Sleepy Hollow's Katrina (Katia Winter) got a taste of the power that comes with darkness on last week's episode. But user Diana asks: Could she actually switch sides?

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"Katrina has a lot of questions regarding where her allegiances lie," co-executive producer Albert Kim tells "Not just because of Henry, but because of her past as a witch, which we'll explore more in the second half [of the season] in regards to what drives her, what her guiding principles are, and how that comes into conflict with our heroes."

In addition to her dubious, witchy morals - which we've already seen to be questionable on more than one occasion - Katrina's history with Abraham will continue to complicate things, particularly her relationship to Ichabod. "Abraham was her fiancé, and although she was in love with Ichabod, that's not something she can easily ignore," Kim says.

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