Henry Ian Cusick by Bob D' Amico/ABC; Marg Helgenberger by Robert Voets/CBS; Mariska Hargitay by Michael Parmalee/NBC Henry Ian Cusick by Bob D' Amico/ABC; Marg Helgenberger by Robert Voets/CBS; Mariska Hargitay by Michael Parmalee/NBC

Every Wednesday, senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions!

In what capacity we will be seeing Desmond and his constant, Penny, next season on Lost? Any word on that? Maja
Maja, this is an excellent question. I even rewatched the season finale to confirm my own POV: "Why would we ever see Dez again?" I mean, he and Penny reconnected just before sendind the Oceanic Six on their (actually not-so-)merry way. However... I have it on good authority that Henry Ian Cusick is still a part of the cast, and that Sonya Walger is likely to resurface as well. As one setsider reminds me, "Just like when people die on Lost and you see them again, just because everyone reunited doesn't mean you've seen the last of them."

I was wondering what fans of CSI could look forward to for some of the other characters? There's been a lot of talk about Grissom and Sara but nothing about, say, Catherine or Nick. Jocelyn
The good news, if you did not glean it from Monday's news story, is that Laurence Fishburne will not be seizing the reins when "the Professor" is introduced in Episode 9. Instead, the two you mentioned will step to the fore. Says exec producer Carol Mendelsohn, "You have a team now made up of a supervisor, Catherine, and a CSI-3 who is ready to be supervisor, Nick." Adds Naren Shankar, "They are the natural people to lead the team, the people with the seniority."

Please say you're wrong about Benson and Stabler getting together on Law & Order: SVU, and that it's just an undercover operation. Why would they turn Benson into a slut? Stabler is married, with a family. - Debbie
Putting aside the inherent sexism of your question for a minute, Debbie (why is Benson the slut in this equation?), I will say that the cheeky monkeys at SVU get all schoolgirl-giggly whenever I ask this question, like they have a really juicy secret they wish they could share. That can only mean one thing: They're both going to be sluts.

You're probably tired of questions about the explosion on Criminal Minds, but I have another one. I know that who was hurt will be a secret until the season premiere, but is there any way to get a clear, no-question-about-it confirmation that the character(s) live and that no one is leaving the show? Angela
I offer no such "no-question-about-it confirmation" that no one is leaving the show as a result of the SUV blast. But I can forecast an unrelated exit: With A.J. Cook expecting in real life, watch for the also-pregnant J.J. to bow out about a third of the way into the season, and be replaced by a new female agent.

Do you know if my favorite summer guilty pleasure, Swingtown, has been picked up for another season? - Amy
I certainly hope it is, for as you all know it has become a bit of an obsession for me this summer. The season finale airs Friday, Sept. 5, and I will bet you one Pet Rock that if there's a Season 2 at all, it'll be next summer.

YOU'VE GOT IT! WAIT JUST ONE SECOND.... There, much better. If you liked Andrew Van de Camp as a rascal vexing his mom, you'll love him doing Bree's bidding. As exec producer Bob Daily previews, "Andrew has been a loose cannon, so the fun thing this season will be Bree realizing, 'I can take that talent that has gotten him into trouble and use it to my advantage in my business.'" In other words, Bree will play dirty as she makes like Martha Stewart, but employ her son to keep her hands clean.

Will Albert Brooks return to Weeds? - Christy
Although his character threatened to come back if the rent/extortion money was late, he's not going to. At least not this season. But the option is very open for cranky Lenny Botwin to return in future seasons. In the meantime, put Defending Your Life on your Netflix queue; it's genius.

What is the status of The Riches? Is it coming back for Season 3? Kevin
My FX mole tells me that the netlet truly loves The Riches... just not its declining ratings. That said, a final decision about a third season hasn't been made yet, but will be very soon. (But with Minnie Driver about to give birth and Eddie Izzard on tap to film two movies, it's not looking good.)

I'm really enjoying ABC Family's The Middleman. Does it have a chance at a second season? Shawn
Fingers are crossed over at ABC, and you'd have to think the show's solid performance at Comic-Con went a long way to erasing any uncertainty. Until word comes down, however, the season finale is slated for Sept. 1. And what a finale it is! (Think: Star Trek Episode 33.)

I am a fan of The Tudors and recently found out that Annabelle Wallis will replace Anita Briem as Jane Seymour in Season 3. Do you know why Anita left? Jackson
I'm hearing that Briem - who costars with Brendan Fraser in this summer's Journey to the Center of the Earth - chose not to reprise the role. On the upside, Wallis lists basketball, rollerblading and hip-hop-dancing skillz on her resume, so those sure will come in handy!

Tell me that they are going to continue making new episodes of Hopkins! - Mary
Hopkins performed well for ABC this summer, beating my beloved Swingtown (see above) in its Thursday-at-10 timeslot. But if you recall, the first Hopkins aired in 2000, and there's a reason it took eight years to come back: Documentaries take time. So although ABC News hasn't made an official order for more episodes, I wouldn't hold my breath for more medical melodrama any time soon.

Matt's Mega Rave: With Idol fame comes great responsibility, so it's good to see Chris Daughtry and his eponymous ensemble serve up a cover of Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time" as part of a campaign to bring in new (and young) voters. Since the November election could be a close one, it's critical that as many voices can be heard as possible. Unlike Idol, each person here only gets one vote.

Mickey's Mini Rant: At the other end of the " Idol Gives Back" spectrum, Katharine McPhee's white-girl-rap cover of "I Know What Boys Like" makes Tim Gunn hollering at his boys seem like G-UNIT.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I will not give WB one penny of my money now for this movie. Hollywood is overrun with greedy pieces of trash. Screw you, you little frog." ( aerojovi83, on Warner Bros.' decision to postpone Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince until the summer of 2009, when it better suits the studio)

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