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Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions. E-mail us your spoilery needs.

Any idea on when Lost will air its premiere in 2009? - Jenny
ABC usually releases the date in late October, so we'll keep you posted. ( DarkUFO, FWIW, hears the show might be returning to Wednesdays, starting Feb. 4.) In the meantime, I have some scoop to tide you over. When I spoke with Michael Emerson at the Emmys, he told me, "Ben's mission has changed, time has passed, he has different resources... and he moves around a lot." He also hinted that he might have a scene with Desmond coming up, which begs the question: Desmond's back?

Do you have any info on what is coming up for Smallville's Clark/Chloe? - Naomi
I almost hesitate to toy with this four-letter word again, but here goes: KISS! (Mind you, it's an Episode 8 flashback to a Young Chloe macking on a Young Clark in the farmhouse hayloft.) "I saw them shooting that scene the other day, and it was adorable. Adorable," Allison Mack tells me. "They even have the little girl playing Chloe in, like, an old-school Chloe wig, with my funky haircut. It was very cute." Oh, did I mention I interviewed Allison...?

Are you ever going to have any spoilers about Chloe, or did the Lois fans scare you away from ever mentioning her again? - Donna
Oh, Donna - my middle name is not so much Webb but "Equal Opportunity." Ergo henceforth therewith my aforementioned two-part Q&A with Ms. Mack, kicking off this Thursday.

I loved the relationship between Susan and her daughter on Desperate Housewives. Any chance Julie will come back to visit? - Becky
Yes, Julie (still played by Andrea Bowen) will be back, and wait until you meet her boyfriend. I mean, her professor. I mean, her boyfriend and her professor.

I heard that there is a reason why, in the Supernatural premiere, Ruby seemed to have changed into a nicer demon. Do you know what it is? - Laura
I chalked it up to the fact that Ruby now inhabits Genevieve Cortese's body, but there's more to it than that. As series creator Eric Kripke tells the Buzz, "One reason she's nicer is because she spent a few weeks in a particularly nasty corner of Hell, being punished by Lilith's minions. That would humble just about anyone. As to whether Ruby is hiding some ulterior motive....tune in to find out." By the way, this week's "origins" episode? Not. To be. Missed. (On a related note, check out my Q&A with X-cellent guest-star Mitch Pileggi.)

Heroes, Brothers & Sisters, 90210 paternity mysteries are hot! How long before Harry Wilson meets his long-lost son? - Terry
Harry's little indiscretion will surface around Episode 10, and his presence will seriously give rise to Dixon's insecurities about being adopted.

I'm not so much sad, angry or upset about the impending end of Boston Legal, but... melancholy. Is there a chance any of the remaining episodes will feature visits from the cast of its prequel, The Practice? - Gord
I'm with ya, Gord - it'd be way cool to see someone from The Practice - or, better yet, Ally McBeal - "return" to Boston before its curtain call. Alas, as of Episode 11 of the final 13, no cameos are planned.

Why is Mad Men's Don Draper such a jerk this season? Where are the writers going? - Tessa
Jon Hamm himself told me that Don's behavior is a means to the end of telling Betty's story. "She's stuck at home, losing her mind, and doesn't know if her husband loves her - that's a big part of what's happening," he says. Plus, I hear before the season ends, Betts will also have to deal with the serious illness of someone very close to her.

The rumor is that Jacqueline Pinol won't be returning to CSI: NY after all. Is this true? - K.C.
Not true. She's returning and at what could be an... awkward time. Did you hear that Lindsay is pregnant by Danny? That's what Ausiello is reporting. Carmine Giovinazzo was none the wiser when I Q&A'd him a few weeks back.

Will 90210's Ty and Annie work things out? Will they ever find out the truth about what Adriana did? - Patricia
It doesn't look good. Suffice it to say that, at this point, Adam Gregory (aka Ty) is only signed on for two more episodes.

I'd love some One Tree Hill spoilers. Specifically, will Lucas and Peyton actually be getting married this season? - Debra
Debra, I got you an answer! Did you see/hear/read?

I've heard rumblings about Warner Bros. commissioning a new Dallas movie/spin-off/pilot. Can you provide any inside information? - Josh
There was a movie in development a while ago (starring John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez), but when the stars dropped out, it quickly fell apart. As for a new series, my WB TV mole says no such reboot is in the works. So no Ewings for you, Josh!

Could you tell me if Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, Guiding Light) was on an episode of Ghost Whisperer, or will be in the future? - Diane
You emailed us just in time! Pelphrey will be in the episode "Ghosts in the Machine, airing Oct. 17. The bullet: Melinda tracks a ghost who is targeting young girls on a social networking site. (Face-Boooooo!-k?)

Matt's Mega Rave: Sure, they took a page from the playbooks of Lost and Tree Hill, but damn if Housewives' five-year jump didn't freshen up the show (while keeping its leading ladies looking no worse for the wear). Susan's jaded, Gaby's caring about someone other than herself, Bree's stiffer than ever.... But luckily not too much has changed, as evidenced by Edie's car-washing prowess.

Mickey's Mini Rant: I agree, but what the heck have they done to Dana Delany? I'd argue that her frumpy make-under is even more severe than Eva Longoria Parker's, and playing Bree's doormat does not suit her at all.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I remember going to [see The Verdict] with my dad. I asked him why that movie, when there were more popular ones out. He said it was because he'd never been to a Paul Newman movie he didn't like. Once again, he was right." ( maryb889, on the death of the film legend)

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