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Is Chase really gone for good on House? — Christine
Not exactly. While he has definitely resigned, executive producer David Shore confirms that Chase is scheduled to appear in the series finale. But more surprisingly, one of his colleagues might follow him out the door. In Monday's penultimate episode, another doctor is readying a career life raft in case House implodes under the strain of Wilson's increasingly grim diagnosis.

I can't believe The Vampire Diaries finale is Thursday! What will we learn from the flashback to Elena's parents' accident? — Rachel
For one thing, it wasn't part of some bigger conspiracy. "That was an accident. Period. End of story. No supernatural influence," executive producer Julie Plec says. But on the season finale, Elena and Matt's impending accident will seem oddly reminiscent of the Gilbert family crash — including who saves them.

I feel like all the Tony-Ziva scenes on NCIS are building to something big in the finale. Am I right? — Mel
: I don't want to burst your bubble... so I'll let executive producer Gary Glasberg do it instead. "This finale is really about them being focused as a team," he says. "Yes, there are emotional elements, as we always do, but I would say their primary focus is on the work." But don't give up! "[Tony's] evolving and learning more about himself and what he wants from his life, and I think Ziva is the same way," Glasberg says. "Those experiences will continue into Season 10." That is, unless Tony and Ziva die in the finale... [Editor's note: Please send all hate-tweets to @adam_bryant.]

Thanks for the Emma scoop! Will she be able to save The Stranger in the Once Upon a Time finale? — Sammy
The bad news: Jennifer Morrison tells us that we won't find out whether Emma can stop Pinocchio's transformation in this Sunday's finale. The good news: "Pinocchio's story continues," executive producer Adam Horowitz says. So that means more Eion Bailey, and who doesn't love a hot Stranger on a motorcycle?

Is anybody going to be in danger in the CSI finale? — Shaun
Anybody? Try everybody! Returning bad guy Jeffrey McKeen still has a lot of power (read: dirty cops doing his bidding), even behind bars. And his henchmen will be very busy. Look for at least one abduction, and, yes, someone will be shot. It's kind of his thing.

What's coming up in The Big Bang Theory finale? — Dave
There will be a blink-and-miss-it cameo by someone fans have been dying to see. (Here's a hint.)

What's the story behind Dean Winters' return to SVU? — Becky
The show just needed a little Mayhem! But seriously, his character works the prostitution beat, so he's called in to assist when an underage escort turns up dead. "He's very comfortable in the party scene," executive producer Warren Leight tells us. "He's brash and he's got a lot of swag. You need somebody like that for this part." Bonus reason: "Because we lost Chris [Meloni], part of what I was trying to do was bring back other people that the fans have affection for."

Is there anything more you can tell us about the big death in The Secret Circle finale? — Gina
According to executive producer Andrew Miller, how this person dies is more significant than who dies. "We don't want this to be a world where death comes easily," he says. "In this finale, this death will drastically change people. For Cassie's journey, this whole season has been about her transition from teen to adult, and the emotional ramifications of this death really conclude that journey." At least we know it's not Cassie now!

With Peter and Eli back on the Good Wife campaign trail next season, will Kalinda and Eli still be able to work together? — Trish
If Archie Panjabi has her way, they will. "Because they are both strategists, it is definitely nice to see them play off each other," she says. "Those two are definitely [in] an interesting patch and I don't think they have been fully developed. I think that would be another friendship, a working relationship that would be interesting to develop. ... I know that Alan [Cumming] has expressed an interest in that and so have I."

Who takes the stage as Marilyn in the Smash finale? — Jessica
Tech... nically, they both take the stage as Marilyn — one in the lead role and the other as one of the "shadow" Marilyns. But backstage, it's the passed-over actress who emulates the screen legend more precisely. 

Got any word about the new season of Sons of Anarchy? — Tyler
We've already told you that gangster Damon Pope will figure prominently in the new season, especially since Tig accidentally killed his daughter. And judging by the goons Pope has lined up, the Sons probably aren't going to want anything to do with him. They include a well-spoken but brutally efficient right-hand man and a dirty police detective who comes in handy when Pope needs to tidy up a murder scene. Gulp!

Got any scoop on the Cougar Town finale? — Crosby
Grayson ends up in bed with all the Cul de Sac ladies, and it's not a dream. In fact, it's his worst nightmare! It's all part of a fun/silly homage to one of our favorite movies: Groundhog Day. Don't worry, no one dies, but someone does end up in a wheelchair.

Adam's Mega Rave: Got to give credit to Castle for having the stones to throw Castle and Beckett off the will-they-or-won't-they cliff and straight into Castle's bed. Let the countdown to their first breakup officially begin!

Natalie's Mini Rant: The return of William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) to Fringe would have been a lot more shocking if the writers hadn't tipped their hand by reminding us of his existence by putting him in amber during the 2036 episode.

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