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Mega Buzz: Liv and Blaine Will Team Up on iZombie

Why will the enemies have to work together?

Sadie Gennis

After nearly fighting to the death on the iZombieseason finale, Liv (Rose McIver) will find herself having to align with Blaine (David Anders) when the CW drama returns.

"Blaine and Liv will figure out somewhere reasonably early in Season 2 that someone is eliminating zombies and that will make very strange bedfellows out of the two of them," creator Rob Thomas tells TVGuide.com. "Certainly there's no love lost there, but they will find they may need each other's help before all zombies are taken out."

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And while Liv is forced to work with Blaine to stop Max Rager CEO Vaughn Du Clark's (Steven Webber) plan, she'll also have to contend with Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) working against one of her closest allies. "[Clive's] great white whale of Season 2 is trying to find out what really happened at Meat Cute," Thomas says. "The Seattle Police Department is going to find a very easy explanation and roll with that, but Clive is pretty convinced that Major and another character - Blaine's name gets written on the wall in blood if you remember - [were involved], and Clive is trying to put all the pieces together over the course of Season 2."

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