Felicity Huffman, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Morrison Felicity Huffman, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Morrison

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Desperate Housewives scoop, please! — Jennifer
Remember how cute it was when Tom said he wanted to go back to college to study Mandarin and international marketing? Well, Lynette doesn't think it's so cute when she catches him cheating on campus.

So sad that T.R. Knight is leaving Grey's Anatomy. What can you tell me about the premiere? — Lisa
ADAM: While pretty much everyone at Seattle Grace is shaken by George's departure (and in some cases very shaken; have the Kleenex handy), Derek somehow keeps it together. That might be because he's got something bigger on his mind: the promise of becoming the next chief of surgery.

Is it true that Chase is going to euthanize someone this year on House and then keep it from Cameron? — Dyan
MICKEY: "That's not quite the story," Lisa Edelstein says of the recently reported mercy-killing storyline. "They have some problems with a secret and when your partner is keeping a secret from you, you can't help but have your mind wander about what that secret is. The thing is, it's not the secret Cameron thinks it is, and when she finds out what the secret is, it's kind of worse." What could be worse? Discuss in the comments.

What will happen with Nathan and Haley in Season 7? — Saderia
Will Rob Buckley ever be shirtless on One Tree Hill?Sarah
ADAM: Although it's all kisses and rainbows for Naley when the season premiere starts, at the end of the hour something (or maybe someone) puts their happiness into serious jeopardy. And Sarah, shirtlessness abounds in the first episode: At least four sets of pecs and abs will be on display.

Will there be any new couples this season on The Office? — Keith
MICKEY: Yes, there will be! I have it on good authority that Erin, Dunder Mifflin's new receptionist, will find love this season. The hilarious season premiere, which is about gossip, reveals that at least one employee is pregnant, one is cheating on his or her partner, and one is questioning his or her sexuality.

Can you please tell us if Violet and the baby survive the cliff-hanger on Private Practice? — Anna
ADAM: We can tell you this: The Oct. 1 premiere includes a funeral. Also, Violet is in very bad shape and her baby boy is missing. How are the two connected? Only time(lines) will tell.

Please tell me that Navid and Adrianna stay together on 90210. They're the cutest couple. — Quinn
MICKEY: For now, they're still together, but this guy showing up doesn't help matters. Anyway, Navid will have his hands full working on a blockbuster story for the West Beverly Blaze when a student overdoses, and Annie's new boyfriend is implicated. It allows 90210 to have a "teaching moment," just like its preachy predecessor did. Stay in school, kids!

So glad to have Sons of Anarchy back. Got any scoop for the rest of the season? — Jason
ADAM: The way Jax chooses to dispose of the Mayan that Opie killed in the premiere rubs Clay the wrong way and also backfires in potentially lethal ways Jax doesn't expect. Plus, Gemma turns to an unlikely source for comfort following the brutal attack against her.

Who else will join glee on Glee?
MICKEY: Well, Mr. Schuester needs 12 singers to compete at regionals, and he only has six now. It only makes sense that you might recognize one or two of them, right? As Jane Lynch's Coach Sylvester says, cheerleaders are performers.

I think the Showtime promos have covered where Dexter is when the show resumes. What about the other characters? — Jill
ADAM: Deb spends her time out of bed with informant-turned-boyfriend Anton tracking down women from her father's past. Quinn develops eyes for an aggressive reporter he meets at a crime scene, while LaGuerta gets involved in a relationship of her own. And it's with someone at the office!

Will Leslie find a new mission on Parks and Recreation? — Manny
MICKEY: Yes, she'll become an unlikely spokesperson for gay marriage. (I'm serious.)

In light of TNT ending Saving Grace and renewing Leverage, is there any word on Dark Blue's fate? — Leah
ADAM: Sorry, Leah, a TNT rep says no decision about the show's future has been made. But don't fret: The Sept. 16 finale dives deeper into Ty and Jaime's battles with balancing home life with work, and one doozy of a secret about Carter slips out. It'd be a shame not to follow through on those developments.

Mickey's Mega Rave: The "new" 90210 isn't perfect, but I'm really digging the sullen, nerve-wracked Annie (Shenae Grimes), who may or may not be a murderer. Her downward spiral, which began Tuesday with a drunken cabana tryst with an upperclassman, continues next week when she finds herself at the center of a "sext" scandal. Poor Annie — love it!

Adam's Mini Rant: Sure, the new Melrose Place is fun and sexy, but I wasn't aware that trumped the need for semi-intelligent dialogue. When I turned my head away from the screen, I could have sworn I was listening to daytime television.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I wonder how long till foreclosure." Infamous_JR on Melrose Place

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