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Mega Buzz: Will Quinn Really Target Carrie on Homeland?

Carrie's in all kinds of danger these days

Adam Bryant

Carrie Mathison knows someone wants her dead on Homeland -- but is it her former partner-in-crime and almost-lover Peter Quinn?

On Sunday's episode, Carrie (Claire Danes) learns that an attack in Beirut was supposed to kill her, not her boss. In the final moments of the episode, Quinn (Rupert Friend) learns that his latest target was none other than the former "Drone Queen."

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Although the incidents for now appear to be unrelated, the plots will converge in Sunday's episode, when Carrie decides to go off her meds to access that special part of her brain she needs to figure out who's targeting her. (Yes, she builds another crazy wall of suspects!) And although her bipolar disorder once again yields some haunting results, Carrie does begin to piece certain things together.

But her epiphany does her no good when it comes to Quinn, who, despite his feelings for Carrie in the past, does everything in his power to pursue his target. (Guess we can kiss our hopes for a happy reunion for the two goodbye.) The question remains: Will Quinn actually be able to pull the trigger if he gets his shot? While we can't give you that answer, rest assured you will know one way or the other on Sunday night.
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