Naveen Andrews by Art Streiber/ABC; Blake Lively by Andrew Eccles/The CW; Eric Szmanda by Andrew Southam/CBS Naveen Andrews by Art Streiber/ABC; Blake Lively by Andrew Eccles/The CW; Eric Szmanda by Andrew Southam/CBS

With both 90210 and Gossip Girl premiering this week, our mailbox was buzzing! So, senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor sat down to answer more of your questions in a special "bonus" edition of their weekly column.

Now that the Lost cast is back on set, do you have any news about the first episodes of Season 5? - Fran
This bit of intel brought a smile to my otherwise stoic, stone-like face: Remember how Sayid plucked Hurley out of the loony bin in the season finale? Well, in the vein of Glover-Gibson and Nolte-Murphy, look for these two to "buddy up" as they do their part to unravel some off-island mysteries.

Do you have any spoilers that concern CSI's Greg Sanders (played by Eric Szmanda)? Seems like he is always overlooked. - Dee
Consider Greg overlooked no more, Dee. Dude's getting an overdue promotion!

I watched 90210 and loved it! However, I never watched the original show. What do I need to know to make the new series less confusing? - Tara
First, there was a very large explosion. Then, a mass of swirling gases formed the Earth. Then came the dinosaurs! (Ahem.) I'd say if you're enjoying the new show, Tara, don't worry about ancient history. If you're still curious, go here and bask in all its narrative glory.

Forget Kelly's baby daddy. Who is Harry's love child? I say it's Ryan, the smokin'-hot English teacher. - Carine
I presented what I called "this crazy theory" to 90210 executive producer Jeff Judah. His surprising response: "Maybe crazy. Maybe not so crazy." He went on to confirm that Harry is in fact about 40, which is technically old enough to have sired a recent college graduate.

Like you, Matt, I am enjoying the "revamped" Prison Break. But I "fell for it" and thought they had killed off nasty Gretchen! Is she really still around?! - Melissa
They had me going too - that is, until I remembered how Jodi Lyn O'Keefe went on and on at TCA about Gretchen meeting up with her sister this season. Playing the (slightly older) sibling in an upcoming episode or two will be Party of Five's Heather McComb, aka Dawson's James van der Beek's real-life wife.

When will the second, third, etc; seasons of Third Watch be released on DVD? - James
I checked in with David of, and he says: "Warner Home Video released Third Watch: Season 1 on DVD the same week Kim Raver's Lipstick Jungle debuted. The studio's still evaluating whether to release more seasons, so if you haven't picked up that first package yet, it wouldn't hurt to get it... and tell your friends to get it. Good sales will help convince Warner to keep going!"

With Rikki coming back, is there any hope for CSI: NY's Danny/Lindsay fans? - Hayley
I myself would answer you, but why not let Carmine Giovinazzo give you a first-hand status report on that slow-going romance? "Right now, I'm sorry to say, it seems to be really stagnant. The brakes are slowly being pressed, I believe." And mind you, he hasn't even started filming those new episodes featuring Jacqueline Pinol's Rikki.

I need a Gossip Girl blast on Dan and Serena! - Keara
Well, let's put it this way, Keara: Both S. and B. will soon see their relationships more clearly. Poetically, they'll both be in the dark at the time.

Does Chuck's surprising partner-in-nightlife have the initials D.H.? - Kennith
Nope. I hear that if you've read the Gossip Girl novels, it won't actually be much of a surprise. But within the context of the TV show, it will blow your mother-Chuckin' mind.

Has Mouth left One Tree Hill for good, or will he possibly be back? - Ed
You and my old colleague Michelle Moro, both fretting about Mouth... Seeing as Lee Norris was on the set filming Episode 6 when the video crew and I visited Wilmington, it's a safe bet that there is some sort of change in plans to come.

Got any news on what the new CBS show starring Moonlight cutie Alex O'Loughlin will be about, and when it will start? - Susan
Would that I did, if only because it would make me the most popular news blogger on the Web. Alas, insiders tell me it may be a while before Alex O's new gig is a go, seeing as new series development is an "inexact science." It's simply hard to predict what project he'll get attached to, or when it will come to be.

Reader Quote of the, Um, Past Two Days: "She better not [be carrying Derek's child]. I mean it. Women will storm ABC and light the damn place on fire." ( - Little Red, on the Grey's Anatomy promo suggesting that Rose is pregnant)

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