindsay (who will have little Lucy in tow) will make an unexpected announcement about their plans for the days ahead.

I loved how Game of Thrones' Tyrion exposed Cersei's informant. He's unstoppable! What's his next political scheme? — Jo
Tyrion will have success setting up his own spy in the castle. But another one of his attempts to exert influence will backfire on him, thanks to his dear nephew Joffrey. Warm up those hands because you'll want to be ready to give the boy king a good slapping!

When will Strauss be back on Criminal Minds? — Allen
She will be back from rehab just in time for the two-hour finale. And although she usually stirs up drama, she'll pretty much have the team's back as they try to defuse a hostage situation at a bank. Why the sudden turnaround? "Watch closely, because there's a little personal connection she has with a team member that will be surprising," executive producer Erica Messer teases.

Loving Apartment 23. Got any scoop? — Jennie
Chloe will take June under her wing and teach her the ways to be a true, confident b----. It will totally backfire for both ladies though. The new June reunites with her fiancée with disastrous results, and Chloe will play second fiddle to James' new BFF: New June!

Thanks for the Justified scoop, but you didn't ask about Ava! — Jenny
Au contraire! Executive producer Graham Yost tells me that Ava will continue wrestling with the kind of criminal she is becoming. In particular, he says that slapping Ellen May, one of the prostitutes in her employ, will weigh heavy on Ava's mind. "There are prices to be paid for being in that line of work," Yost says. "But when do you realize that you're on the other side of the line? In hitting Ellen May, Ava realizes that she has crossed that line."

Is Nancy really dead on Weeds? — Sarah
Let's take a look at the evidence, shall we? The producers are casting for three very telling roles: 1) a paramedic who tries to keep Nancy talking while she's being rushed to the hospital; 2) a head surgeon who speaks calmly to the Botwin family; and 3) a hospital chaplain who confers with Andy. Is it time for Nancy to be read her last rites? Probably not! Come on, people; she's the star of the show!

I haven't heard much about the Closer spin-off Major Crimes. Will there be any new characters? — Meg
In addition to the regular cast (pretty much all the Closer alums minus Kyra Sedgwick, Corey Reynolds and J.K. Simmons), the show is also looking for an actor to recur as the charming and smooth Deputy District Attorney. He's very competitive, both in the courtroom an out. In fact, he's so physically fit, he carries his gym bag alongside his briefcase at all times.

Will we ever find out how Pope & Associates came together on Scandal? — Mark
The penultimate episode will feature a flashback to before Olivia worked in the White House during the primary election, teases Shonda Rhimes. "You really get to see the origins of where this all started," she says.

Natalie's Mega Rave: James Van Der Beek playing James Van Der Beek in a show rife with James Van Der Beek jokes? I never thought I'd say this, but I actually want even more James Van Der Beek on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23! The Dawson's Creek jokes alone were enough to make me put this on repeat all week. And that's saying something!

Adam's Mini Rant: Could I be any more disappointed with Matthew Perry on The Good Wife? I like nasty villains as much as the next guy, but I wish his character were even the teensiest bit human rather than a caricature of a sociopath.

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