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Mega Buzz: House's Jail Stay, Ringer's Double Trouble and Finn's Tough Glee Choices

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to What can you tell me about House's stay in the big house? — Tracie ADAM: As you might expect, the good doctor's particular brand of charm doesn't win him many friends on the inside. Odette Annable's prison doc...

Adam Bryant

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

What can you tell me about House's stay in the big house? — Tracie
As you might expect, the good doctor's particular brand of charm doesn't win him many friends on the inside. Odette Annable's prison doc eventually warms to him, but her shabby diagnostic skills make us wonder why House would ever want to hire her — that is, once he gets out of jail, which won't be any time soon.

Someone will eventually figure out Bridget's secret on Ringer, right? Please tell me they won't drag this out. — Michelle
They won't, Michelle. "Someone may have it figured out already and you just may not know," executive producer Eric Charmelo tells us, noting that the key to any good secret is knowing when to reveal it. "Everybody is playing everybody and it becomes a mental chess game. Just because you have a piece of leverage doesn't mean somebody else has something that couldn't trump your card." Any bets on who's already in the know?

The first 36 seconds of Glee's third season indicate Finn's kind of lost this year. What's ahead for him? Nina
Remember in Season 1 when Finn was desperate to get a football scholarship so he could go to college and not wind up a "Lima loser"? Glee boss Ryan Murphy says he'll be revisiting those fears. "Sometimes college isn't right for everybody. We're writing toward him, like, what if that's your sneaking suspicion?" But it doesn't mean he's headed for the Great White Way either. "What do you do when you're in a relationship with a girl who wants to go to New York, and you don't want to go to New York?" Murphy asks.

Any scoop on what's going on with Peter on Fringe? — Mark
That wasn't a fake-out in the finale; Peter is gone and forgotten. But it's fair to say that his presence will be felt in the premiere. But, as the Observers will note, everything has changed. That must be why over-here Lincoln Lee (who, when we last saw ol' Four Eyes, he was manning a desk at the FBI) crosses paths with Olivia and the team in a slightly different capacity The real question: Why is Walter working on a serum to bring dead things back to life?

Loved the Castlepremiere, but there's no way Castle can keep Beckett from digging into her mom's murder, is there? — Deb
Not according to Stana Katic. "Beckett is relentless," she says, insisting that Beckett's brush with death will only fuel her fire. "[If] Beckett sees a challenge, she's going to run at it head on. If there's a wall in her way, she's going to break it down. She going to take it down brick by brick if she has to... and she'll risk her own life doing it." Guess that means Castle may eventually have to come clean about his mysterious phone call in the premiere. Did someone say "powder keg"?

Will Alex and Meredith be on the outs for a while on Grey's Anatomy? — Jaime
The Seattle Grace gang will definitely be shunning Alex, but he'll take a step toward reconciliation in the two-hour season premiere. Let's just say that Meredith will now owe him one.

I love Callen, but please tell me NCIS: Los Angeles isn't going to focus on him all year. — Alan
Fear not! I'm hearing that November sweeps will actually be Sam-focused. "There's a really revealing episode about what Sam Hanna will do, and how far he will go," executive producer Shane Brennan tells us. "That episode kind of lights the fuse for his character." You think it has anything to do with a highly trained CIA operative from Sam's past who's joining the cast?

What's coming up for Deb and Quinn on Dexterthis season? — Kathleen
Deb and Quinn will come to an impasse very early on this season that will test the strength of their relationship. "Like all relationships, it's always a matter of timing and rhythm and who wants to commit when the other one doesn't," executive producer Sara Colleton says. "Her career takes off and it's a very interesting year for both of them." Our money's on Deb not being ready to commit, right?

With O'Loughlin dead on The Mentalist, will Van Pelt run back to Rigsby? A girl can dream, right? — Melissa
Keep dreaming!Although executive producer Bruno Heller says Rigsby will support his former flame through the aftermath of shooting her own boyfriend, another woman will keep any flames between the two from rekindling. "A genuine romance is going on in Rigsby's life, so it's all the harder for him to show sympathy to her as a colleague, but not as a lover," Heller says. "It's hard for them to step closer without going back to the old scenario, and I don't think either of them want to go there."

How will Jeremy deal with this whole seeing-dead-girlfriends thing on The Vampire Diaries? — Grace
Jeremy's newfound skill may actually offer him some hope. "He's lost everyone he's loved and it's been a great weight on his shoulder, so possibly having some connection with the dead lifts a weight off his shoulder and adds more of a level of curiosity rather than fear," Steven R. McQueen tells us. But how will Bonnie react to this spectral infidelity? "At the end of the day, they really care about each other," he says. Meanwhile, Jeremy will form a stronger bond with Matt, who also starts seeing dead people!

What can you tell me about the CSI: NYpremiere? — Justin
Remember how Mac was mulling leaving the crime lab behind in last year's finale? Well, he did! And even though the emotional 9/11 tribute season premiere reunites Mac with his old colleagues, his desk at the crime lab will still be empty when the episode ends.

The season premiere of Hawaii Five-0was insane! Got any scoop for the upcoming season? — Jeremy
Yes! Bronson Pinchot will return in Season 2 as nefarious art dealer Bastille, who will once again team up with McGarrett. "Us three are in cahoots," says Hannah Cornett, who plays Bastille's gatekeeper. "We'll be teaming up and maybe one of the good guys goes to the bad side, but it's for the greater good overall."

Natalie's Mega Rave: Maybe the summer doldrums got me down, but TV doesn't often surprise me. Fortunately, CBS kicked off premiere week with a few tricks up its sleeve. Hawaii Five-0's twist ending  (Jenna Kaye is working with Wo Fat?! ) and the long-awaited return of Victoria on How I Met Your Mother made me excited that fall TV is really back!

Adam's Mini Rant: Singing on TV may be popular again, but if the Emmy writers thought the Emmytones segments were funny, they are tone deaf.

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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