Scandal's season finale left many characters' futures up in the air, or in Huck's case, at gunpoint. If Huck lives, there's no guarantee that he will remain a Gladiator. Since he did Rowan's bidding by killing the grand jurors and because Rowan (Joe Morton) will probably find a way to fly the coop soon, could the two officially join forces?

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"That is definitely an interesting possibility. If [Olivia] finds out and he feels like there's nothing left for him there, I can see him turning to Rowan and embracing that dark side to him," Guillermo Diaz tells, adding that he'd love to see the now-unemployed Cyrus (Jeff Perry) work with them too.

Realistically, though, Diaz is "pretty sure" that Cyrus will find his way back to the White House — Mellie (Bellamy Young) too. "I believe that will all be resolved eventually when the president finds out she was forced into giving in those [grand juror] names," he says. "She had no idea giving those names meant killing a group of grand jurors. If you paid attention, we have no idea what Lizzie [Portia de Rossi] told him. We didn't hear [that conversation]. She could've implicated Mellie more. I think that whole team is gonna come back and figure stuff out and it'll get resolved."

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